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LineageOS for the Motorola Moto g200 5G / Motorola Edge S30 (xpeng)

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This project is a conversion of the Forth Interest Group (fig) model Forth Language interpreter/compiler for the M6800 by Dave Lion, et. al., to the M68000 (ultimately, CPU native call architecture), the conversion performed by Joel Matthew Rees. このプロジェクトは Forth Interest Group (fig)提供の Dave Lion他作の M6800用の Forth プログラミング言語ひな形インタープリター・コンパイラーを Joel Matthew Rees が M68000 (最終的は元CPUコールアーキテクチャ)に移植及び実装を行う Forth 原語のインタープリター・コンパイラーです。

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OSDN uploader is a library and command for developers to create new "release" in specified "package" on OSDN file release feature, and to upload their arbitrary artifacts onto the specified "release".

Current project only have python version of the tool.

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DocuBox is a swiss army knife for document solution. It is a single binary that has multiple document solution commands internally. The project name is borrowed from a famous BusyBox.

BusyBox combines many tiny unix commands into single binary, and installed with many names by symbolic links. It run for its name,

DocuBox combines several python document solution commands into single binary, When rename or link the binary as sphinx-build, it behave sphinx-build command. When rename or link the binary sa mkdocs, it behave mkdocs command. It runs document solution commands on Windows, Linux and OS X with a single-file standalone binary.

DocuBox is also a docubox binary generator. It can generate ducubox binary for the platform built on. We build it with PyInstaller.

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