Sparky Linux 6 Feather Edition 2021-04-19 07:22 (by maurosh)

TéléchargerSparkyLinux 6 (Po-Tolo) - Feather edition x86-64 2021
Pre-installed software:
-Redshift screen color temperature adjuster
-Mousepad text editor
-Firefox-esr web browser
-Mute e-mail client
-Xarchiver archiving tool
-Ristretto image viewer
-Xpdf pdf viewer
-Synaptic package manager with xapian index
-Mplayer media player
After installation edit/modify the file ~/.startup to enable bluetooth, touchpad options, keyboard layout etc.
Known bugs: After a succe...

Regata OS 2021-04-19 03:40 (by regataos)

TéléchargerThe Regata OS is a Linux kernel-based operating system focused on creators and players, as well as beginners in the personal computing world. The Regata OS is free and open source. Thanks to the community, it has evolved a lot.

The Regata OS Store is one of the main differentiators of the Regata OS (when compared to other Linux distributions), a place where installation new applications is natural and intuitive, as happens when you want to get new extensions to your favorite browser or when...

cygnus-android 2021-04-19 03:18 (by dhruvgera)


FCF 2021-04-18 23:47 (by v_o_markin)


In FCF, only the basic NODEJS modules are pre-installed and the code organization format of the main application file has been changed. And Fixes.

AdaVenture 2021-04-18 23:16 (by fastrgv)

Télécharger**ver 2.2.3 -- 18apr21**
* Improved movement, playability & random key locations ch3,ch4.
* Improved maps to show beetles' domain as well as possible key locations.
* Maze entrance now has Arabic warning, & Zoroastrian symbol.
* Trees now impenetrable.
The proper command to extract the archive and maintain the directory structure is "7z x filename.7z".
**ver 2.2.2 -- 10apr21**
* Improved castle exterior & lighting on interior alcove.
* Upgraded to glfw v3.3.4.
* Fixed ba...

Elephicon 2021-04-18 15:48 (by sprout2000)

LeafView 2021-04-18 15:20 (by sprout2000)

Internationalization GearHead-1 2021-04-18 00:03 (by g-hal)

TéléchargerNo ChangeLog/ReleaseNote/Project Description written in this language. Please refer link bellow for other languages and/or other release informations.


Escuelas Linux 2021-04-17 12:21 (by escuelaslinux)



The Developer Pack is an add-on that can be optionally installed in our distribution. It lets students and teachers have easy access to apps for the learning and development of Java, C, C++, and PHP. In this way, the students and teachers have now available a beautiful development and learning environment, ready to be used, as usual in all the apps included in Escuelas Linux.

Amarok Linux 2021-04-17 11:21 (by amaroklinux)


Amarok Linux est un système d'exploitation basé sur Debian où son objectif principal est d'être simple, complet et avec un look agréable pour les débutants ou les utilisateurs avancés. Il possède aujourd'hui l'une des plus grandes compatibilité matérielle et logicielle.

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