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2019-03-03 18:09
I work on a surface pro 4 (i7 16 ram) machine from Microsoft and Rome is great but touch technology does not work wha...
2019-03-03 06:38
My Android R1 crashes. right after the installation it works. Google chrome and playstore crash as soon as I start in...
2019-01-25 23:22
Add the firmware for the touchscreen of the Teclast X98 Plus II. It is already supported by the Linux kernel, only th...
2019-01-21 01:50
I've been trying out various versions of Android-x86 and they all pretty much connect with my normal AT Translated Se...
2018-10-20 23:57
After installing either the Android X86 or x86-64 8.1 images into a Virtualbox virtualmachine, startup hangs (often p...

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2019-02-24 11:35

Great project so far; however I am having trouble installing custom Japanese....

2019-02-23 16:22


2019-02-16 01:12

Packard Bell dot a. The 32bit version works well but the video hd works very....

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2017-07-30 21:23

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