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Révision l'heure Auteur
ee1555b froyo-x86 android-x86-2.2 android-x86-2.2-r2 2010-08-11 19:43:43 Kenny Root

Update to r512

Add a description for the service

f5ad025 2010-07-07 17:57:58 Chih-Wei Huang

fix a linking error on froyo

b1571c0 2010-07-07 17:56:45 Kenny Root

Update to r505

Refactor the way connection notification works

62f7ef4 donut-x86 2010-03-16 10:53:58 Kenny Root

Update to r493

Fix inverted logic for in-memory key use

bbd639a eclair-x86 2010-03-05 22:05:55 Chih-Wei Huang

merge from donut-x86


546d9cd 2010-03-05 21:58:02 Kenny Root

Update to r482

Make sure EastAsianWidth JNI is working before using it.

6be3fe6 2010-03-05 21:17:03 Kenny Root

Update to r452 (1.6.0 release)

789f5cf 2010-03-05 21:16:51 Kenny Root

Update to r443

Update target API to 6 (SDK 2.0.1)

a295669 2010-03-05 21:09:27 Kenny Root

Update to r427

Use ASE's JNI Exec code

Eclair has removed android.os.Exec from the code base, so use Android
Scripting Environment's JNI Exec code to enable local shell on 2.0

d7f9f30 2009-12-10 12:18:24 Chih-Wei Huang simplify the rules by calling build-third-party-package

bfb0caa 2009-11-30 19:49:13 Chih-Wei Huang

Fix compiling issue on eclair

397d4d0 2009-11-20 02:27:16 Chih-Wei Huang

Update translations (r421)

62856dc android-x86-1.6 2009-10-20 12:43:00 Chih-Wei Huang

Update to r417

Remove status bar shadow from top of console


1936a0c 2009-10-02 14:18:28 Chih-Wei Huang

Initial import from (r416)

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