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Would not install. (2010-04-08 10:08 by kpm #49960)

1. I downloaded CrystalDiskInfo onto my Dell workstation having two SATA drives. I ran the installer CrystalDiskInfo3_5_5a-en.exe. The installer self terminated one second after launch. It did not install.

2. FYI. I downloaded CrystalDiskInfo into my very old Gateway workstation. This time the installation was successful; however, the Gateway has SCSI drives that are not supported by the ATA spec or CrystalDiskInfo. The important thing is the installer software worked perfectly on this computer.

Is there something I must do to get CrystalDiskInfo to install on the Dell?

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RE: Would not install. (2010-04-09 17:13 by hiyohiyo #49993)

The installer of CrystalDiskInfo does not support a part of envrionment. For example, the drive is created by "subst".
Please put CrystalDiskInfoXXXX-en.exe on C:\ and launch it. If it does not install, plesase use zip version (
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