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New software: HDD Guardian (SMARTCTL based) (2012-09-17 09:40 by mkanet #65530)

Has anyone seen HDD Guardian? Is it using SMARTCTL backend. It has a couple of more features than CrystalDiskInfo and has nicer looking System Tray Icons.

Feature requests:
1. I really like the Theme, Colors, and system tray icons in HDD Guardian. Could you please add a new CrystalDiskInfo theme similar to HDD Guardian; especially the nice System Tray Icons of HDD Guardian.

2. Could you please offer the ability to enable/disable SMART and related SMART features in Crystal Disk Info; same as HDD Guardian/SMARTCTL?

Screenshot of HDD Guardian:

Re: New software: HDD Guardian (SMARTCTL based) (2015-06-12 00:48 by mark_robinson #76313)

now the other adware is booming

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