alisiOS 2019-11-11 21:06 (by ptrin)


a light simple '''opensuse'''

A breeze of tumbleweed - minimal live and rolling iso


Built with OSuse tools - KIWI - and only using official repos

:: '''alisiOS''' is a functional bare bones system that allows you to test, install or build your own '''tumbleweed''' using others DE, Games Steam, Kodi and all the great OpenSuse experience.

TiMidity++ 41 version 2019-11-11 20:27 (by starg)

TéléchargerTiMidity++ 41 version 41.3.11 (2019-11-11)An unofficial fork of TiMidity++, based on UnkoTim227.
Source code is available at https://osdn.net/projects/timidity41/scm/git/timidity41/.
InstallationSame as the usual TiMidity++.
Compiled with Visual Studio 2019. Please install Visual C++ redistributable packages.
How to use DLS.cfg file example:
bank 0
0 %dls "gm.dls" 0 0
How to use sfz.cfg file example:
bank 0
0 %sfz "KawaiUprightPiano-small.sfz"

AKARI 2019-11-11 09:00 (by kumaneko)


AKARI is Access Keeping And Regulating Instrument for Linux 2.6 and later kernels.

TOMOYO 2019-11-11 09:00 (by kumaneko)

CaitSith 2019-11-11 09:00 (by kumaneko)


CaitSith is "Characteristic action inspection tool. See if this helps." which supports Linux 2.6.27 and later kernels.


OpenMIDIProject 2019-11-10 14:27 (by kuzu)

TéléchargerHere making specialize in MIDI softwares and libraries.
Sekaiju : MIDI sequencer / editor software.
MIDITester : MIDI controller and keyboard software.
Auto Drum : Automatic drum peformance software.
MIDISelector : MIDI mapper selection software.
MIDIIOLibrary(DLL) : MIDI message input and output library.
MIDIDataLibrary(DLL) : MIDI data createing and editing library.
MIDIClockLibrary(DLL) : MIDI clock measurement library.
MIDIStatusLibrary(DLL) : MIDI module status keeping library.


MIDITrail 2019-11-09 17:35 (by yknk)



  • Keyboard display direction on Piano Roll Ring.
  • Processing to keep viewpoint when window size changed.

Fixed bugs

  • Assertion occurs in _controlfp_s when x64 debug configuration.
  • Exception occurs in "How to view" dialog when x64 debug configuration.

RebornOS 2019-11-09 13:20 (by rafael-uy)


Corrected the long wait after selecting the language of the installer (randomly error).



This application is based on floating-point image processing. It can simulate atomic resolution holography such as Photoelectron Holography, Auger electron Holography, Inverse-mode photoelectron holography, x-ray fluorescence holography. It can also reconstruct the atomic image from the measured/simulated electron hologram. However, the knowledge for the atomic resolution holography is required.

Fess 2019-11-07 13:12 (by shinsuke)

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