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Description du projet

Free and Open Source RTOS for micro controllers. The OS is a complete development environment for modern MCU including a RTOS kernel, an HAL for peripherals abstraction and all the required support software. A full development environment based on Eclipse is also provided.

Système requise

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Livrée : 2019-03-11 21:49
ChibiOS GPL Stable 19.1.x (4 files Cacher)

Notes de release

*** 19.1.2 *** - NEW: Modified AES GCM function signatures. - NEW: updates to MFS from trunk code. - NEW: updates to test library from trunk code. - HAL: Added H753 to all H7 mcuconf.h files. - FIX: Fixed MPU setup missing on thread start (bug #1027). - FIX: Fixed invalid I2C4 DMAs for STM32F76x (bug #1026). - FIX: Fixed invalid STM32_UART7_RX_DMA_CHN for STM32F469 (bug #1025). - FIX: Fixed invalid EXTI registry constant for STM32L4+ (bug #1024). - FIX: Fixed missing RTC definitions in STM32L1xx registry (bug #1023). - FIX: Fixed missing EXTI driver integration on some platforms (bug #1022).


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