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Commit MetaInfo

Révision536818d17a25f7c8751bf3f437f9a00d3f5cfba5 (tree)
l'heure2017-10-19 08:41:05
AuteurSanket Padawe <sanketpadawe@goog...>
CommiterJaekyun Seok

Message de Log

Fix VTS test which turns off radio.

Since the purpose of most of the test cases in current VTS is to check
if proper errors are returned and there is no crash seen in vendor code,
updating setRadioPower test case to turn on the radio instead of
turning off. We want to avoid test cases which turn off
radio or leads to modem shut down as those test cases affect other tests.

Test: VTS
Change-Id: I4fb9f18884f7ef21162015a0032c4431444f7025
Merged-In: I4fb9f18884f7ef21162015a0032c4431444f7025
Bug: 65230472
(cherry picked from commit 9a721b808743069fc26d6cf226595e2823e347a6)

Change Summary


--- a/radio/1.0/vts/functional/radio_hidl_hal_misc.cpp
+++ b/radio/1.0/vts/functional/radio_hidl_hal_misc.cpp
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ TEST_F(RadioHidlTest, getOperator) {
7070 TEST_F(RadioHidlTest, setRadioPower) {
7171 int serial = GetRandomSerialNumber();
73- radio->setRadioPower(serial, 0);
73+ radio->setRadioPower(serial, 1);
7474 EXPECT_EQ(std::cv_status::no_timeout, wait());
7575 EXPECT_EQ(RadioResponseType::SOLICITED, radioRsp->rspInfo.type);
7676 EXPECT_EQ(serial, radioRsp->rspInfo.serial);
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