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Takeda Toshiya氏による、エミュレータコレクション、Common Source Code Project ( http://homepage3.nifty.com/takeda-toshiya/ )をQtに移植した …だけではなく、富士通FM-8/7シリーズのコードを積極的にContribしています。

上流は、 https://github.com/Artanejp/common_source_project-fm7

Système requise

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Livrée : 2018-01-13 16:00
csp-qt TESTRELEASE 2018-01-13 FM7 JCOMMCARD (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release

This is test release. This contains "Japanese Communication board"(日本語通信カード) emulation. This also contains UART emulation. Please check if you have ROM image. See fm7.txt and fm77av.txt . Jan 13, 2018 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>


commit b534e95b101befaf4e9b9354709212eb11090436 Author: K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com> Date: Sat Jan 13 03:58:11 2018 +0900

FM7JCOMMCARD Add test program.Use asl ( http://john.ccac.rwth-aachen.de:8000/as/ ) to make from source code.

commit e429f1244ac31b4e30c9128a700dd0e306fd9f8d Author: K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com> Date: Sat Jan 13 01:08:23 2018 +0900

VMFM7 Use JCOMM CARD's KANJI-ROM if don't connect KANJI ROMs.

commit 295d097b374d4878e233f89b1e86f9e37fc77f3e Author: K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com> Date: Sat Jan 13 01:07:36 2018 +0900

VMFM7 Add UARTs.RS-232C, MODEM and MIDI.Temporally implements.

commit 167cce6ad2525b18fd7ddbf85f6172fb242fd5ec Author: K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com> Date: Fri Jan 12 19:39:48 2018 +0900

VMFM7JCOMMCARD Fix lacked registers.

commit 2a60871aab0225594173d177d00c57f8967491bd Author: K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com> Date: Fri Jan 12 18:58:53 2018 +0900

VMFM7 Add Japanese communication board (日本語通信カード) . VMFM7 Add turning ON/OFF Z80 extra board.