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oreo-x86 4276bf0 2018-06-12 15:32:03 Chih-Wei Huang Avoid annoying crashing on ...
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Fluoride Bluetooth stack

Building and running on AOSP

Just build AOSP - Fluoride is there by default.

Building and running on Linux

Instructions for Ubuntu, tested on 15.10 with GCC 5.2.1.

Install required libraries

sh sudo apt-get install libevent-dev

Install build tools

  • Install ninja build system

sh sudo apt-get install ninja-build

or download binary from

  • Install gn - meta-build system that generates NinjaBuild files.

Get sha1 of current version from here and then download corresponding executable:

sh wget -O gn<gn.sha1>

i.e. if sha1 is "3491f6687bd9f19946035700eb84ce3eed18c5fa" (value from 24 Feb 2016) do

sh wget -O gn

Then make binary executable and put it on your PATH, i.e.:

sh chmod a+x ./gn sudo mv ./gn /usr/bin

Download source

sh mkdir ~/fluoride cd ~/fluoride git clone

Then fetch third party dependencies:

sh cd ~/fluoride/bt mkdir third_party git clone git clone git clone git clone

And third party dependencies of third party dependencies:

sh cd fluoride/bt/third_party/libchrome/base/third_party mkdir valgrind cd valgrind curl | base64 -d > valgrind.h curl | base64 -d > memcheck.h

Fluoride currently has dependency on some internal Android projects, which also need to be downloaded. This will be removed in future:

sh cd ~/fluoride git clone git clone git clone

Configure your build

We need to configure some paths to make the build successful. Run:

sh cd ~/fluoride/bt gn args out/Default

This will prompt you to fill the contents of your "out/Default/" file. Make it look like below. Replace "/home/job" with path to your home directory, and don't use "~" in build arguments:


Build arguments go here. Examples:

iscomponentbuild = true

is_debug = false

See "gn args --list" for available build arguments.

libhwincludepath = "/home/job/fluoride/libhardware/include" coreincludepath = "/home/job/fluoride/core/include" audioincludepath = "/home/job/fluoride/media/audio/include" ```

Then generate your build files by calling

sh cd ~/fluoride/bt gn gen out/Default


sh cd ~/fluoride/bt ninja -C out/Default all

This will build all targets (the shared library, executables, tests, etc) and put them in out/Default. To build an individual target, replace "all" with the target of your choice, e.g. ninja -C out/Default net_test_osi.


sh cd ~/fluoride/bt/out/Default LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./ ./bluetoothtbd -create-ipc-socket=fluoride

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