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In cooperation with organizations who are in support of open source software development and its use, OSDN provide a download environment of global scale covering all continents and a file-release environment for flexible upload.
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OSDN offer open source projects a full service lineup that includes source code repositories such as Git/Subversion/Mercurial/Bazaar, web-site hosting features, ticket system, web forums, mailing lists, together with a well-integrated and easy-to-use environment for web-based project management.

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MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows
This is the official download site for the latest packages originating from the MinGW.OSDN Project , (formerly the MinGW.org Project; however, that domain is no longer associated with this project). MinGW is a native Windows port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), with freely distributable import libraries and header files for building native Windows applications; includes extensions to the MSVC runtime to support C99 functionality. Although (currently) offering only a 32-bit compiler suite, all of MinGW's software will execute on the 64bit Windows platforms. MinGW is a registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest Inc. , registration number 86017856 ; this trademark has been registered on behalf of the MinGW.OSDN Project , and its use by any other project is unauthorized.
Properties Editor
This editor can directly edit property files written in Unicode reference characters, eliminating the need to convert to Unicode. In addition to the usual editor functions, it can also be used as an Eclipse plug-in.
An opensource OpenWrt variant for mainland China users.
CrystalDisklnfo is disk utility that supports some types of USB connections, Intel RAID, and NVMe. If anything abnormal is detected, it will notify you by text or voice message, and it supports both HDD and SSD. In addition to information like model number, volume, buffer size, it obtains S.M.A.R.T. information such as how many times the power was turned on, the time length of use, and temperature to monitor the state of the disk. Important Notice Both CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark are open source software personally developed by me. Any software development demands huge amount of time and effort, and on top of that, new hardware devices are released one after another which becomes a necessity to purchase in order to support them. Therefore, this project needs more development funds. As to current status, this project is extremely short of funds and is in desperate need of your donations. If you want to contribute to supporting the continuance of this project, please make donations by Paypal . Please make the amount of each contribution $10 USD or more (in JPYen, 1000Yen or more) if possible. Your contributions will be deeply appreciated.
CrystalDiskMark is benchmark software that measures the transfer speed of media data storage drive such as HD, SSD, USB memory, SD card and NAS. Important Notice Both CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark are open source software personally developed by me. Any software development demands huge amount of time and effort, and on top of that, new hardware devices are released one after another which becomes a necessity to purchase in order to support them. Therefore, this project needs more development funds. As to current status, this project is extremely short of funds and is in desperate need of your donations. If you want to contribute to supporting the continuance of this project, please make donations by Paypal . Please make the amount of each contribution $10 USD or more (in JPYen, 1000Yen or more) if possible. Your contributions will be deeply appreciated.

Active Projects

Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. https://www.freeciv.org/ If you want to report a bug, contribute a patch, or just open a wishlist ticket, go to https://osdn.net/projects/freeciv/ticket/ (and "Submit New Ticket" on the right) In case of a (code) contribution, you should see https://www.freeciv.org/wiki/How_to_Contribute first.
Katana Desktop Environment
Katana is fork of KDE Software Distribution with emphasis on efficiency. So far it has proven to be roughly 50% less system resource hungry and significantly faster.
MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows
This is the official download site for the latest packages originating from the MinGW.OSDN Project , (formerly the MinGW.org Project; however, that domain is no longer associated with this project). MinGW is a native Windows port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), with freely distributable import libraries and header files for building native Windows applications; includes extensions to the MSVC runtime to support C99 functionality. Although (currently) offering only a 32-bit compiler suite, all of MinGW's software will execute on the 64bit Windows platforms. MinGW is a registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest Inc. , registration number 86017856 ; this trademark has been registered on behalf of the MinGW.OSDN Project , and its use by any other project is unauthorized.
An opensource OpenWrt variant for mainland China users.
Properties Editor
This editor can directly edit property files written in Unicode reference characters, eliminating the need to convert to Unicode. In addition to the usual editor functions, it can also be used as an Eclipse plug-in.

Nouvelles Releases

kde - 4.22.0
2022-12-01 18:42: Changes to ariya-icons since 2022-05-12: mimetypes: link text-x-python3 to text-x-python Changes to kdelibs since 2022-05-12: cmake: add comment about CMP0003 cmake: add the custom LibRaw module cmake: add the new modules to the list of not installed modules cmake: create script for each test cmake: deal with TODO related to FeatureSummary module inclusion cmake: do not install Speechd module cmake: ensure there is session bus when executing tests cmake: fix warnings about package name mismatch cmake: install the LibDeflate module cmake: kde4_* macros review cmake: libdeflate now provides pkg-config file cmake: move the macros documentation to KDE4Macros file cmake: new baseline kde4_add_dbus_service() macro replacing dbus_add_activation_service() cmake: new baseline kde4_bool_to_01() macro replacing macro_bool_to_01() cmake: new baseline kde4_optional_add_subdirectory() macro replacing macro_optional_add_subdirectory() cmake: new baseline kde4_optional_find_package() macro replacing macro_optional_find_package() cmake: remove commas in copyright note in Speechd module cmake: remove GENERATE_MOC option for kde4_add_kcfg_files() macro cmake: remove now unused LibNXCL module cmake: remove now unused MacroAddFileDependencies file inclusion in MacroLibrary module cmake: remove now unused OpenEXR module cmake: remove now unused script used to run tests in CI cmake: remove unused modules inclusions in FindKDE4Internal module cmake: remove USE_RELATIVE_PATH option for kde4_add_kcfg_files() macro cmake: remove WITH_PREFIX option for kde4_add_plugin() macro cmake: replace only variables surrounded by at sign from dbus_add_activation_service() macro cmake: sort the list of installed module files generic: add HOME_URL to kglobalsettings header generic: adjust to Katie changes generic: authorization reimplementation generic: bump minimum Katie version requirement to 4.12.0 generic: cast pointers with QObject as base class via qobject_cast<T>() generic: compiler warnings fixes generic: correct reference to kbuildsycoca4 debug area generic: do not initialize QAtomicInt and QAtomicPointer<T> via assignment generic: do not use QStringListIterator for iterating generic: drop SMB and NFS support generic: drop support for archive KIO slaves generic: drop support for storing passwords in kcfg files generic: implement hybrid suspend/sleep method generic: install modules in subdirectory of the library directory by default generic: make use of KUser and KUserGroup generic: mark LibArchive package as recommended generic: minor optimizations generic: optimize reading from files generic: prepare for Katie changes generic: process all events and use KJob::exec() instead of QEventLoop generic: regenerate parsers generic: remove checks for limits and unistd system headers generic: remove checks for system headers that should be present generic: remove deprecated org.kde.KLauncher.start_service_by_name() method generic: remove KDE_NO_DEPRECATED build option and definitions related to deprecation generic: remove mac leftovers generic: remove redundant qglobal header inclusions generic: remove reference to default debug area generic: remove smb and nfs slave leftovers, default to sftp for remote protocol generic: remove the last reference to zlib generic: remove unused and bogus configuration definition generic: remove unused CMake module file inclusions generic: remove unused ENABLE_NLS configuration definition generic: remove unused org.kde.KLauncher.exec_blind() overload generic: remove unused QHostInfo header inclusions generic: remove unused ttyname_r() function configuration check generic: remove workflow and CI files, new home generic: require shared-mime-info v0.91+ generic: run kbuildsycoca4 directly when checking database and start kded4 only to monitor resources generic: simplify special resources directories creation generic: store package found definitions in config header generic: trim the lines when reading files generic: update KDE4_KDECORE_INCLUDES variable generic: update package URLs generic: use KStandardDirs::findExe() instead of resource lookup to find kioslave generic: using timezone related classes no longer requires org.kde.kded service includes: add camel case headers for KHTTP and KDNSSD classes includes: remove camel case header for now gone Solid::NetworkShare class includes: remove fancy headers for non-existing classes interfaces: drop firstname and lastname placeholders for file templates interfaces: remove deprecated KSpeech::initializeSpeechData() method interfaces: remove implicit conversion operators interfaces: undeprecate KTextEditor::TemplateInterface methods and remove KTextEditor::TemplateInterface2 kdecore: a bit more strict zone.tab line validation kdecore: actually install the KDETranslator kdecore: add code for printing the time it takes to update the zones cache kdecore: add comment to KDebug() default switch case kdecore: add debug areas for kdirshare and kscreensaver kdecore: add entry for the default debug area to kdebug.areas kdecore: adjust expected data in KConfig test case kdecore: adjust expected data in KService test case kdecore: adjust KLockFile test to KDebug changes kdecore: adjust KMimeType test case kdecore: adjust KUnitConversion test to Katie changes kdecore: adjust KUrl test case kdecore: adjust to Katie changes kdecore: avoid temporaries while parsing zone.tab kdecore: avoid temporary in KTemporaryFile constructor kdecore: bind text domain once from KCatalog constructor kdecore: '' is not valid path separator kdecore: block only when another process is holding the lock in KLockFile::lock() kdecore: bring back KCurrencyCode::symbolList() method since it is used kdecore: bump ksycoca version due to recent changes kdecore: cache debug area preferences on demand kdecore: cache KDebug area preferences kdecore: cache KDebug devices based on area and output type kdecore: cache the timezone that is not from TZ environment variable kdecore: call lzma_end() on the stream before returning in KCompressor::process() and KDecompressor::process() kdecore: check for arc4random_uniform() and use it in KRandom::randomMax() if available kdecore: check for LZMA_BUF_ERROR when attempting to grow the output buffer kdecore: check if KDebug mutex is destroyed before using it kdecore: check if the dollar sign is used for command in KShellTest::envExpand() kdecore: check if the QDBusConnectionInterface pointer is null in isDBusServiceRegistered() function kdecore: check if the watcher pointer is null before posting delete event for it kdecore: clear result if BZip2 compression fails kdecore: compiler warning fix kdecore: const-ify extraSync in KSaveFile::finalize() kdecore: const-ify iterator in KCharsets::encodingsByScript() kdecore: const-ify variable in readEnvPath() function kdecore: convert KStandardDirs::exists() and KStandardDirs::realPath() to static methods kdecore: convert KuitFormats functions to static kdecore: copyrighting KDebug to me kdecore: correct fchown() return value check in KSaveFile::open() kdecore: correct fdatasync()/fsync() return value checks in KSaveFile::finalize() kdecore: correct kError() usage in KConfigGroup::writeEntry() kdecore: correct return value checks in rmtree() function kdecore: correct translation of messages that are not actually translated kdecore: crash fix for the case when QT_FOREACH_COMPAT is not defined kdecore: create the last directory of the special resource if it does not exist kdecore: deal with TODO kdecore: deal with TODO related to KConfigSkeleton::ItemEnum kdecore: deal with TODO related to KDebug kdecore: deal with TODO related to KService::newServicePath() kdecore: debug classes, functions and definitions review kdecore: deduplicate code by using KStandardDirs::resourceDirs() in KStandardDirs::saveLocation() kdecore: deduplicate code in KLocalePrivate kdecore: define PATH_MAX to _POSIX_PATH_MAX if not defined kdecore: delete the KDETranslator instance from removeKDETranslator() function kdecore: destroy devices and reset environment variable caches from kClearDebugConfig() kdecore: de-virtualize KCatalog destructor kdecore: de-virtualize KCharsets destructor kdecore: de-virtualize KLocale destructor kdecore: de-virtualize QSpellEnchantClient methods kdecore: disable copying of KCompressor and KDecompressor objects kdecore: disable copying of KMsgCtx class kdecore: document KAuthorization class kdecore: do not add resources directories from .krcdirs file in the current directory kdecore: do not add timestamp to header when the output type is syslog kdecore: do not assume kdeinit or klauncher start the kded service kdecore: do not assume the output exists in KDE::rename() kdecore: do not attempt to guess the exec prefix kdecore: do not attempt to load empty data into QTranslator kdecore: do not copy the catalogs list in KLocalePrivate::translateRawFrom() kdecore: do not copy the QFileInfo object in checkExecutable() function kdecore: do not deep-copy objects when iterating kdecore: do not deep-copy QString objects while iterating in KStandardDirs kdecore: do not deep-copy the QString in Sonnet::Loader constructor kdecore: do not deep-copy the QString object in KComponentDataPrivate::lazyInit() kdecore: do not expand environment variables if expansion is not to be done in KConfigGroup::readPathEntry() kdecore: do not export the D-Bus authorization proxy as plugin kdecore: do not include KDE4_KDEUI_INCLUDES kdecore: do not lock when starting kdeinit4 kdecore: do not prepend the temporary directory and main component name if template is absolute path from KTemporaryFile::filePath() kdecore: do not stream dummy protocol info data for compatibility kdecore: do not stream dummy services data for compatibility kdecore: drop currency and monetary support kdecore: drop extra protocol fields support kdecore: drop KAuth backend plugin support kdecore: drop socket resource type and use QStandardPaths:writableLocation() for base resource directories kdecore: drop standard directories KIOSK support kdecore: drop support for bcc kdecore: drop support for locking NFS files on servers v3 or older kdecore: easier to maintain KStandardDirs resources table kdecore: emulate cross-filesystem move in KDE::rename() kdecore: ensure the lib and module resource directories are in the Katie library search path kdecore: error out on unknown C++ type or default value type from kconfig_compiler kdecore: expect KLockFile::getLockInfo() to fail if not called on the lock owner in the KLockFile test kdecore: fetch environment variables only if needed in KShell::envExpand() kdecore: fix decompression of XZ in some cases kdecore: fix detection of MIME types with glob(s) and no magic kdecore: fix dumpOfferList() function kdecore: fix possible use-after-free in KCatalog kdecore: fix translation of messages with context kdecore: fix writing of warning messages to file and test case it kdecore: flush the file stream after printing to it from KDebugShellDevice kdecore: format and indent kdestopfile source and header files kdecore: format ktempdir source and header files kdecore: format kuser_unix source file kdecore: handle application/x-lzma MIME type in KDecompressor::typeForMime() kdecore: implement KDE_DEBUG_COLOR for KDebug kdecore: implement KDE_DEBUG_METHODNAME for KDebug kdecore: implement KShell::envExpand() and use it in KConfig and KUrlCompletion kdecore: implement temporary filepath generator kdecore: include the class name when printing warning from KStandardDirs::realPath() kdecore: initialize static s_qt_argv variable kdecore: install and remove KDETranslator via constructor/deconstructor functions kdecore: KAuthorization optimization kdecore: KCompressor and KDecompressor examples kdecore: KCompressor test, handle special BZip2 0 level kdecore: KDebug documentation review kdecore: kdebugrc documentation update kdecore: KDebug review kdecore: KDebug rewrite kdecore: KDecompressor test kdecore: KDirWatch::addDir() optimization kdecore: keep references to QByteArray objects in KStandardDirs kdecore: kglobal header inclusion is no longer required in klockfile header kdecore: KLockFile branches optimizations kdecore: KLockFile documentation corrections kdecore: KLockFile rewrite kdecore: kmail shall parse the URL like other e-mail clients kdecore: KShell and KMacroExpanderBase documentation update kdecore: ksycoca database is usable without kded kdecore: KSystemTimeZones rewrite to not require daemon kdecore: KTemporaryFile documentation correction kdecore: log fatal messages to the kdecore (KPluginInfo) area kdecore: log fatal message to the default area from dbuscalltest program kdecore: log important classes warning, error and fatal messages in the system log kdecore: log KHTTP warning, error and fatal messages in syslog kdecore: mark internal KWordMacroExpander and KCharMacroExpander reimplementations as final kdecore: mark KFolderMimeTypePrivate reimplementations as final kdecore: mark QByteArray object as const in KSystemTimeZones::local() kdecore: mark sycoca device getters as const kdecore: mark the case of no message string as unlikely in KMsgCtx kdecore: mark the error cases in KCompressor::setLevel() as unlikely kdecore: merge KTzfileTimeZone and other tzdata related classes into the base classes kdecore: minor KComponentData optimizations kdecore: minor KDebug documentation review kdecore: minor KDebug review kdecore: minor KDesktopFile optimizations kdecore: minor KLockFile optimization kdecore: minor KShell::envExpand() optimization kdecore: minor KSystemTimeZones::local() optimization kdecore: minor zone.tab parsing optimizations kdecore: move KCompressor and KDecompressor to karchive library kdecore: move KDesktopFile methods documentation to its header kdecore: move K_EXPORT_PLUGIN() macro to kpluginfactory header reset kdecore: move K_EXPORT_PLUGIN() macro to kpluginloader header kdecore: move org::kde::KLauncher ownership to the global KToolInvocation instance kdecore: move private KFilterBase members to the private data pointer class kdecore: move the rmtree() function to the top of ktempdir source file kdecore: new KCompressor and KDecompressor classes replacing KFilterDev kdecore: no KMimeTypeRepository members are modified from const methods kdecore: oops, fix build of KTempDir test kdecore: open and close the system log for each message kdecore: open the wiki when help is requested kdecore: optimize glob files parsing kdecore: optimize KCatalog copy-cnstructor kdecore: optimize messages translation kdecore: optimize zoneinfoDir() function by using KDE::stat() kdecore: pass the QByteArray object size to the static QString::fromUtf8() constructor kdecore: pass the QByteArray size to static QString constructor in KConfig::groupList() kdecore: pass the size of QByteArray object to QString constructor in KToolInvocation::startServiceInternal() kdecore: PCI and USB IDs database update kdecore: PCI IDs database update kdecore: plug KLocale memory leak kdecore: prepare for Katie changes kdecore: print colorized messages that are not of debug type to stderr kdecore: print debug messages of shell type to stderr too kdecore: process all events while waiting for job to finish in KJob::exec() kdecore: process events for no more than 250ms while waiting for service to unregister in KAuthorization::execute() kdecore: register cache and tmp resources from KStandardDirs constructor kdecore: remove arguments Katie no longer supports kdecore: remove bogus check for HAVE_TEST definition in ktempdir source file kdecore: remove bogus kmimetype_nomimetypes test kdecore: remove bugs fast patterns optimization kdecore: remove checks for invalid ADMIN_ACCOUNT environment variable kdecore: remove declaration of non-existing KMimeType methods kdecore: remove declaration of non-existing KShell::quoteArgInternal() function kdecore: remove declaration of non-existing KToolInvocation method kdecore: remove duplicate kshell header inclusion in kconfig source file kdecore: remove KLocale getters related to text codec kdecore: remove non-existing debug areas references kdecore: remove non-operational KPluginInfo::fromKPartsInstanceName() method kdecore: remove now unused KPluginLoader::pluginVersion() method kdecore: remove now unused KStringHandler::obscure() function kdecore: remove old QTranslator virtual method overload kdecore: remove redundant append operator for QStringList kdecore: remove redundant breaks in Sonnet::Speller::testAttribute() kdecore: remove redundant break statements kdecore: remove redundant const_cast<T>() in KServicePrivate::init() kdecore: remove redundant internal KDE4_CMAKE_TOPLEVEL_DIR_LENGTH definition kdecore: remove redundant internal K_GLOBAL_STATIC_STRUCT_NAME definition kdecore: remove redundant KConfig forward-declaration in kstandarddirs header kdecore: remove redundant KEncodingDetector class kdecore: remove redundant KRandom::random() call in KTempDir::create() kdecore: remove redundant qobject header inclusion in ksystemtimezone header kdecore: remove the legacy and unused expandvars option of kde4-config program kdecore: remove the redundant Sonnet::QSpellEnchantClient::reliability() method kdecore: remove the unused "html" and hidden "home" standard directory resources kdecore: remove unsupported KToolInvocation::invokeMailer() argument kdecore: remove unused and deprecated KLocale::langLookup() method kdecore: remove unused and internal KPluginFactory methods kdecore: remove unused and private KToolInvocation member kdecore: remove unused custom autostart path kdecore: remove unused header inclusions and move comment where it belongs in kstandarddirs source file kdecore: remove unused header inclusions in kstandarddirs source file kdecore: remove unused KAuth backend methods kdecore: remove unused KAutoSaveFile class kdecore: remove unused KConfigPrivate member kdecore: remove unused KCurrencyCode constructor kdecore: remove unused KCurrencyCode methods kdecore: remove unused KLocalizedString semantics kdecore: remove unused KMimeTypeRepository method and members kdecore: remove unused KService::untranslatedGenericName() method kdecore: remove unused KStandardDirsPrivate::resourceDirs() argument kdecore: remove unused KSycocaType::KST_KImageIOFormat enum kdecore: remove unused private member kdecore: remove unused system arpa/inet header inclusion kdecore: remove unused variable in KStandardDirs::findExe() kdecore: replace hard-codec KDebug output types with enums kdecore: replace hardcoded stdout and stderr fd numbers with definitions from system unistd header kdecore: replace KTempDir::create() with its body kdecore: replace most of KRandomSequence with new KRandom::randomMax() function kdecore: replace private KStandardDirs methods with their body kdecore: replace qmap with QStringList header inclusion in kstandarddirs header kdecore: replace use of QtConcurrent::run() with std::future<T>() kdecore: require parent object argument for the KAuthorization adaptor constructor kdecore: reserve space for map entries in KMimeGlobsFileParser::AllGlobs::patternsMap() kdecore: return the value of KGlobal::hasLocale() from KDETranslator::isEmpty() and check it from KDETranslator::translate() kdecore: reuse ENABLE_TESTING config definition kdecore: scoop timezones kdecore: search backwards for the template and stop at directory separator in KTemporaryFile::filePath() kdecore: set error string when the type is invalid or unsupported from KCompressor::setType() and KDecompressor::setType() kdecore: set the byte order of the QDataStream object used to parse tzdata files kdecore: simplify and unexport KDebug internals kdecore: simplify quit timer in KAuthorization::helperMain() kdecore: simplify zone.tab line splitting kdecore: .sl libraries are not supported kdecore: somewhat consistent kstandarddirs source file format kdecore: Sonnet::Loader::createSpeller() optimization kdecore: Sonnet::Speller::availableDictionaries() optimization kdecore: test KCompressor and KDecompressor with long and short data kdecore: test KService with existing service kdecore: test kWarning(), kError() and kFatal() in KDebug test kdecore: tune busy loops for more throughput kdecore: tune the buffer sizes in KSystemTimeZonesPrivate::update() kdecore: typo kdecore: undeprecate raw string translation methods kdecore: unexport internal kDebugDevNull() function kdecore: update comment and remove unused variable in KSaveFile::backupFile() kdecore: update kdebug.areas kdecore: use custom QEventLoop for KJob::exec() kdecore: use foreach() for iterations in KStandardDirs kdecore: use kcheckrunning to check if it is full session in KToolInvocation::invokeBrowser() kdecore: use proper QString constructor in KToolInvocation::startServiceInternal() kdecore: use proper type for the ignored words list kdecore: use qChecksum() for hashing KConfigIniBackend::BufferFragment objects kdecore: use QFileSystemWatcher instead of KDirWatch in KSystemTimeZones kdecore: use red color for both critical and fatal message type but make the fatal blink kdecore: use sscanf() for parsing zone.tab kdecore: use the Katie translations format kdecore: use the QString streaming operator in KSycocaEntry::read() kdecore: use uninitialized buffer in KArchive::addLocalFile() kdecore: use uninitialized QByteArray instead of resizing it after creation kdecore: verify that there are no multiple occurrences of X character in KTemporaryFile test case kdecore: workaround for QSignalSpy not including the received signals in KServiceTest kded: attach the hostname watcher to the Kded object kded: check for KDE_FULL_SESSION X11 atom if KDE_FULL_SESSION is not set kded: check if timer is active instead of using member as re-creation guard kded: correct condition for initial sycoca database re-creation kded: correct debug message area code kded: crash fix for the case when QT_FOREACH_COMPAT is not defined kded: disable session management via KApplication::disableSessionManagement() kded: disable session manager via SESSION_MANAGER environment variable unset too kded: do not auto-restart on crash kded: do not deep-copy QString objects when iterating kded: do not deep-copy the QString object when iterating over resource directories kded: do not pass --incremental to kbuildsycoca4 kded: do not send notification to ksplash kded: do not set custom signals handler kded: ensure message filter does not process kded service unregistration messages kded: fallback to kcheckrunning for checking of it is Katana session, disregard session version kded: fix possible crash kded: initialize all Kded members kded: load service modules in defined order kded: log the kde_running variable value kded: look for kdontchangethehostname program via KStandardDirs::findExe() kded: merge KHostnameD class into Kded class kded: message filter micro-optimization kded: parent the Kded object to the application instance kded: Q_DBUS_EXPORT is always defined now kded: README update kded: refuse to start if service is already registered kded: remove changed resources duplicates before emitting notifyDatabaseChanged() signal kded: remove now redundant command-line option kded: remove now redundant KDE_FULL_SESSION X11 atom check kded: replace Kded::readDirectory() with its body kded: setup signals handler immediately after application is constructed kded: start on demand as session D-Bus service kded: store sycoca path as QByteArray object kded: unregister objects and service from destructor kded: update examples in HOWTO kded: update resource list before directory watch kded: use the application instance as parent for the KHostnameD pointer kded: use the correct variable for binaries installation path in D-Bus service file kdeui: add comments about values passed to X11 functions in kpixmap source file kdeui: add KDE_HELP_URL definition kdeui: add new KSelectionOwner::currentOwnerWindow() method to query the current selection owner kdeui: adjust expected data in KStandardShortcutTest::testShortcutDefault() kdeui: adjust KCrash related functions to resource directories changes kdeui: adjust KXMLGUIBuilder, KXMLGUIFactory and KXMLGUIClient classes test cases to QTemporaryFile changes kdeui: adjust to Katie changes kdeui: apply cursor theme from KGlobalSettings::activate() kdeui: apply style override only to GUI type applications kdeui: assume Q_CONSTRUCTOR_FUNCTION is defined kdeui: avoid temporary in KIconEffect::semiTransparent() kdeui: brief KSelectionOwner documentation kdeui: call QObject constructor in the default KGlobalShortcutInfo constructor kdeui: catch X11 errors during selection owner window creation kdeui: catch X11 errors in KSelectionOwner::_checkOwnership() kdeui: change the org.kde.StatusNotifierItem WindowId property type to qlonglong kdeui: check if kapp pointer is valid in KSelectionOwner destructor kdeui: check if Xfixes is available before using xfixesEventBase kdeui: comment out some KSelectionOwner debug messages kdeui: compiler warning fix kdeui: convert the only relevant KCursor constructor to static method and remove its unused member kdeui: correct debug messages area code kdeui: correct indentation in KCompletion::nextMatch() kdeui: correct NET::timestampCompare() return type kdeui: correct QFontDatabase::standardSizes() usage in KFontSizeAction kdeui: deal with TODO kdeui: deal with TODO related to header inclusion in knewpassworddialog header kdeui: de-duplicate code inknotificationmanager source file kdeui: deep-copy the event filters list in KApplication::x11EventFilter() kdeui: default to Oxygen_White as cursor theme kdeui: de-virtualize KColorScheme destructor kdeui: do not attempt to kill timer with 0 as ID in KSelectionOwner::release() kdeui: do not automatically release the selection when it is lost kdeui: do not copy the QFont object in KDatePickerPrivateYearSelector constructor kdeui: do not create QFontDatabase object on each KFontFamilyDelegate paint event kdeui: do not detach the QImage object in KStatusNotifierItemPrivate::imageToStruct() kdeui: drop gesture support kdeui: drop KStatusNotifierItem and KSystemTrayIcon movie support kdeui: effectively revert c689f83d30804fd47ab0786a6e0fe00cfdec2649 kdeui: enable KSelectionOwner debug and warning messages kdeui: enable tear-off handles depending on the graphic effects level kdeui: ensure the favicon has size suitable for overlay kdeui: fallback to kcheckrunning as check for full session in KGlobalSettings constructor kdeui: fix build by using non-deprecated org.kde.KGlobalAccel interface method kdeui: fix on-demand starting of kuiserver, knotify4 and kglobalaccel services kdeui: format and indent khelpmenu source file kdeui: format and indent kmanagerselection source file kdeui: format and indent ksplashscreen source and header files kdeui: format and indent kxerrorhandler source and header files kdeui: format and indent kxmessages source and header files kdeui: format knotification source file kdeui: format notification source and header files kdeui: get rid of KNotificationManager::Private struct kdeui: implement KApplication::quitOnSignal() and use it in kded4 kdeui: include now required system limits header kdeui: indent standard shortcuts table kdeui: indent switch cases in KActionSelector kdeui: initialize KWindowSystemPrivate::xfixesEventBase kdeui: initialize static KApplication variables kdeui: install KWindowSystemPrivate event filter after Xfixes check kdeui: KApplication constructor optimization kdeui: KImageIO optimizations kdeui: KPixmap assignment operator optimization kdeui: KPixmap from QPixmap constructor optimization kdeui: KPixmap::toImage() optimization kdeui: KSelectionOwner rewrite kdeui: KWindowSystem::connectNotify() optimization kdeui: log KActionSelector debug messages to the kdeui area kdeui: log KPixmap and KSelectionOwner debug/warning messages to the kdeui (kdelibs) debug area kdeui: make KSelectionOwner::claim() and KSelectionOwner::release() public slots kdeui: make use of KGlobalSettings::isMultiHead() in KApplication::saveState() kdeui: move the default value for KGlobalAccelPrivate::getComponent() argument to the method declaration kdeui: move the static protocol version constant out of KStatusNotifierItemPrivate class kdeui: new KPixmap class kdeui: optimize KGlobalShortcutInfo assignment operator kdeui: org.kde.KGlobalAccel D-Bus interface file update kdeui: override application style like palette kdeui: pass the current owner to kWaitForOwner() function kdeui: pass the display to KXErrorHandler from KSelectionOwner kdeui: pass the screen root window to NETWinInfo constructor kdeui: pass the size of QByteArray objects to QString constructors in KImageIO methods kdeui: prefix HOME_URL, BUG_REPORT_URL and BUG_REPORT_EMAIL definitions with "KDE_" kdeui: prepare for Katie changes kdeui: print error message if reading hex QColor from config results in invalid color kdeui: remove bogus --kdeinit argument passing from KCrash::defaultCrashHandler() kdeui: remove checks for obsolete index.desktop icon theme files kdeui: remove code for images with depth equal to 8 kdeui: remove declaration of non-existing KShortcutSchemesHelper::saveShortcutScheme() method kdeui: remove disabled code kdeui: remove duplicate QPixmap header inclusion kdeui: remove FIXME kdeui: remove for non-existing kde4 wrapper kdeui: remove hardcoded pixmaps directories and filter duplicate directories in KIconTheme kdeui: remove internal KTextEdit methods related to spell checking kdeui: remove invalid lines in Oxygen colors collection file kdeui: remove invalid property in org.kde.StatusNotifierItem D-Bus interface file kdeui: remove KGlobalShortcutInfo friend declaration for non-existing class kdeui: remove kontact hack kdeui: remove KSelectionOwner from the KApplication X11 event filters in its destructor kdeui: remove KStyle class binary compatibility bits kdeui: remove note about KPixmapRegionSelectorWidget that no longer applies kdeui: remove obsolete KXMessages method arguments kdeui: remove old user handler function in KXErrorHandler kdeui: remove redundant KCategorizedView reimplementations kdeui: remove redundant KMessageBoxMessageHandlerPrivate class kdeui: remove redundant KMessageWidget::showEvent() reimplementation kdeui: remove redundant KNotification class forward declaration kdeui: remove redundant KTabBar reimplementations kdeui: remove redundant QFontInfo header inclusion in kglobalsettings source file kdeui: remove redundant QPixmap header inclusion in ksplashscreen source file kdeui: remove redundant reimplementations kdeui: remove redundant selection clearing in KSelectionOwner::release() kdeui: remove reference to non-existing KPopupTitle class kdeui: remove unused classes related to plotting kdeui: remove unused images kdeui: remove unused KAnimatedButton class and KIconLoader getters for movies kdeui: remove unused KApplication::checkRecoverFile() method kdeui: remove unused KFadeWidgetEffect class kdeui: remove unused KFontChooser widget kdeui: remove unused KGlobalAccelPrivate members kdeui: remove unused KLineEditStyle member kdeui: remove unused KModifierKeyInfo class kdeui: remove unused KSplashScreen member kdeui: remove unused KStyle methods kdeui: remove unused KTextEditSpellInterface class kdeui: remove unused KWordWrap class kdeui: remove unused private classes members kdeui: remove unused private KUniqueApplication::Private class member kdeui: remove unused QFontDatabase header inclusion in kfontdialog source file kdeui: remove unused QTimer header inclusion in kselectionowner source file kdeui: remove unused typedef in knotificationmanager source file kdeui: remove XLFD support leftovers kdeui: render KMessageWidget snapshot into QImage kdeui: replace NETWinInfo::iconInternal() and NETWinInfo::setIconInternal() with their body kdeui: replace org.kde.JobView with org.kde.JobViewV2 interface kdeui: replace tab with space in KPassivePopup::setPopupStyle() kdeui: rewrite KGlobalSettings graphics effects level getter kdeui: save and load notification pixmaps in the default QImageWriter format kdeui: send SelectionClear X11 event first, then destroy the window if that does not work kdeui: send SIGKILL and SIGTERM from KSelectionOwner::claim(), fallback to XKillClient() kdeui: set the selection window mask to NoEventMask kdeui: simplify code for cursor theme setup kdeui: simplify selection claiming kdeui: simplify selection window creation kdeui: somewhat format and indent kxerrorhandlertest source file kdeui: stdlib is not included for rand() and srand() in kapplication source file kdeui: tune KSelectionOwner check time kdeui: unexport KdeUiProxyStyle kdeui: update comment in kedittoolbar source file kdeui: update NET::timestampCompare() and NET::timestampDiff() documentation kdeui: use DefaultScreen() to get the screen in KWindowSystem::minimizeWindow() kdeui: use I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP() macro instead of redefining I18N_NOOP2() kdeui: use icons from the system icon theme in KFontComboBox kdeui: use QMutableListIterator<T>() in KFontChooser::Private::_k_family_chosen_slot() kdeui: use static_cast<T>() to cast the WId type in KStatusNotifierItemDBus::WindowId() kdeui: use the new QPixmap::toX11Pixmap() method in KPixmap kdeui: use timer event for ownership check in KSelectionOwner kdeui: use typedef from KNotification class in KNotificationManager kdeui: use unique connection to X11 display from KSelectionOwner kdeui: wait for owner after killing it in KSelectionOwner::claim() kdeui: zero-initialize the buffers in KXErrorHandler::errorMessage() kdewidgets: adjust to Katie changes kdewidgets: do not use resource files for widget icons kfile: adjust expected data in KFilePlacesModel test kfile: copy the desktop file template via QFile::copy() kfile: KTar does not support application/x-tzo kfile: log KNewFileMenu messages to the kfile area kfile: remove unimplemented KDirOperator::setDropOption() method kfile: remove unused QFSFileEngine header inclusion kimgio: abort reading if opj_setup_decoder(), opj_decode() or opj_end_decompress() returns false kimgio: add comment about the debug message in ico source file kimgio: add image/jpx and image/jpm to the jp2 plugin MIME types list kimgio: add one more jpg header variantion kimgio: always use QImage::Format_ARGB32 as format when reading WebP image kimgio: bail if invalid ICO is not in the norms kimgio: better coders blacklist kimgio: better variable name in ico source file kimgio: blacklist svg and svgz coders kimgio: blacklist WEBP, XPM, PBM and PPM coders kimgio: branches optimizations kimgio: cast the character to uchar and return EOF on error from RAWDataStream::get_char() kimgio: catch exceptions during coders listing kimgio: check for ICO header last and set actual format to ico when it is detected kimgio: check for more ICO header kimgio: check for non-RFC 3745 header from jp2 plugin kimgio: check for one more ICO header from ico plugin kimgio: check if the BMP image compression is supported in ico plugin kimgio: check if the KMimeType pointer is still valid in RAWPlugin::mimeTypes() kimgio: check the peeked data size in magick plugin too kimgio: claim support for all MIME types that are sub-class of image/x-dcraw in raw plugin kimgio: claim support for image/x-jp2-codestream MIME type in jp2 plugin kimgio: const-ify RAWDataStream member kimgio: correct note in jp2 plugin kimgio: decompress image directly into the QImage allocated memory from jpg plugin kimgio: deprecated warning fix kimgio: documentation clarification kimgio: documentation correction kimgio: do not attempt to load images in YUV, e-YCC and CMYK color space kimgio: drop support for some uncommon formats kimgio: ensure the allocations in ico plugin are not too big kimgio: ensure the peeked data has equal or greater size than the data it is compared with kimgio: handle dummy BMP image size in ico plugin kimgio: handle image data with gray and alpha or gray only color components in jp2 plugin kimgio: hardcode RAW image MIME types kimgio: ICO image format write support kimgio: ICO image reading optimization kimgio: ICO writing correction kimgio: if the format is not "magick" try reading from the device to determine capabilities kimgio: implement 24-bit BMP image loading for ico plugin and ensure the image data size is valid kimgio: implement JPEG writing kimgio: implement quality option for jpg plugin kimgio: jp2, jpeg and raw plugins review kimgio: JPEG 2000-specialized plugin kimgio: jpeg and raw plugins review kimgio: mark some branches as unlikely in webp plugin kimgio: mark warning case in raw plugin as unlikely kimgio: minor corrections kimgio: minor raw plugin review kimgio: move debug message to the scope it should be in kimgio: new ICO-specialized plugin kimgio: new JPEG-specialized plugin kimgio: new RAW-specialized plugin kimgio: new TIFF plugin kimgio: peek for headers from magick plugin kimgio: peek to figure out the codec to use in jp2 plugin kimgio: prepare for Katie changes kimgio: print warning message via kWarning() from WebPHandler::canRead() kimgio: read-only WebP animations support kimgio: remove AUTHORS file kimgio: remove image/jpm MIME type from the list in jp2 plugin kimgio: remove JP2 coder from the magick plugin whitelist kimgio: remove magick plugin kimgio: remove now redundant QImageIOPlugins service kimgio: remove redundant data size check in ICOHandler::canRead() kimgio: remove TODO for ico plugin kimgio: remove TODO in jp2 plugin kimgio: rename jpeg plugin to jpg to match the more common extension kimgio: rename variable for consistency kimgio: restore device position conditionally kimgio: return false if the color component count is invalid from jp2 plugin kimgio: seek to the correct position after PNG check in ico plugin kimgio: set the magick handler format to the actual image format kimgio: set the output image to default constructed if decoding fails in WebPHandler::read() kimgio: set the quality to 100 before writing the image from magick handler kimgio: simplify data copying in ico plugin kimgio: simplify WebP image writing kimgio: take the format as hint only and probe the device if format does not match kimgio: theoretical big-endian support for ICO format kimgio: theoretical implementation of oj_skip_callback() kimgio: tiff plugin review kimgio: update magick plugin MIME types kimgio: update plugins read/write support info kimgio: use custom datastream class in raw plugin kimgio: use memcmp() instead of qstrncmp() for headers comparison kimgio: use TJPF_ARGB as pixel format in jpg plugin when the host is big-endian kimgio: verify the image color space earlier in jp2 plugin kimgio: warn if seeking fails in RAWDataStream::seek() kimgio: warn when something goes wrong in webp plugin kimgio: warn when unspecified exception is raised in magick plugin kimgio: webp plugin review kimio: rename ICOType enums for consistency kinit: const-ify variable in KLauncher::waitForSlave() kinit: correct warnings scope in kdeinit_xio_errhandler() kinit: do not deep-copy QString object in KLauncher::start_service() kinit: implement kdeinit4 argument to shutdown running kdeinit4 instance, remove kdeinit4_wrapper and kdeinit4_shutdown kinit: initialize static variable kinit: Katie is the only toolkit supported now kinit: keep reference to the QByteArray object in KLauncher::cancel_service_startup_info() kinit: mark execpath_avoid_loops() function as static kinit: optimize PATH environment variable splitting in execpath_avoid_loops() function kinit: remove code for always false condition kinit: remove kwrapper4 and kshell4 kinit: remove the feature to start programs specified in kdeinit4 argument kinit: remove unused configuration checks kinit: remove unused header inclusions kinit: remove unused LAUNCHER_EXEC command kinit: remove unused LAUNCHER_TERMINATE_KDE command kinit: remove unused reference to environ kinit: rename exec command definitions kinit: update usage kinit: use correct QString constructor in KLauncher::cancel_service_startup_info() kinit: use single variable assignment in KLauncher::processRequestReturn() kio: add meta information entries for fonts kio: add timeout timer to the KDirLister test kio: avoid temporary in kfilematadata_exiv2 plugin kio: avoid temporary when reading KIO::filesize_t in SlaveInterface::dispatch() kio: check if any of the preferred services is in the list of enabled plugins kio: const-ify variable kio: correct area in KDirModel::flags() kio: correct arguments passed to konsole executable kio: correct error message areas in KIO::chmod() kio: correct reference to kDebug() kio: deprecation warning fix kio: do not call terminate() from the host information lookup thread destructor kio: do not check what plugin to use for items with empty MIME type kio: do not open password dialog if no-auth-prompt metadata is set to true kio: do not transition the preview image kio: do not use metadata that is no longer supported kio: do not use resource files for KACLEditWidget images kio: drop multi-get support kio: drop SMB support kio: drop support for importing formats other than XBEL kio: drop unused errorPage metadata feature kio: drop unused remote thumbnailers feature kio: elide metadata values kio: extract page count via Poppler metadata plugin kio: fix regression since 704ef230d5f26ebfb2d61d3753f289815b2d4eff kio: format and indent previewjob source file kio: get rid of JobUrlCache proxy class kio: implement fonts meta information extractor via Freetype kio: implement IconAlpha config option for previews kio: implement Postscript meta information extractor via libspectre kio: implement virtual KRun::error() method kio: increase the default preview sizes limits kio: indent switch cases in KIO::JobUiDelegate::askDeleteConfirmation() kio: keep reference to the QByteArray object in KDiskFreeSpaceInfo::freeSpaceInfo() kio: KFileMetaDataConfigurationWidget optimization kio: KFileMetaInfoItem::isValid() shall return false if key and value are empty kio: KIO::Schedueler documentation update kio: KRemoteEncoding::decode() optimization kio: log FileUndoManager messages to the kio area kio: log PreviewJob messages to the kio (KIOJob) debug area kio: make use of KShell::tildeExpand() in expandTilde() function kio: make use of KTemporaryFile::filePath() kio: minor SlaveBase::openPasswordDialog() optimization for the case when "no-auth-prompt" equals true kio: move metadata plugin keys to the .desktop files kio: move metadata plugin MIME types to the .desktop files kio: move static functions to the top of kurlcompletion source file kio: move static KFileMetaDataProvider::subDirectoriesCount() method out of the class kio: move variables to the scope they are used in kio: pass the local file URL to QFileInfo in PreviewJobPrivate::statResultThumbnail() kio: PreviewJobPrivate::startPreview() rewrite kio: process events instead of terminating the host information thread kio: register KUrl as metatype from the KUrlRequesterPrivate constructor kio: remove archive slaves leftovers kio: remove binary compat bits kio: remove code for unsupported info and man KIO slaves kio: remove comment for them aswell kio: remove data protocol leftovers kio: remove documentation for non-existing methods kio: remove extra dot in temporary file template kio: remove irrelevant TODO kio: remove konqueror hack kio: remove now unused HTTP headers propagation feature kio: remove now unused referrer feature kio: remove preview overlay icon alpha override kio: remove redundant KFileMetaInfoItem forward declaration in kmetaprops header kio: remove redundant KIO::Scheduler methods kio: remove reference to non-existing QColorGroup class kio: remove reference to proxyscout KDED module kio: remove setup for signals KCrash::setCrashHandler() already sets kio: remove unused and deprecated methods related to pasting kio: remove unused and private KIO::SlaveBasePrivate::slaveid member kio: remove unused and redundant KShellCompletion class kio: remove unused CacheDir session metadata kio: remove unused code kio: remove unused header inclusions in slaveinterface source file kio: remove unused headers inclusions kio: remove unused internal metadata feature kio: remove unused kfilemetainfoitem header inclusion kio: remove unused KIO::Scheduler methods kio: remove unused KIO::UDSEntry object in PreviewJobPrivate::statResultThumbnail() kio: remove unused KonqBookmarkOwner, KonqBookmarkMenu and KonqBookmarkContextMenu classes kio: remove unused KProtocolManager methods kio: remove unused private KIO::Scheduler slots and non-operational signals kio: remove unused scheduler header inclusion kio: remove unused SchedulerPrivate::setupSlave() argument kio: remove unused SlaveBasePrivate member kio: remove unused slave definitions kio: remove unused slave interface enum kio: remove unused slave interface methods kio: remove unused struct member kio: replace host info agent with direct QHostInfo method calls kio: reserve space for the entries in SlaveInterface::dispatch() kio: resolve hosts in thread from KUriFilterPlugin::resolveName() kio: scope the QDataStream object in SlaveInterface::dispatch() as optimization for some cases kio: set the comment key for metadata extractors kio: show disabled inode-directory image when the item is directory and preview fails kioslave: abort HTTP transfers early on error and use curl information instead of parsing headers data in http slave kioslave: add assert about the curl_off_t assumption kioslave: correct KDE_rename() return value check in file slave kioslave: de-duplicate code and handle curl HTTP error code in http slave kioslave: http slave no longer needs QObject kioslave: implement auth from the URL user and password for http slave kioslave: implement authorization restriction for HTTP(S) kioslave: implement interactive authorization via redirection for http slave kioslave: implement put for http slave kioslave: implement stat for http slave kio: SlaveInterface::dispatch() optimization kioslave: pass user and password to curl separately from http slave kioslave: setup authorization prompt similar to that of ftp slave prompt in http slave kioslave: use slave-defined error enum where appropriate in http slave kioslave: workaround for curl not being able to verify certificates for hosts that are address kioslave: zero-initialize the readlink() buffer in FileProtocol::createUDSEntry() kio: sort metadata by name kio: specialize only the globs matching kio: stream PID as qint64 type kio: try to find thumbnailer plugin via KMimeTypeTrader::query() first kio: typo kio: update comment in PreviewJobPrivate::getOrCreateThumbnail() kio: use even more bogus URL in the invalid URL test case kio: use QDir::exists() to check for directory existence in test case kio: use QFileInfo::exists() to check for local file/directory existence in NetAccess::exists() kio: warn when statvfs() fails in KDiskFreeSpaceInfo::freeSpaceInfo() kparts: de-virtualize KParts::Event::eventName() kparts: disconnect the slotWidgetDestroyed() slot from KParts::Part::setAutoDeleteWidget() conditionally kparts: drop FileInfoExtension, ListingFilterExtension and ListingNotificationExtension classes kparts: drop Plugin class kparts: log BrowserExtension debug messages to the kparts area kparts: make use of KTemporaryFile::filePath() kparts: remove unused and internal methods kpty: disconnect the stateChanged() signal before calling KPtyDevice::logout() kpty: fill buffers with zeros kutils: add KSpeech test kutils: allocate less space for headers in KCompressor::process() kutils: ask for confirmation when the close button is clicked too from KEMailDialog kutils: better example as to why only IPv4 addresses are resolved and service addresses published kutils: brief KCompressor and KDecompressor documentation kutils: build fix for the case when HAVE_OPENSSL is not defined kutils: build fix for the case when strmode() is available kutils: cancel mail sending when cancel button is clicked kutils: check curl_easy_setopt() return values in KEMail::send() kutils: check if the leading directory is writable from KArchive constructor kutils: check if volume and pitch values are in the range they are supposed to be kutils: check output buffer size limit before redoing XZ/LZMA decoding kutils: check the qApp pointer in KCModuleProxy::deleteClient() kutils: check the return value of CURLOPT_LOGIN_OPTIONS option setup in KEMail kutils: check the return values of speech-dispatcher function calls kutils: compiler warnings fix kutils: const-ify variable in KEMail::send() kutils: const-ify variable in KMediaWidget::dropEvent() kutils: copy-pasta typo kutils: correct archive_read_extract2() failure error reporting kutils: correct default value for widgetStyle kutils: correct slot name in KMediaWidget constructor kutils: create org.kde.kded interface on demand in KPasswdStore kutils: de-duplicate code in KCompressor and KDecompressor kutils: de-duplicate KAbstractPlayer code kutils: define PATH_MAX to _POSIX_PATH_MAX if it is not defined kutils: delete the player before the UI from KMediaWidget destructor kutils: disable OK button while mail is being send in KEMailDialog kutils: disable verbose output in KEmail kutils: do not include the libarchive function name in error strings kutils: do not observe loadfile property kutils: do not propagate to KDialog::slotButtonClicked() if the user declined the button action kutils: do not remove all jobs from KSpeech destuctor kutils: do not restore user and password from KEMail, do it from KEMailDialog kutils: drop the fullscreen option of the media widget kutils: drop the hidden controls option kutils: ensure startup notification events are processed from KEMailDialog::showEvent() kutils: essentially KExiv2 rewrite kutils: fix archive entry double-free in case of archive_write_header() failure kutils: fix build without MPV kutils: fix the KSpeech instances limitation kutils: format and indent kcmoduleloader source file kutils: handle some special cases when setting voice kutils: ifdef guard the asserts in KSpeechPrivate destructor kutils: implement KDNSSD::isSupported() kutils: implement KExiv2::label() kutils: implement login via OAuth access token kutils: implement methods for checking if archive requires passphrase and set one for reading and writing kutils: implement operator equal for KArchiveEntry kutils: implement option to smooth the volume on load kutils: implement per-application (client) settings for KSpeech kutils: implement progress signal for KArchive kutils: implement SSL option for KEMail kutils: initialize all KMediaWidgetPrivate members and set controls timer member to 0 after killing the timer kutils: initialize speech-dispatcher connection only from KSpeech constructor and reinitialize on ID change kutils: instantly change the volume when volume QTimeLine object state is not stopped kutils: invert the meaning of the KMediaWidget::setPlay() argument kutils: KArchive documentation update kutils: KEMailDialog setters and getters kutils: kemail library classes review kutils: KMediaPlayer initialization optimization kutils: KSpeech branches optimization kutils: libarchive does not support plain bzip, gzip and xz formats kutils: load kpasswdstore module in phase 1 kutils: make use of KToolInvocation::invokeHelp() in KCMultiDialog::slotHelpClicked() kutils: make use of the new KTemporaryFile::filePath() method kutils: manually set the archive filter when it is known to not be recognized by libarchive kutils: map Iptc and Xmp data from KExiv2::data() kutils: mark KArchive and KSpeech as stable kutils: media classes debug and warning messages review kutils: minor corrections kutils: minor KExiv2 class review kutils: new karchive library to replace KZip and KTar kutils: new kemail library kutils: new kspeech library to replace the kttsd service and its interface kutils: optimize KExiv2 by processing preview images and EXIF data on demand kutils: pass references where possible in KMediaWidget kutils: plug KExiv2 memory leaks kutils: process events while iterating over the paths that need to be added in KArchive::add() kutils: read the next header before skipping if path does not match in KArchive::list() kutils: reference KMimeType::findByPath and KMimeType::findByContent in KCompressor and KDecompressor documentation kutils: reimplement media classes command sender, option getter and option setter kutils: remove code used for debugging in kspeech source file kutils: remove extra dot in tmpName() function kutils: remove from input field in KEMailDialog kutils: remove now bogus KCModuleLoader::unloadModule() method kutils: remove redundant KCModuleProxy::minimumSizeHint() reimplementation kutils: remove the config option to disable the power manager kutils: remove the leading dot from the extension in KExiv2::preview() kutils: remove TODO related to KMediaWidget kutils: rename the internal KMediaWidget UI class kutils: replace QT_STATBUF with KDE_struct_stat in KHTTPPrivate::accessCallback() for consistency kutils: return boolean from KDNSSD::startBrowse() indicating success or failure kutils: return boolean from KSpeech::removeAllJobs() and KSpeech::removeJob() kutils: save errno value before calling functions that may change it in KArchive::add() kutils: send From, To and Cc headers from KEMail kutils: send mail from thread in KEMailDialog so it does not block kutils: set error string if the type is invalid in KCompressor::process() and KDecompressor::process() kutils: set KSpeech voice from config only if the voice value is not empty kutils: set the group and username of new archive entries kutils: set the horizontal size type of the main KMediaWidgetUI widget to expanding kutils: set the passphase callback to dummy one for now kutils: show error message if kcmshell4 is not found from KEMailDialog kutils: show information message after mail has been sent from KEMailDialog kutils: show KMediaWidget play button text conditionally kutils: slightly better writable archive check kutils: stop the HTTP(S) server from its destructor kutils: store and restore e-mail user and password via KPasswdStore kutils: stub KArchive progress signal kutils: switch password store cipher to AES-256 CBC kutils: test KExiv2 images rotation kutils: test KExiv2 metadata kutils: test KExiv2 preview kutils: test KSpeech::jobStateChanged() signal kutils: test listing and extraction of password-protected archive kutils: udate comment in KMediaWidget::_updateError() kutils: update org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver interface file used by kidletime kutils: update readable and writable KArchive MIME types kutils: update the play button from KMediaWidget::setPlay() kutils: update URL to video in KMediaWidget test kutils: use correct type for double properties in media classes property setter kutils: use KMessageBox for the drop event error kutils: use null policy callback in KHTTP kutils: use static function to set the power manager profile instead of class method kutils: use the same default as speech-dispatcher for voice pitch kutils: verify the KArchive progress signal values in its test case kutils: warn if KExiv2 is stub from KExiv2::metadata() kutils: warn that attachements are not implemented kutils: warn when the media player option type is invalid kutils: when opening archive fails in helper methods return null kutils: zero-initialize the readlink() buffer in KArchive::add() mimetypes: remove most MIME types for projects that are not maintained as part of Katana mimetypes: remove now unused application/vnd.kde.fontspackage MIME type mimetypes: remove now unused application/x-plasma MIME type mimetypes: remove unused image/x-kde-raw MIME type mimetypes: remove Zstandard MIME types mimetypes: use x-office-document as icon for application/vnd.kde.okular-archive plasma: automatic MOC-ing warning fix plasma: build fix for the case when NDEBUG is not defined plasma: clear tooltip mask when compositor is active plasma: const-ify Dialog::graphicsWidget() getter plasma: correct switch cases indentation plasma: deal with TODO related to moving Plasma::Wallpaper member plasma: do not attempt to guess elements from SharedSvgRenderer constructor plasma: do not check plugins version plasma: do not deep-copy the QString objects in PackageStructure::entryList() plasma: drop custom categories support plasma: drop methods to install, uninstall, register and get package file plasma: export DialogShadows class plasma: fix shortcuts plasma: Plasma::WindowEffects::isEffectAvailable() optimization plasma: remove binary compat bits plasma: remove bogus declaration of RotationAnimation::setEasingCurve() plasma: remove FIXME skip plasma: remove noop ContainmentActions reimplementation plasma: remove redundant computations and checks in Plasma::WindowEffects functions plasma: remove redundant connection to QCoreApplication::aboutTOQuit() signal plasma: remove redundant QString construct in correctPathCase() function plasma: remove redundant reimplementations plasma: remove unused function plasma: remove unused header inclusion plasma: remove unused package metadata methods plasma: replace QReadWriteLock with QMutex plasma: replace tabs with space in package source file plasma: return if the X11 property is deleted in Plasma::WindowEffects::highlightWindows() plasma: return list of QByteArray objects from Plasma::PackageStructure class methods plasma: someone's typo plasma: use specialized QImage constructor instead of constructing and loading plasma: wallpaper cache lookup optimization Revert "kdecore: do not expand environment variables if expansion is not to be done in KConfigGroup::readPathEntry()" Revert "kdecore: pass the QByteArray object size to the static QString::fromUtf8() constructor" Revert "kdeui: remove bogus --kdeinit argument passing from KCrash::defaultCrashHandler()" Revert "kimgio: ICO image reading optimization" Revert "kutils: fix archive entry double-free in case of archive_write_header() failure" solid: chop non-printable character at the end from DevinfoDevice::stringByName() solid: disconnect the device signals before deleting it solid: fix possible division of zero solid: fix screen power management supressesion solid: keep reference to the QByteArray object in UdevQt::Client::deviceBySysfsPath() solid: minor devinfo backend optimization solid: minor udev backend optimization solid: replace fstab with exports backend solid: udev backend optimization Changes to kde-workspace since 2022-05-12: dolphin: adjust to kparts changes dolphin: check if the URL index is not out-of-bounds in KFileItemModel::fileItem() dolphin: clear non-multimedia preview before showing new preview dolphin: connect to KDirNotify signals after InformationPanelContent is created dolphin: de-duplicate code dolphin: do not add the expandable folder widget to the layout if it is null dolphin: do not set the video player maximum size to the current size of the image preview dolphin: drop some part extensions dolphin: drop support for opening archives as folder dolphin: hide the image preview before showing the video player dolphin: implement option for preview icon alpha dolphin: iterate over a copy of the visible items in KItemListView::slotItemsRemoved() dolphin: parent InformationPanelContent widget to itself dolphin: pause the information panel video player instead of stopping it dolphin: remove now unused header inclusion dolphin: remove unused FileViewBazaarPlugin member dolphin: replace KRandomSequence::randomize() with KRandom::randomize() dolphin: set the maximum size of the video preview widget even if it is not visible dolphin: set the minimum height of the KMediaWidget dolphin: use KImageFilePreview to show preview for non-multimedia URLs dolphin: use proper type for the folder stat job dolphin: use QMutableSetIterator<T> for iteration in KFileItemModelRolesUpdater::updateChangedItems() dolphin: use QMutableSetIterator<T> for iteration in KFileItemModel::slotCompleted() drkonqi: initialize CrashedApplication members drkonqi: invoke browser if the app report address is the default mail address, mailer otherwise drkonqi: make use of the new KDE_HELP_URL definition drkonqi: minor optimization drkonqi: not my typo drkonqi: open the crashed application bug report address as is drkonqi: reimplement crash test via QRunnable and QThreadPool drkonqi: update external debuggers data files generic: add open files widget feature information generic: add unrar feature information generic: adjust to authorization changes generic: adjust to Katie changes generic: adjust to KDebug changes generic: adjust to KGlobalSettings changes generic: adjust to KLocale changes generic: adjust to KSelectionOwner changes generic: adjust to KService::newServicePath() change generic: adjust to org.kde.JobView/org.kde.JobViewV2 interface changes generic: adjust to special resources directories changes generic: adjust to the module directory change generic: AppVeyor dependencies update generic: bump minimum Katie version requirement to 4.12.0 generic: cast pointers with QObject as base class via qobject_cast<T>() generic: compiler warnings fixes generic: const-ify iterator values where possible generic: default to Oxygen_White for cursor theme generic: disable session manager via SESSION_MANAGER environment variable unset too generic: do not use ctest to run tests generic: drop currency and monetary support generic: drop SMB and NFS support generic: drop support for installing Plasma applets from package file generic: enable testing in AppVeyor generic: faster installation in AppVeyor environment generic: fix regressions since f1cfe7bdba5ec3b71cd3205369e7b78f2c71e88a generic: install ariya-icons in AppVeyor environment for the tests generic: install dbus-x11 in AppVeyor environment for dbus-run-session generic: install in AppVeyor environment for the tests generic: launch a session bus in AppVeyor environment generic: log kdirshare and kscreensaver messages to specialized debug area generic: lower the busy cursor timeout to 10sec generic: make use of KUser and KUserGroup generic: make use of the dbus_add_activation_service() macro generic: make use of the new KRandom::randomMax() function generic: minor optimizations generic: move sub-projects from kde-baseapps reset generic: OpenEXR package URL and purpose update generic: optimize reading from files generic: port to KPixmap generic: prepare for autostart changes generic: prepare for Katie changes generic: prepare for kdelibs changes generic: prepare for KStandardDirs changes generic: prepare for new kemail library generic: remove checks for system headers that should be present generic: remove kfontinst references generic: remove ktimezoned and adjust to KSystemTimeZones changes generic: remove now unused package checks generic: remove redundant HAVE_XRENDER configuration definition generic: remove redundant QT_CLEAN_NAMESPACE definitions generic: remove unused configuration checks generic: remove unused script environment defaultApplication() function generic: remove workflow and CI files, new home generic: require shared-mime-info v0.91+ generic: rework startup to no create a shell script generic: set X-DBUS-ServiceName key for kglobalaccel and kuiserver in the desktop files generic: sync default preview sizes limits generic: trim the lines when reading files generic: use KApplication::quitOnSignal() in kglobaaccel, knotify4 and kuiserver to setup signals for application quit generic: use the new karchive library generic: use the new kde4_add_dbus_service() macro generic: use the new kde4_bool_to_01() macro generic: use the new kde4_optional_find_package() macro generic: use the new kspeech library for Text-To-Speech kate: add Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN macro to cpp syntax data kate: add QGuiPlatformPlugin class to cpp syntax data kate: adjust to Katie changes kate: adjust to KTextEditor interface classes changes kate: adjust to KToolInvocation::invokeMailer() change kate: always use the KMessageWidget animation feature kate: build fix kate: completion tests do not require ksycoca kate: create KSpeech instance on demand kate: do not explicitly set codec from katencodingtest program kate: enable line numbers and disable folding bar by default kate: explicitly convert to range and cursor objects kate: fix possible completion test crashes kate: include kcompletion instead of kshellcompletion header for the KCompletion reference kate: increase completion started/aborted verification timeout to 3sec in tests kate: log KateWordCompletionView debug messages to Kate (Code Completion) area kate: log project plugin debug message to the Kate (Plugins) area kate: log the file (Kate::TextLoader) codec name kate: prepare for Katie changes kate: register as plugin kate: remove docbookchapter file template kate: remove non-operational feature to download highlight files kate: remove run-tests-in-xvfb.sh script kate: remove the project code indexing feature kate: set the stream codec once in TextBuffer::save() kate: skip some tests if there is no window manager kate: use json syntax highlighter for MIME types that claim to be in JSON format kate: use QMutableListIterator<T> for iteration in KateCompletionWidget::startCompletion() kcminit: log message to specialized area kcmshell: compiler warning fixes kcontrol: adjust to Katie changes kcontrol: apply input settings in phase zero kcontrol: clear KDebug cache when saving kdebug KCM changes kcontrol: compiler warning fix kcontrol: convert fonts KCM pixmaps to PNG kcontrol: convert input KCM pixmaps to PNG kcontrol: correct XkbSetControls() return value check kcontrol: disable autostart items the filepath of which is not writable kcontrol: drop legacy configuration support in randr KCM kcontrol: drop support for scripts in autostart KCM kcontrol: enable animatetoolbox when effects are enabled kcontrol: enable Katie effects based on Katana graphics effect level kcontrol: enable sorting of the timezones table entries in dateandtime KCM kcontrol: fix autostart add kcontrol: fix regression since 45fbbf2582e23ca9775ca949f24b947673ef9388 kcontrol: flush the QSettings changes before notifying applications about the changes kcontrol: formant and indent randr KCM files kcontrol: I am the maintainer of kdebug KCM since 2014 kcontrol: indent and format randr module source and header files kcontrol: iterate over a consant in loadPreview() function of icons KCM kcontrol: iterate over a static list of possibilities in dateandtime KCM kcontrol: log fonts KCM debug message to the default area kcontrol: make use of KSystemTimeZones::zoneinfoDir() in dateandtime helper kcontrol: merge DesktopStartItem class into AutoStartItem kcontrol: move HAS_RANDR_1_2 configuration definition to config-X11 header kcontrol: notify when error occurrs when attempting to remove program autostart kcontrol: partial fix for KGlobalSettings race kcontrol: Qt/KWinPalette group no longer affects Katie kcontrol: read font settings directly from the kdeglobals config kcontrol: refernce camel-case Fontconfig module variables too kcontrol: remove checks for obsolete index.desktop icon theme files kcontrol: remove kfontinst kcontrol: remove obsolete hack kcontrol: remove oxygen-gtk style leftovers kcontrol: remove unused applyQtColors() and applyQtSettings() arguments kcontrol: remove unused system service file for org.kde.fontinst kcontrol: remove X11 types hack kcontrol: replace tab with space in input KCM source file kcontrol: replace use of QtConcurrent::blockingFilter() with QMutableListIterator<T>() kcontrol: run krdb after emiting KGlobalSettings changes from style KCM kcontrol: save kdebug KCM changes when the output file changes kcontrol: save kdebug KCM settings when destination changes kcontrol: skip non-existing directories in autostart KCM kcontrol: update kfontinst unicode tables kcontrol: update kioslave.kcfg file kcontrol: update toolTip and whatsThis properties in componentchoser module kcontrol: use mutable list iterator in RandRCrtc::modes() kcontrol: use object instead of pointer for Katie settings in krdb kcontrol: use table widget for metadata plugins in kmetainfoconfig module kcontrol: use tree widget for metadata plugins in kmetainfoconfig module kcontrol: write Name entry for custom desktop files from autostart KCM kcontrol: zero-initialize the readlink() buffer in getSize() function kde-menu: do not use KToolInvocation/KLauncher to execute kbuildsycoca4 kdepasswd: add tooltip for the SSL option kdepasswd: implement SSL option for KEMail kdesudo: assign KdeSudo::m_tmpName member to the temporary filepath, not a variable kdesudo: log messages to specialized area kdesudo: log warning messages to the kdesudo area kdesudo: use KTemporaryFile::filePath() to generate temporary file name kdesudo: use the static QFile::exists() method instead of constructing QFile object and changing its filename kdialog: assume QT_DBUS_LIB is defined kdialog: format and indent kdialog source file kdirshare: authentication tooltip kdirshare: clamp the title aswell kdirshare: HTML output correction kdirshare: manually emit KDirNotify signals when directory is shared/unshared kdirshare: remove now unused implementation class members kdirshare: stretch the user and password input widgets in properties plugin kdirshare: the Avahi limit for service names is 64 kdirshare: update comment related to kpasswdstore service kdirshare: use KRandom::randomMax() for less round-trips kdirshare: write share entry into the kdirsharerc config from KDirShareModule::share() keditbookmarks: drop support for importing/exporting to formats other than XBEL keditfiletype: prepare for KProtocolManager changes keditfiletype: remove bogus TODO kglobalaccel: create KApplication instance before D-Bus connection kglobalaccel: deep-copy the actions before iterating over them kglobalaccel: include MacroDBusAddActivationService file kglobalaccel: install D-Bus service file kglobalaccel: remove deprecated KGlobalAccelD::unRegister() method kglobalaccel: use KApplication instead of KUniqueApplication kglobalaccel: use QMutableListIterator<T>() for iteration in Component::loadSettings() kgreeter: adjust to Katie changes kgreeter: implement option to change the cursor theme kgreeter: restore defaults to the fallback values used by the settings from the control module kgreeter: typo kgreeter: use Oxygen_White as cursor theme by default khotkeys: drop gesture support kiconfinder: separate system headers inclusions kinfocenter: use KToolInvocation::invokeHelp() instead of attempting to start khelpcenter kioclient: log messages to specialized area kioslave: add image/vnd.djvu+multipage to the djvuthumbnail MIME types kioslave: assume desktop files do not require update in desktop KIO slave kioslave: const-ify variable in ThumbnailProtocol::pluginForMimeType() kioslave: create KDNSSD instance on demand kioslave: do not associate tar protocol with non-standard application/x-webarchive MIME type kioslave: epubthumbnail rewrite kioslave: exrcreator thumbnailer review kioslave: fix double-free in epubthumbnail kioslave: ignore maximum size limit for epubthumbnail and comicbookthumbnail thumbnailers kioslave: log floppy KIO slave messages to specialized area kioslave: log mtp KIO slave messages to specialized area kioslave: log trash KIO slave messages to specialized area kioslave: make use of KTemporaryFile::filePath() kioslave: merge ICO format related function overloads kioslave: minor thumbnailers review kioslave: prepare for KDebug change kioslave: remove archive, recentdocuments, settings and applicaitons KIO slaves kioslave: remove duplicate KIO_MTP definition kioslave: remove EXR thumbnailer kioslave: remove filter slave kioslave: remove unused ICO format related utility functions kioslave: remove unused IcoUtils::loadIcoImageFromExe() function argument kioslave: report failure to browser services from network KIO slave kioslave: skip trash slave tests that are not to be run as root kioslave: sync preview defaults kioslave: use comment field for original path and deletion date in trash slave kioslave: use glob as MimeType to register imagethumbnail for all images MIME types kioslave: use QTextCodec::codecForText() for text encoding detection in textthumbnail thumbnailer klipper: adjust to QDataStream change klipper: stream the history version as qint8 kmail: fallback to the URL for recipients kmail: new application to send e-mail kmail: show help button and close instead of cancel kmail: use object for KHelpMenu instead of pointer kmail: use object instead of pointer for KEmailDialog kmail: use the URL path as CC fallback kmediaplayer: adjust to KMediaWidget changes kmediaplayer: bump kmediaplayerui.rc version kmediaplayer: bump version to 1.1.0 kmediaplayer: delete KMediaWidget instantly from KMediaPlayerPart destructor kmediaplayer: do not stop the player from the KMediaPlayerPart destructor kmediaplayer: fix menu bar state saving after visibility change via context menu kmediaplayer: implement session restoration kmediaplayer: log the playing state when reading properties kmediaplayer: mark KMediaWindow reimplementations as final kmediaplayer: mark the part reimplementations as final kmediaplayer: pop error instead of information messages from the part kmediaplayer: prefix slots with "slot" kmediaplayer: restore position after the player has actually loaded the path kmediaplayer: restore the pause/play state aswell kmediaplayer: save and restore the initial directory when opening path via dialog kmediaplayer: save the current menu and status bar state after calling KXmlGuiWindow::showEvent() kmediaplayer: set the part object name kmediaplayer: supress screen power management while playing kmediaplayer: typo kmediaplayer: use KMessageBox instead of QMessageBox for reporting errors kmediaplayer: use QPointer<T> to store the KMediaWidget pointer kmediaplayr: reuse variable knotify: always create new KAudioPlayer instance knotify: log messages to specialized area knotify: use KApplication instead of KUniqueApplication konsole: bootstrap build fix konsole: correct comment about reimplementations konsole: do not use semantic markup in application name konsole: initialize the start flags variable konsole: remove check for arguments Katie no longer supports reset konsole: remove now unused KUniqueApplication-related option konsole: remove test that requires file that is not shipped konsole: suspend PTY device before opening teletype konsole: use KApplication instead of KUniqueApplication konsole: X-DBUS-StartupType correction krunner: correct break indendation in SelectionBar::itemChange() krunner: log debug message to the krunner area krunner: remove redundant startup notification feature krunner: remove unused constant in KRunnerDialog::updateMask() kscreensaver: deactivate screen saver on start kscreensaver: reimplement via X11 DPMS kscreensaver: start counting from 1 when checking for free cookie ksmserver: check for KDE_FULL_SESSION X11 atom from kcheckrunning ksmserver: do not attempt to run programs from autostart directory ksmserver: drop custom logout effect ksmserver: drop logout fade effect ksmserver: fix build of tests ksmserver: format and indent kcheckrunning source file ksmserver: handle all currently supported power sleep methods ksmserver: indent switch cases in KSMServer::resumeStartupInternal() ksmserver: kill window manager before cleanup ksmserver: make KSMShutdownFeedback::stop() do the same thing as KSMShutdownFeedback::logoutCanceled() ksmserver: move process launching code to startup source file ksmserver: oops, put back SIGPIPE to the ignored signals ksmserver: plug kcheckrunning leaks ksmserver: process events until kded second phase is done ksmserver: set shutdown dialog window role after it has been constructed ksmserver: start kded service in autostart zero phase ksmserver: start the shutdown feedback from KSMShutdownDlg constructor and stop it on reject ksmserver: startup optimization ksmserver: use qt4_generate_dbus_interface() macro to generate D-Bus interface ksmserver: zero-initialize the gethostname() buffers kstart: adjust to KXMessages changes kstart: deal with one of the TODOs related to porting old code kstart: format and indent kstyles: adjust to Katie changes kstyles: ensure gradient color position is positive kstyles: fix runtime warning about connection to non-existing slot kstyles: indent switch cases in oxygenstyleconfig source file kstyles: parent the QLibrary pointers to ConfigDialog kstyles: remove forward declaration of non-existing AnimationConfigWidget class kstyles: remove hack for some unknown widget kstyles: remove oxygen styles hacks for now non-existing widget classes kstyles: remove Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen overrides for QTipLabel and QMenu ksysguard: remove redundant QFontInfo header inclusion kuiserver: remove unused UiServer class kuiserver: use KApplication instead of KUniqueApplication kurifilter-plugins: correct de2en and en2de search provider URLs kurifilter-plugins: correct youtube search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: remove docbook provider kurifilter-plugins: remove ethicle search provider kurifilter-plugins: remove flickrcc search provider kurifilter-plugins: remove qwant_news search provider kurifilter-plugins: remove rag search provider kurifilter-plugins: remove sourceforge search provider queries for non-english locale kurifilter-plugins: remove test case that relies on QTDIR environment variable kurifilter-plugins: remove thesaurus search provider kurifilter-plugins: update backports search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update dbug search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update foldoc search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update grec search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update multiran search providers URL kurifilter-plugins: update nl-telephone search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update pgpkeys search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update rfc search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update rpmfind search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update thesaurus search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update uspto search provider URL kurifilter-plugins: update yahoo_image search provider URL kurilfilter-plugins: do not use QStringListIterator for iterating kwin: add new KWin::Compositor::starting() method and use it in during startup kwin: check if the Workspace pointer is null in Application::notify() kwin: check owner window before releasing selection kwin: const-ify iterator values where possible kwin: convert button pixmaps to PNG kwin: convert button pixmaps to XPM kwin: convert kwinoptions button pixmaps to PNG kwin: correct switch cases indentation in oxygenclient header kwin: deal with TODO related to XRenderPicture kwin: deduplicate code for fixed to double and vice-versa conversion kwin: disconnect KSelectionOwner signals before deleting it kwin: do not queue the ownership events kwin: do not test canonical name if getaddrinfo() fails kwin: do not use ksysguard helper for killing processes kwin: fix crash in case of getaddrinfo() failure in client machine test kwin: fix runtime warning related to D-Bus connection kwin: include now required QLibrary header kwin: indent switch cases in oxygenclient source file kwin: log debug message to kwin area kwin: log TabBox debug messages to kwin area kwin: make use of KGlobalSettings::isMultiHead() kwin: mark configModules() function as static kwin: oxygen client exception group name creator optimization kwin: pass the screen number and parent to KSelectionOwner kwin: prepare for Katie changes kwin: process events before resuming ksmserver startup kwin: release compositor selection ownership instantly kwin: release selection after all components are deleted kwin: release the selection from the application destructor kwin: remove checks for native paint engine kwin: remove code for always false condition kwin: remove dummy Scene::blocksForRetrace() and Scene::syncsToVBlank() methods kwin: remove obsolete decoration slots kwin: remove redundant selection owner in startupfeedback effect kwin: remove unused KWin::Scene member kwin: remove unused kxerrorhandler header inclusions kwin: remove unused QMatrix4x4 and QVector2D header inclusions kwin: remove unused QVector4D header inclusion kwin: remove unused WindowQuadList::makeInterleavedArrays() method kwin: remove X11 types hack kwin: replace hardcoded Pi/2 with definition from system math header kwin: resume ksmserver startup if setup fails kwin: set active to false when pointer grab fails in startup feedback effect kwin: shadow optimization kwin: simplify compositor selection ownership check kwin: synchronously reconfigure kwin: synchronously reload compositing settings, reparse configuration and check for screen locker service kwin: update tabbox thumbnails kwin: use KApplication::quitOnSignal() to setup signal handler for quit kwin: use QHostInfo::localHostName() to get the local host name kwin: use QMutableListIterator<T> for iteration in Compositor::performCompositing() kwin: use static_cast<T>() for the shadow pixmap handle kwin: zero-initialize the buffer in areKeySymXsDepressed() function kwin: zero-initialize the buffer in Compositor::setup() kwin: zero-initialize the sprintf() buffer in LogoutEffect constructor libs: always enable share action for local directories libs: attach the signal spy after D-Bus initialization stuff happens in favicon test libs: avoid temporary in Oxygen::TileSet::initPixmap() libs: bootstrap testing build fix libs: call setIconForUrl() in the non-QEventLoop version of the favicons module test libs: clear the line buffer on each iteration in KLsofWidget::finished() libs: comment correction libs: connect to all favicons module signals in its test libs: convert FavIconsModule::isIconOld() to static function libs: convert FavIconsModulePrivate::makeIconName() to static function libs: correct indentation in standaloneDialog() function libs: create KSpeech instance on demand on keep it around for future use libs: deal with TODOs related to KonqOperations libs: declare download info struct as primitive and rename it libs: de-virtualize FavIconsModulePrivate destructor libs: do not check if kttsd service is registered when creating configuration interface libs: do not down-cast the job to KIO::Job and up-cast it via qobject_cast<T>() libs: do not down-scale favicons images to 16x16 libs: do not elevate privileges to send signals to processes libs: do not store the favicons cache directory libs: double the wait time for favicon signals libs: favicons KDED module test re-write libs: fix possible favicons KDED module race-conditions libs: format and indent losofui library source files libs: if the favicon modification time is not valid consider it as old libs: kill the job immediately if the favicon is too big and remove it from the downloads queue libs: log Task debug messages to the default area libs: make KLsofWidget::pid() and KLsofWidget::setPid() public slots libs: manually delete favicons module jobs libs: mark ksysguard processes test case as flaky libs: paint KSignalPlotter on backing store libs: plasmagenericshell tests build fix libs: plug memory and X11 pixmaps leaks libs: quit event loops if signals are not emitted after 10sec in favicons test case libs: remove bogus extern reference libs: remove code for updating pre-4.11 Plasma clock config libs: remove NFS template libs: remove now unused variable libs: remove redundant favicons memory cache libs: remove redundant kemailsettings header inclusion in launcheritem source file libs: remove unused KDisplayManager::sess2Str() method libs: remove unused ksysguard history feature libs: remove unused KTextEditVT class libs: remove unused system ctime header inclusion libs: replace KDE_DEPRECATED from kdemacros with TASKMANAGER_DEPRECATED from the generated taskmanager_export header libs: skip favicon tests if images are not readable libs: skip only the tests relying on permissions when they are unexpected libs: skip some tests when the permissions do not match the expectations libs: test favicons module with IP addresses libs: try harder to find the current seat from KDisplayManager::newSession() libs: warn when the image reader cannot read the favicon data libs: warn when the image reader claims the data is readable but returns null image from favicon KDED module libs: widget explorer optimization libs: workaround for QSignalSpy in favicon test localization: remove unused currency entries plasma: adjust to kdelibs changes plasma: catch exceptions in the calculator runner engine evaluation method plasma: catch unspecified exceptions in calculator runner plasma: check if shutdown can be performed from PowerManagementJob::start() plasma: check the reply of the org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.Lock call in PowerManagementJob::start() plasma: do not use ksysguard helper for killing processes and pop an error when the runner action fails plasma: fetch exchange rates from HTTPS URL plasma: fix systemtray applet animation plasma: generalize folderview scroll backbuffer plasma: include now required system limits header plasma: log digital-clock applet debug messages to the plasma area plasma: log kickoff messages to the plasma area plasma: open the QDebug buffer in SupportInformation::generateSupportInformation() plasma: optimize kill runner plasma: partially port systemtray applet to KPixmap and plug a X11 Pixmap leak plasma: pass the buffer data size to QString constructor in SupportInformation::generateSupportInformation() plasma: port systemtray applet to KPixmap plasma: proper fix for the inter-depency of kcm_krunner_kill and krunner_kill targets plasma: remove bogus status notifier item animation feature plasma: remove broken uninstall kickoff action plasma: remove calculator runner easter egg plasma: remove deprecated krunnermodel import plasma: remove KWin scripting support leftovers plasma: remove msvc hack plasma: remove redundant breaks in PowermanagementEngine::batteryType() plasma: remove reference to MacroLibrary file plasma: remove shadows on hide plasma: remove unused and private recentdocuments runner member plasma: remove unused calculate runner engine methods plasma: remove unused powerdevil runner method and variable plasma: remove unused PowerManagementJob enum and non-existing method declaration plasma: remove unused systemray applet sources plasma: rename Auros wallpaper image to match its size plasma: replace number with enum in systemtray applet plasma: replace PowerManagementJob::requestShutDown() with its body plasma: replace private powerdevil runner methods with their body plasma: simplify URLs transformation in bookmarks runner plasma: update image wallpaper plugin MIME types plasma: update MIME types in image wallpaper plugin desktop file plasma: use Auros as default wallpaper for oxygen desktop theme plasma: use Solid::PowerManagement::StandbyState for standby plasma: use the now exported Plasma::DialogShadows class qguiplatformplugin_kde: prepare for Katie changes solid-hardware: compiler warnings fixes solid-hardware: do not mangle std namespace into the default one solid-networkstatus: remove Wicd status tracker soliduiserver: implement network share unmounting startkde: adjust to kdeinit4 changes startkde: adjust to kdelibs changes startkde: ensure D-Bus activation environment has DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY set startkde: export variables early and check PATH later startkde: remove check for DESKTOP_LOCKED startkde: remove check for now always empty dl variable startkde: start ksmserver without kwrapper4 startkde: unset kcheckrunning_result after it is no longer required startkde: update comments startkde: update D-Bus session environment with all variable set by the script systemsettings: use KToolInvocation::invokeHelp() instead of attempting to start khelpcenter Changes to kde-extraapps since 2022-05-12: about-distro: only Katie is supported now ark: adjust to kparts changes ark: check for LibDeflate instead of ZLIB ark: connect to the KArchive progress signal ark: emit entries for added files from libarchive plugin ark: hack for KMediaPlayer part ark: implement extraction of password-protected files ark: implement overwrite query for libarchive plugin ark: query for the preferred service from the viewer ark: rename extracthere plugin to match the .desktop file name ark: report the actual error from libarchive plugin ark: reuse constant in singlefileplugin source file ark: set the part object name ark: use the complete file name for output in add dialog filelight: build the radial map sources as part of filelightpart target filelight: do not undefine VERSION, PACKAGE and PRETTYNAME filelight: fix possible crashes when attempting to navigate the radial map filelight: name the LocalLister class error macro such that it is unlikely to clash with something filelight: remove unused KCursor header inclusions generic: AppVeyor dependencies update generic: bump minimum Katie version requirement to 4.12.0 generic: cast pointers with QObject as base class via qobject_cast<T>() generic: compiler warnings fixes generic: do not use ctest to run tests generic: enable testing in AppVeyor generic: faster installation in AppVeyor environment generic: include now required kdeversion header generic: install ariya-icons in AppVeyor environment for the tests generic: install in AppVeyor environment for the tests generic: launch a session bus in AppVeyor environment generic: link to karchive library for KCompressor and KDecompressor references generic: make use of the new KRandom::randomMax() function generic: port to the new KCompressor and KDecompressor classes generic: prepare for Katie changes generic: prepare for kdelibs changes generic: remove authorization checks generic: remove checks for system headers that should be present generic: remove workflow and CI files, new home generic: set the parts object name generic: show feature and package summary when building from subdirectory generic: use static QProcess::startDetached() method instead of creating objects generic: use sysconf() to get the total memory generic: use the new karchive library generic: use the new kde4_optional_add_subdirectory() macro generic: use the new kde4_optional_find_package() macro gwenview: adjust document editor test case gwenview: adjust document test case gwenview: adjust the rotated load test case gwenview: adjust to Katie changes gwenview: adjust to KExiv2 changes gwenview: attempt to load all images that are not one of the static MIME types gwenview: check for error before adding sub-job from the save job gwenview: check for Exif date in the same order as the list gwenview: comment correction gwenview: comment out code used for tracing gwenview: different take on async execution gwenview: disable copying of HistoryModel class gwenview: do not overwrite kdebugrc when testing gwenview: do not rely on compiler to pick up the correct constructor gwenview: do not warn if image has no Exif date gwenview: exec the sub-job from the save job to ensure it is not reaped gwenview: execute the move job via KIO::NetAccess::synchronousRun() and set its UI delegate to the document UI delegate gwenview: fix HistoryModel items existences check for directories gwenview: increase wait time in PlaceTreeModelTest::testListUrl1() gwenview: link library to pthread gwenview: mark 4frames test case as expected fail gwenview: merge URL kind enums for images gwenview: minor optimizations gwenview: port to KExiv2 gwenview: prepare for Katie changes gwenview: process all events while waiting for document to be loaded and MIME type to be determined gwenview: randomize the slideshow URLs via KRandom::randomize() gwenview: reimplement metadata, image data and save job via QThread and std::future<T> gwenview: reimplement ThreadedDocumentJob via QThread and std::future<T> gwenview: remove now unused chrono system header inclusion gwenview: remove now unused QtConcurrentRun header inclusion gwenview: remove unused header inclusion in sidebar source file gwenview: remove unused QFuture and QFutureWatcher headers inclusion gwenview: remove win support leftovers gwenview: reset future watchers pointers once the futures finish gwenview: save files to temporary files and then move them gwenview: skip some Exif/IPTC/XMP properties gwenview: start loading image data if no image has been loaded yet when metainfo is loaded gwenview: test animated document loader with WebP image gwenview: test image scaler with PPM image, skip it if document size is unknown gwenview: update MIME types in .desktop files gwenview: update MIME types in desktop files gwenview: update MIME types in desktop files and remove test images for unsupported formats gwenview: use threaded document job for the save job jovie: remove deprecated method jovie: remove it kdeplasma-addons: adjust to Katie changes kdeplasma-addons: check for MPRIS interface instead of relying on categories kdeplasma-addons: converter runner string correction kdeplasma-addons: correct installation directory for mediabuttonsrc file kdeplasma-addons: deal with TODO related to KSMServer suspend/resume in virus wallaper kdeplasma-addons: drop dock manager support in icontasks applet kdeplasma-addons: get rid of the custom qt4_add_dbus_interface_ex() macro by setting INCLUDE property on interface file kdeplasma-addons: indent switch cases in alife source file kdeplasma-addons: initialize private LCD::Private class members kdeplasma-addons: make use of KRandom::randomMax() kdeplasma-addons: minor icontasks optimizations kdeplasma-addons: proper fix for the inter-depency of kcm_krunner_charrunner and krunner_charrunner targets kdeplasma-addons: read settings before checking if exchange rates should be updated kdeplasma-addons: remove code that does nothing in pastemacroexpander source file kdeplasma-addons: remove redundant minimum CMake version setup kdeplasma-addons: remove redundant qsrand() calls kdeplasma-addons: remove redundant uniconverter applet description label kdeplasma-addons: remove unused QRegExp object in lcd source file kdeplasma-addons: replace KRandomSequence::randomize() with KRandom::randomize() kdeplasma-addons: replace QReadWriteLock with QMutex and use scoped lockers kdeplasma-addons: sync exchange rates URL with kde-workspace runner kdeplasma-addons: unitconverter optimization kdeplasma-addons: use the now exported Plasma::DialogShadows class kemu: prepare for Katie changes kemu: set the runner match types to Plasma::QueryMatch::HelperMatch kget: cache the font used by ProxyWidget kget: create password store if required for saving the web interface password but not created yet kget: make use of the dbus_add_activation_service() macro kget: prepare for KIO changes kget: remove unused KGetAppletUtils class kget: use KIO::stat() to ping for checksums kget: use the new kde4_add_dbus_service() macro kmix: adjust to Katie changes kmix: do not use QStringListIterator for iterating kmix: fix default ALSA card probing kmix: fix volume shortcuts kmix: remove config bug hack kmix: remove unused QWaitCondition header inclusion krdc: prepare for Katie changes krdc: remove sources for NX technology support krdc: VNC client low quality option fix krfb: base64 encode passwords as fallback krfb: obscure keys used to store passwords krfb: remove unused KSystemTimeZone header inclusion krfb: use the new kde4_bool_to_01() macro ksnapshot: replace qDebug() with kDebug() ksnapshot: ungrab the X11 server after pointer is queried in windowUnderCursor() function ksystemlog: adjust to KToolInvocation::invokeMailer() change ksystemlog: build manual tests as such ksystemlog: do not use resource files for tests ksystemlog: link the library used for testing to the required libraries ksystemlog: log messages to specialized area ksystemlog: prepare for KDebug changes ksystemlog: prepare for KIO changes ksystemlog: remove obsolete inter-dependancy workaround ksystemlog: remove unused QTemporaryFile header inclusion in testUtil source file kvkbd: do not use resource files for standart theme kvkbd: remove commented-out code okular: adjust check for Text-To-Speech service okular: adjust to KCursor change okular: adjust xps generator to KArchive behaviour okular: associate comicbook generator with all MIME types it can handle okular: associate fictionbook generator with application/x-zip-compressed-fb2 MIME type okular: cast pointers with QObject as base class via qobject_cast<T>() reset okular: cast the part pointer via qobject_cast<T>() in Shell::openDocument() okular: comicbook generator no longer requires kpty library linkage okular: connect to the paintRequested() signal of QPrintPreviewDialog okular: copyrighting snapshot taker to me okular: correct breaks scope in document source file okular: correct the exec command for epub generator okular: deal with FIXME in fictionbook generator okular: do not thread the comicbook generator okular: do not thread the xps generator okular: drop non-native printing support okular: error message correction okular: fix playing of epub generator sounds okular: fix xps generator font loading regression okular: fix xps generator printing okular: hack for KMediaPlayer okular: KSpeech job does not have to be removed when finished okular: load the movie anew when repeating it okular: log poppler generator messages to specialized area okular: log position via kDebug() instead of qDebug() from epub generator okular: make use of KStringHandler::naturalCompare() in comicbook generator okular: make use of KTemporaryFile::filePath() okular: map the sound action volume to value appropriate for KAudioPlayer okular: merge OkularConfigureChecks.cmake into main CMKaeLists.txt file okular: multiply the size by 4 from SnapshotTaker okular: no style inherits KStyle okular: only UNIX-like Operating Systems are supported okular: pass the data size to the static QString constructor from epub generator okular: prepare for KDebug change okular: remove check for kpdfpartrc config okular: remove file printer leftovers okular: remove non-existing action in part.rc okular: remove now non-existing import_ps action from the part.rc okular: remove the part action to import PS as PDF okular: return fileData as is from Manifest::decryptFile() okular: rewrite snapshot taker to use KIO::PreviewJob okulars: skip some tests if there is no window manager okular: switch from poster to player when a mouse button is pressed and the current page is poster okular: tell the document to not by annoying in annotations test okular: use KTemporaryFile instead of QTemporaryFile in Movie constructor okular: use QTextCodec::codecForHtml() instead of QTextCodec::codecForUtfText() in markdown generator okular: use the new kspeech library for Text-To-Speech partitionmanager: do not use semantic markup in application name partitionmanager: remove unused qreadwritelock header inclusions partitionmanager: update dosfstools URL partitionmanager: update filesystem tools URLs partitionmanager: use fatlabel program from dosfstools to set the label of FAT16 filesystems thumbnailers: check if the attached pictures frame pointer is null in audio thumbnailer thumbnailers: copy the whole picture list instead of getting it twice in audio thumbnailer thumbnailers: minor review thumbnailers: new PDF-specialized thumbnailer with options thumbnailers: set the initial ps thumbnailer preference to 2 Changes to kde-l10n since 2022-05-12: bg: meta information translations generic: adjust to translation changes generic: bump required KDE4 version to 4.22.0 generic: drop support for building and installing from subdirectory generic: konsole and partitionmanager translations update generic: new home generic: regenerate generic: remove translations for removed projects generic: use the new kde4_optional_add_subdirectory() macro
Regata OS 22 (pt-BR) - Stable, version 22.0.7
2022-12-01 16:39: The Regata OS is a Linux kernel-based operating system focused on creators and players, as well as beginners in the personal computing world. The Regata OS is free and open source. Thanks to the community, it has evolved a lot. The Regata OS Store is one of the main differentiators of the Regata OS (when compared to other Linux distributions), a place where installation new applications is natural and intuitive, as happens when you want to get new extensions to your favorite browser or when want to get a new app on your Android smartphone, for example. With the Regata OS, you will have a new type of computer for everything that you love to do.
Xfce - 22.12
2022-12-01 14:00: Hello, I'm Xfce. The icon theme has been changed to Oxygen, which makes me feel somewhat refreshed. The icon on the start menu was also changed to the unique, so I will do my best from now on! I was the desktop flavour that was the most downloaded last month! Thank you to everyone who downloaded it! Look forward to seeing me again this month ♪
clonezilla_live_alternative_testing - 20221129-kinetic
2022-11-29 14:40: Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program similar to True Image®. It saves and restores only used blocks in hard drive. Two types of Clonezilla are available, Clonezilla live and Clonezilla SE (Server Edition). * Filesystem supported: ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, jfs of GNU/Linux, FAT, NTFS of MS Windows, HFS+ of Mac OS, UFS of BSD, minix of Minix and VMFS of VMWare ESX. Therefore you can clone GNU/Linux, MS windows and Intel-based Mac OS, no matter it's 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x86-64) OS. For these file systems, only used blocks in partition are saved and restored. For unsupported file system, sector-to-sector copy is done by dd in Clonezilla * LVM2 (LVM version 1 is not) under GNU/Linux is supported. * Multicast is supported in Clonezilla SE, which is suitable for massive clone. For more info about Clonezilla, including usage, installation and forum, please visit this website: https://clonezilla.org
winmerge-v2-jp - WinMerge 2.16.24+-jp-2
2022-11-28 22:30: No ChangeLog/ReleaseNote/Project Description written in this language. Please refer link bellow for other languages and/or other release informations.

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[Done] Maintenance for Infrastructure full replacement
2021-01-12 02:24: This maintenance has been completed at 18th Jan 08:30 UTC Thank you for your cooperation. All services of OSDN.net will be temporary unavailable on 18th Jan for infrastructure full replacement. Schedule: Services will be offline from 18th Jan 0:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC Affected services: All OSDN.net services include Web access, API, Shell, project web SCM etc... Various hosts IP addresses will be changed after the maintenance. Note: If you setup VHOST DNS etc uses A record (to use IP address directory insted of CNAME we recomenned), you will need to change them after the maintenance.
Mirroring feature of GitHub release to OSDN project storage is beta open
2020-05-25 01:05: Mirroring feature of GitHub release to OSDN project storage is beta open. Please refer this for more details.
Mirroring feature of GitHub release to OSDN File release is beta open
2020-05-07 02:13: Mirroring feature of GitHub release to OSDN File release is beta open. Please refer this for more details.
OSDN.net is Ending Ad Banners and Starting New File Synchronization Feature with GitHub
2020-04-27 07:01: We are proud to announce two major changes on OSDN.net. First, OSDN Division of Appirits Inc. has decided to put an overall end to ad banners that profit the OSDN.net administrator side. Also coming soon is a new synchronization feature with GitHub for File Release and Storage. Background In 2000 when the antecedent organization of OSDN was founded, there were three "D" s that were deemed inevitable for the open-source community to work on open-source development: Develop, Distribute, and Discuss. OSDN laid down a basic policy whose aim was to engage in activities to support the three "D"s. It has been over 20 years since then, and the environment surrounding open source has continued to change dramatically. Nonetheless, those three "D"s still remain to be important to the community even now. OSDN offers features that support the three "D"s to all the open-source-loving communities for free, and it is our essential policy to carry on with our commitment to support these activities. OSDN's activities of the last twenty years were supported by the revenues generated from the ad banners posted on OSDN.net. However, having seen problems after problems of inappropriate and fraudulent advertisements that occurred on our former partner site in the US, and being faced with the excessive evolution of AdTech, it is becoming more and more unavoidable to take actions to ensure privacy protection. It is also true that the ad banners that occupy so much of the space are making it difficult for us to provide ideal UX and UI. Even after our brand name was changed in 2015, OSDN.net has continued its steady and stable growth. Last month, OSDN.net recorded its highest number of unique users. Yet, Appirits Inc., who recognizes open-source technologies as the foundation of its business, figured that by making OSDN.net free of ad banners which profited the company, Appirits can exhibit its supportive stance toward the open-source community, and it is more important to further foster the growth and development of OSDN.net. Schedule for No More Ad Banners For about half of all the OSDN.net pages, ad banners will be removed immediately, which is scheduled to happen at the end of May. However, there are exceptions of some download pages (pages where downloading of files take place) that are allowed to continue posting ads. Please note that ad banners will continue to appear on OSDN Magazine for some time. Financial Support Offered to Open Source Projects Now here is the reason why there are exceptions to the no more ad policy. We have been offering financial support to some of the open-source projects as a part of our activities, and so we will continue to allow these projects to post ad banners only on their download pages. All the revenues that are generated from the ads posted on these pages will go to the open-source project side. Moreover, for projects whose scale has reached a certain standard, we are planning to create a mechanism that enables open-source projects to post ad banners or donation guide on their own. Synchronization Feature with GitHub for File Release and File Storage In May 2020, we are introducing a new sync feature with GitHub for File Release and File Storage. This new feature enables the target Release/Tag in the GitHub repository to be automatically synchronized to OSDN.net, and it is available for both File Release and File Storage. This allows users to simultaneously release software via OSDN.net global mirror network when there’s a new release on GitHub. - For File Release Feature: (Scheduled to) Start offering Beta on May 7, 2020. - For File Storage Feature: Start offering Beta in May 2020. (The exact timing will be decided after having examined the new feature on File Release.) Under the circumstances in which the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, Appirits recognizes that there are more and more roles that open source can and should play, and we will continue to commit ourselves to the growth and development of OSDN.net and support infrastructures dedicated to the open-source community. -- Shuji Sado General Manager of OSDN Div., Appirits Inc.
Starting the Global Version of OSDN Magazine
2020-02-26 14:19: We have set up a new column called OSDN Magazine, which delivers open-source related news. In the side header, there is a tab called Magazine, which you may have already notice. You will see some news articles there. We originally translated some open-source related news sites, like NewsForge and Linux.com, into a Japanese, and we ran a website centered on them. Still to this day, we run the website, which is called OSDN Magazine. Having such background, OSDN Magazine had been a website that only supports Japanese, but now we are determined to gradually globalize it. Currently, there are only few articles, but our plan is to offer more and more contents besides news articles in the future. OSDN Magazine https://osdn.net/mag/