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Takeda Toshiya氏による、エミュレータコレクション、Common Source Code Project ( http://homepage3.nifty.com/takeda-toshiya/ )をQtに移植した …だけではなく、富士通FM-8/7シリーズのコードを積極的にContribしています。

上流は、 https://github.com/Artanejp/common_source_project-fm7

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Livrée : 2018-09-30 21:16
csp-qt SNAPSHOT 2018-09-30 (5 files Cacher)

Notes de release

* Qt porting and FM-7/77/AV/AV40/EX for Common Source Code Project **

September 30, 2018
K.Ohta (whatisthis.sowhat _at_ gmail.com)


This package is Qt5 porting of Common Source Code Project (CSP) and built with Qt5, for Windows, built with MinGW(32bit).

Source Code:

Additional INFO:

Binaries will be available, distibute from osdn.net. See, https://osdn.net/projects/csp-qt/ and

Released at:


Common Source Code Project (CSP) is good emulator writing. It also distributed with GPLv2, this is good for me.

But codes are specified to M$ Visual C. I'm using GNU/Linux, and I starting to apply FM-7(or later).

So, I start to port to GNU/Linux and using Qt4/Qt5.

What you need at least:

a. Qt5 (neither Qt3 and Qt4) toolkit: Qt5.3 or later.

b. Some OpenGL implementation, maybe at leaset OpenGL v2.x .

c. gcc / g++ (5.0 or later? ) or llvm clang / clang++ (3.5 or later?) toolchain.

d. SDL2 (not SDL1.x).

e. CMake 2.8 or later.

f. Needs ffmpeg.See https://ffmpeg.org/ .

g. FFMpeg has bundled only for Win32.Please install for other OSs if not working.

h. Built with Qt5.5 (for Ubuntu 16.04LTS) or Qt 5.10 (for Win32 and Debian/Sid).

i. Now, changed default drawing infrastructure to OpenGL ES2.You can change --opengl option via comman line (or GUI).

* TIPS: If emufoo.exe don't show screen drawing, set environment variable QT_OPENGL to software (i.e. Using Windows as VirtualBox's gueat OS).

3.How to build:

After extracting (or git pulled) sourcecodes:

$ cd {srctop}/source/build-cmake/{Machine name}/

$ mkdir build

$ cd build

To configure:

$ cmake ..


$ ccmake ..

To build:

$ make

To install:

$ sudo make install

4.Qt specified notice:

・Config file (scancode.cfg and foo.ini) has placed (moved) to
"~/.config/CommonSourceCodeProject/emufoo/" (for Windows, ".\CommonSourceCodeProject\emudfoo\" ).
・BIOS, WAVS, BINS and SAVED STATES have placed (moved) to
"~/CommonSourceCodeProject/emufoo/" (for Windows, ".\CommonSourceCodeProject\emudfoo\" ).
・All of recorded products (PNG Screenshots, MOVIES, SOUNDS)
have *temporally* written to "~/.config/CommonSourceCodeProject/emufoo/" (for Windows, ".\CommonSourceCodeProject\emudfoo\" ).
・Added ToolTips and Japanese translations.(2017-01-24) ・Place R@Ms under $HOME/CommonSourceCodeProject/emu{Machine Name}/ , this directory has made
after first using.
・Config file, {foo}.ini is written on $HOME/.config/CommonSourceCodeProject/emu{Machine Name}/ . ・Saved state file, {foo}.sta is written on $HOME/CommonSourceCodeProject/emu{Machine Name}/ . ・Key code conversion file is written on $HOME/.config/CommonSourceCodeProject/emu{Machine Name}/scancode.cfg .
This file contains comma separated fields, written at hex-decimal (not decimal),
first is M$ Virtual Key Code, second is Qt's scan code.
・Common UI components (at src/qt/gui ) are moved to shared lib. libCSPgui.so . ・Installer (bash) script is available now; src/tool/installer_unix.sh . ・When you place specified WAV files(differ per VM) same directory as ROMs, you can sound sounds: i.e. FDD seek, CMT relay and buttons.


a. I tested to build only under Debian GNU/Linux "sid",Ubuntu Linux 16.04LTS "Xenial" for AMD64 (x86_64) and MinGW with GCC6 (Windows 32bit).

But, perhaps, will succed to build another GNU/Linux OSs or BSD OS variants.
    • On windows, using MinGW is already okay, but not tested drawing.
    • Cross building with GNU/Linux's MinGW32 and Qt5.5.1 (for MinGW) is available. Modify and use build-cmake/config_build_cross_win32.sh and related *.cmake files.
    • And, you can also build with M$ Visual Studio 2013 or 2015.

b. Now, I using Qt5 as toolkit, because authors of Qt announced "Qt4 is obsolete, will be updated no longer".

c. All of virtual machines are already ported to Qt (On Oct 29, 2015).

d. Now using GCC-6.1 with Link Time Optimize to build for distrubuted binaries.

e. Implemented socket, networking for MZ-2500, but, not tested yet (;´Д`)


Project Page:

Upstream (Takeda Toshiya San's original code):

Special thanks to:

Ryu Takegami-san, to assist debugging FM-7/77/AV/40/EX . Haserin-san, to assist debugging FM-7/77/AV/40/EX .


* To see older changes, read ChangeLog and 000_gitlog.txt.

* SNAPSHOT September 30, 2018

  • Upstream 2018-09-30 .
  • General/I18N Update Japanese translations.
  • FMGEN Initial implementation of OPN2 (YM2612) from OPNA.
  • VM/FMTOWNS WORKING IN PROGRESS, WILL NOT BUILD due to still implement partly.
  • Built with ecf1a85f48bd98c353ea90bc3a0a49ff100b9af4 (or later).

-- September 30, 2018 17:40:12 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

Upstream changes: * To see older upstream's changes, read history.txt.


COMMON/FILEIO improve Fseek for compressed file by gzip EMU improve to mount/unmount hard disk image in reset() if not hot swappable EMU/DEBUGGER add commands for checkpoint EMU/DEBUGGER improve to read/write files in initial current directory

VM/DISK improve for case 2D disk is inserted to 2DD drive (thanks Mr.Sato) VM/HARDDISK support Virtual98 hdd image VM/HARDDISK improve for solid image file VM/IO improve debug log VM/MSM58321 fix pulse event (thanks Mr.Artane.) VM/SCSI_DEV add is_hot_swappable VM/SCSI_HDD improve to mount/unmount image in reset() if not hot swappable VM/SASI_HDD support SASI hard disk drive VM/SN76489AN fix save/load state function VM/UPD71071 fix verify command

FM77L4 add eFM77L4 codes (thanks Mr.Artane.) MZ80A improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ80B improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ1500 improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ2500 improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ2800/FLOPPY improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ2800/SASI support SASI I/F and HDD (partial) PC98XA support NEC PC-98XA PC9801/MEMBUS fix save/load state function X1TURBO/FLOPPY improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type (thanks Mr.Sato)

Have fun! -- Ohta.

** Qt porting for Common Source Code Project **

September 30, 2018

K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat _at_ gmail.com>

* If you can't read Japanese, read readme.qt.txt .

0. 概要

このパッケージは、Common Source Code Project (以下、CSP) をQt5に移植したものです。 バイナリはGNU/Linux(64bit)用とMinGW (32bit Windows)用を 用意しています。 ソースコード:
追加情報:  各機種バイナリーは、osdn.net もしくはミラーサイトより入手可能です。  https://osdn.net/projects/csp-qt/


  GNU/Linux(amd64) :


英語の上手い方、校正などお願いします m(_ _)m

1. 背景

CSPは、非常に優れた構造のエミュレータです(しかし、些か重くてコンパイラ がいい最適化をしないと重めですが)。 しかし、このコードはM$ Visual C++依存の部分が非常に多いです。 そこで、GNU/Linuxでこれを動かすためにQtに色々と移植していきましょう。 と言う感じで作業をはじめました。

2. 最低限必要なもの(Qt版)

    1. Qt5 ツールキット。Qt 5.5以降を推奨します。
    2. OpenGL, 多分、最低OpenGL 2.1は必要です。(注:ひょっとしたら、OpenGLES2以降ならば動くように変えるかも知れない)
    3. gcc / g++ (5.0以降?)もしくは llvm clang / clang++ (3.5以降?) コンパイラツールチェーン。
    4. SDL2 (SDL 1.xではないので注意)
    5. CMake 2.8以降。
    6. ffmpegから、libavとlibswが必要です。 http://ffmpeg.org/ より。
    7. ffmpegは、Windowsに関してはバンドルしてありますので、動かない時はインストールしてみてください。
    8. Qt5.5(Ubuntu 16.04LTS向け)もしくはQt5.10(Win32とDebian GNU/Linux sid向け)でビルドしてあります。
    1. 表示基盤のデフォルトが、OpenGL ES2.0になりました。コマンドラインオプション --opengl で変更が可能です(--helpで参照)
    • Windows もしくは GNU/Linux のcross tool chain (要Wine)で、MinGW (gcc6) と Qt 5.10 でのビルドができることを確認しました。
    • TIPS:
      • Windows等で動かした時に、画面の書き替えが表示されない場合は、環境変数 QT_OPENGL を software にしてみてください。(例えば、 WindowsをVirtualBoxのゲストで使ってる場合など)
      • Windows版バイナリには、ソフトウェアレンダリングのopengl32.dllが添付されてますが、最近のパソコンの専用GPUドライバなら、 もっと程度のいいOpenGLが入ってるはずです。 添付版opengl32.dllを適当な名前に変更して動くかどうか試してみて下さい。

3. ビルドの方法

ソースコードを解凍するか、git clone / pull した後で: $ cd {srctop}/source/build-cmake/{Machine name}/ $ mkdir build $ cd build To configure: $ cmake .. or $ ccmake ..
To build: $ make
To install: $ sudo make install

4. Qt固有の話

    • 設定ファイル(scancode.cfg と foo.ini)は、"~/.config/CommonSourceCodeProject/emufoo/" (Windowsの場合は".\CommonSourceCodeProject\emudfoo\" ) におかれます(移動しました)。
    • BIOSや効果音WAVやセーブステートは、、"~/CommonSourceCodeProject/emufoo/" (Windowsの場合は".\CommonSourceCodeProject\emudfoo\" ) におかれます(移動しました)。
    • 全ての記録物(スクリーンショットや動画や録音WAV)は、*当面の間* "~/CommonSourceCodeProject/emufoo/" (Windowsの場合は".\CommonSourceCodeProject\emudfoo\" ) におかれます。
    • ToolTipsを付けました。(2017-01-24)
    • 日本語に翻訳しました。(2017-01-24)
    • キーコード変換テーブルファイルが、$HOME/.config/CommonSourceCodeProject/emu{Machine Name}/scancode.cfg に書き込まれます。 書式は、カンマで区切られた16進データです(10進ではないので注意) . 1カラム目はM$ ヴァーチャルキーコード。 2カラム目はQtネィティブのスキャンキーコードです。
    • UI部分の共通コンポーネント (src/qt/gui) を共有ライブラリlibCSPgui.soにまとめました。
    • インストール用のBASHスクリプトを用意しました。src/tool/installer_unix.shです。
    • ROMと同じところに、特定のWAVファイル(VMによって異なる)を入れると、FDDのシーク音やテープのボタン音・リレー音を鳴らすことが出来ます。
    • ローマ字カタカナ変換支援機構が一部の機種に実装されてます。romaji_kana.ja.txt をお読みください。

5. 移植状況

a.現在、Debian GNU/Linux "sid"と、Ubuntu Linux 16.04LTS "Xenial"
の AMD64版でしかテストしていません。
 が、多分他のGNU/Linux OSやBSD系のOS (Mac含む) でもビルドすれば  動くでしょう。
Windows もしくは GNU/Linux(要Wineとbinfmt-support)上でのMinGWと Qt community edition でのビルドが通るようになりました。
    1. 今は、Qtの開発側が「Qt4おわりね」とアナウンスしたので、Qt4ではなく Qt5を使っています。 添付してあるバイナリは、Qt 5.5でビルドしました(が、Qt 5.1以降なら動くはずです)。
    1. Linux用ビルドでは、GCCをリンク時最適化(LTO)モードで使っています。
    2. MZ-2500のソケット機能を実装してみていますが、マトモにテストできてません(;´Д`)

6. Upstream repositry:

7. Project Page:

8. Upstream (Takeda Toshiyaさんのオリジナル)

Special thanks to:

Ryu Takegamiさん : eFM-8/7/77/AV/40/EX のデバッグに協力していただいています。 はせりんさん : eFM-8/7/77/AV/40/EX のデバッグに協力していただいています。


* 前の変更点をお読みになる場合には、ChangeLogと000_gitlog.txtをお読み下さい。

* SNAPSHOT September 30, 2018

  • Upstream 2018-09-30 .
  • General/I18N Update Japanese translations.
  • FMGEN Initial implementation of OPN2 (YM2612) from OPNA.
  • VM/FMTOWNS WORKING IN PROGRESS, WILL NOT BUILD due to still implement partly.
  • Built with ecf1a85f48bd98c353ea90bc3a0a49ff100b9af4 (or later).

-- September 30, 2018 17:40:12 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

本家の変更: * 前の変更点をお読みになる場合には、history.txtをお読み下さい。


COMMON/FILEIO improve Fseek for compressed file by gzip EMU improve to mount/unmount hard disk image in reset() if not hot swappable EMU/DEBUGGER add commands for checkpoint EMU/DEBUGGER improve to read/write files in initial current directory

VM/DISK improve for case 2D disk is inserted to 2DD drive (thanks Mr.Sato) VM/HARDDISK support Virtual98 hdd image VM/HARDDISK improve for solid image file VM/IO improve debug log VM/MSM58321 fix pulse event (thanks Mr.Artane.) VM/SCSI_DEV add is_hot_swappable VM/SCSI_HDD improve to mount/unmount image in reset() if not hot swappable VM/SASI_HDD support SASI hard disk drive VM/SN76489AN fix save/load state function VM/UPD71071 fix verify command

FM77L4 add eFM77L4 codes (thanks Mr.Artane.) MZ80A improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ80B improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ1500 improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ2500 improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ2800/FLOPPY improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type MZ2800/SASI support SASI I/F and HDD (partial) PC98XA support NEC PC-98XA PC9801/MEMBUS fix save/load state function X1TURBO/FLOPPY improve to switch 2D/2DD drive type (thanks Mr.Sato)

お楽しみあれ! -- Ohta.


*** If you want to know full changes, please read 000_gitlog.txt and history.txt. ***

* SNAPSHOT September 30, 2018

  • Upstream 2018-09-30 .
  • General/I18N Update Japanese translations.
  • FMGEN Initial implementation of OPN2 (YM2612) from OPNA.
  • VM/FMTOWNS WORKING IN PROGRESS, WILL NOT BUILD due to still implement partly.
  • Built with ecf1a85f48bd98c353ea90bc3a0a49ff100b9af4 (or later).

-- September 30, 2018 17:40:12 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT August 07, 2018

  • Upstream 2018-05-24 .
  • VM Use VM_TEMPLATE, META-Class of VM::
  • VM/FM7 Clear OPN/WHG/THG interrupt on resetting. Fix freeze when resetting after using RELICS.
  • VM/FM7 DISPLAY: Not use CLR_HACK for MC6809 and delay using CLR to set busy flag.May be working MAGUS.Thanks to Anna_Wu.
  • VM/MC6809 Remove dirty CLR insn hack.
  • VM/DEVICE Add DEVICE:: to libCSPcommon_vm.
  • UI/QtBUG Fix crash with using LaserDisc(s).
  • Qt/OpenGL Initial support of OpenGL 4.3 Core profile.
  • Qt/OpenGL OpenGL 4.3 : Upload SCREEN using glMapBuffer().
  • Qt/OpenGL Use template class instead of GL2.0.
  • UI/Qt Separate some command line parsing to sub-routines.
  • BUILD/WIN32 Update toolchain to Qt5.11.1.
  • BUILD Set SOVERSION and GIT hash automatically.
  • Built with df3888ca1199c6f75c1500dbb479d152ba6e2ad0 (or later).

-- August 07, 2018 12:53:45 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT July 13, 2018

  • Upstream 2018-05-24 .
  • STATE Apply new state save/load framework.See doc/a_new_state_save_load_framework.ja.txt (still only written in Japanese).
  • STATE Use CRC32 protection to data.
  • STATE Add header per devices.
  • EMU/STATE Enable to Gzip'ed state saving / loading.
  • CONFIG/Bug I forgot change top default of renderer. X-)
  • VM/X1 Copy VRAMs to shadow data at starting a frame.Reduce flickering a lot.
  • VM/PC9801 DISPLAY: Keep memory switch settings (saved to MEMSW.BIN).
  • VM/I386 Remove compiler warning conversion float64 (a.k.a UINT64) <-> double.
This still not regard when sizeof(double) != sizeof(UINT64).
  • VM/FM7SOUND/BEEP Set samplerate to 6000Hz.Simplize logic.
  • VM/DATAREC Fix crash at removing CMT when not stopping to play.
  • VM/DATAREC Fix crash with MZT data.
  • VM/NOISE Adjust endian of WAV data.
  • VM/NOISE Fix infinity loop with corruptWAV data.
  • VM/MC6809 Collect CPU statistics always, printing is controlled by menu immediately.
  • VM/Z80 Add collecting cpu status feature for Z80.
  • OSD/SOUND Qt: Fix hang-up with resetting at some situations.
  • COMMON Fix buffer overflow around strncpy().
  • COMMON Add pair16_t and pair64_t.
  • COMMON Add immediate value functions for pair_t.
  • COMMONVM/Qt Add common wav-loading / saving helper functions to common.cpp .
  • COMMON Update min() and max().
  • FILEIO Add FILEIO::Fflush().
  • FMGEN/PSG Fix weird noise generation for SSG/PSG.
  • FMGEN/OPNBASE Force to calculate frequency factors around prescaler when OPNBase::LoadState().
Fix wrong sound after loding state.
  • FMGEN/OPNA Fix infinity loop at loading rhythm WAVs.
  • FMGEN/OPNA Adjust endian of WAV data (maybe).
  • Qt/OpenGL Fix buffer overflow when changing VM's screen size.
  • Qt/Bug Remove using_flags->get_config_ptr()->foo.
  • Qt/MAIN LOGGER: Fix crash on exit.
  • Qt/LOGGER CSP_Logger makes daughter of QObject.Add messaging slot entry.
  • Qt/LOGGER Use QVector insterad of QQueue to reduce CPU usage.
  • Qt/LOGGER Bug: Logging all devices.
  • Qt/OpenGLES TRY: Reduce power consumption.
  • Qt/OpenGL Prepare to use OpenGL 4.x (CORE).
  • Qt/OpenGLES Prepare to use OpenGL ES 3.1.
  • Qt/OpenGLES Delete condition branch in shader, use #ifdef and const values.
  • Qt/OpenGL Re-Add screen rotate.
  • BUILD/CMAKE Add "USE_SANITIZER" and "USE_STACK_PROTECTOR" entries to buildvars_foo.dat.tmpl
to detect wrong usage of variables / protect from stack overflow.
  • BUILD/CMAKE FM7: Not build IO::, this is not used.
  • Qt/WIN32 Move config and logger to inner pointer, now, libCSPavio is separated to single DLL.
  • Qt/WIN32 Move CSP_Logger to libCSPemu_utils.foo.so|dll from libCSPgui.foo.so|dll .
  • WIN32 Update cross build script.
  • Built with 9275209c6bed03ccd06716a486e29451c446751d or later.

-- July 13, 2018 13:09:15 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT May 16, 2018

  • Upstream 2018-05-06 .
  • EMU Remove unneeded functions for only Qt version.
  • Qt/OpenGL Add OpenGL ES2 renderer.Still not display.
  • Qt/Draw Use Semaphore instead of mSecs waiting.Expect to improve real-time-drawing on multi thread.
  • Qt/AVIO Fix FTBFS with FFMPEG 4.0.Will be needed to apply to new API.Will fix.
  • Qt/FM8 Fix number of bubble-casette: Start from 0, not 1.
  • Qt/COMMAND_LINE Add --opengl , --envvar and --dump-envvar .
  • Qt/OSD Fix around moving mouse pointer.
  • Qt/UI Not reset slot number when opening disk.
  • Qt/UI Fix around mouse problems.
  • Build/CROSS Add cross-compiling scripts and patch(es) to build Qt5.10.
  • VM/MB8877 Keep command phase even changing (or removing) disk.Fix booting RELICS for FM-7 with single FDD drive.
  • VM/MB8877 Reaset track (per drive) on reset.Fix booting RELICS for FM-7 with two FDDs.
  • VM/MB8877 Check head loading READ/WRITE command.
  • Win32 Built with Qt 5.10 and Angle-project's OpenGL ES2 renderer.
  • Built with cf31c26aab576798a073e5d523bfc21b2091fd76 or later.

-- May 16, 2018 18:09:00 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Mar 26, 2018

  • General/Qt Add some command line options.
  • COMMON/FM7 Add DECL_VECTORIZE_LOOP decl. to indicate expect to use vectorize (a.k.a. SIMD instructions).
  • VM/MB8877 Fix verify timing on SEEK command.Fix not booting Sylpheed for FM77AV.
  • VM/MC6809 Fix clock using.
  • VM/EVENT Specify CPU per VM.
  • VM/FM7 Use template and static_cast<T *> to expect to be faster.
  • VM/FM7 Add Green display for FM-7/8/77 .
  • VM/FM77L4 Add FM77L4.Maybe 400lines board still not working.
  • Qt/SCREEN Add turning on/off virtual media Icons on screen (OSD).
  • MOVIE_LOADER Fix scaling factor.Displaying video as correct width and height.
  • MOVIE_LOADER Fix hang up at end of video.
  • Built with f8f16ac6f19fe2dcab250ad50d96cf0b30c8903e or later.

-- Mar 26, 2018 01:34:20 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Mar 04, 2018

  • Upstream 2018-03-01 .
  • Thanks to Ryu Takegami and Haserin for eFM-7/77/AV/AV40/EXand eFM8.
  • GENERALEMACS Add .dir-locals.el and vs-set-c-style.el .
  • UIQt Fix issues for ROMAJI-TO-KANA conversion.
  • UIQtDRAW Add drawing to separate-thread or combined.
  • UIQtDEBUGGER Fix crash/lockup with closing debugger window.
  • UIQtDEBUGGER Remove debugger_thread.cpp|h due to integrate to EMU::open_debugger() and EMU::close_debugger().
  • QtWINDOWSDEBUGGER Fix crash when exitting emulator.
  • QtWindows Prepare to parsing command line.
  • QtLOGGER Fix locale for time-string.
  • EMU Remove FM-7 specific hack.
  • OSDQt Fix not setting device name to logger.
  • OSDQt Use Recursive-Mutex instead of Semaphore.
  • EMUQt Use recursive mutex to lock key-in queue.
  • UIQtFM7 Add "SYNC TO HSYNC" entry also FM-7/77/8.
  • VMFM7 Framerate should be 55.40fps when 400line (8colors) mode.Add supporting SUPPORT_VARIABLE_TIMING.
  • VMFM77 Enable to boot OS-9 L1/L2 for FM-77 with 2HD FDD.Thanks to Haserin a lot.
  • VMFM7 Fix FRAMERATE.Fix flicking with YS2 (/AV).
  • VMMC6809 Fix around extra_iclock.Maybe fix around accessing wait.
  • VMMC6809 Fix halt sequence.
  • VMMC6809 Add SIG_CPU_WAIT_FACTOR. This is setting wait factor (65536 = 1wait per clock, 0 = non wait).
This is ugly hack due to not permited to modify clock for CPU#0 by scheduler. See FM7_MAINMEM::setclock() at vm/fm7/fm7_mainmem.cpp for details.
  • VMMC6809 Add correcting cpu statistics per 16 frames.
  • VMMB61VH010 Drop unused variables.
  • VMMB61VH010WIP Adjust sequence of BUSY flag with line.
  • VMMB8877 READ SECTOR: MAKE IRQ and UPDATING STATUS after reading CRC bytes.This modifying needs for FM-77 using NMI as MB8877's IRQ. Thanks to Haserin.
  • VMMB8877 Fix seeking sequence. Thanks to Haserin.
  • VMMB8877 Track-verifying may be before execute command.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • VMMB8877 Fix wait value when end of seek and verify.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • VMFM7MAINMEM More accurate wait implementation.
  • VMFM7KANJIROM Fix wrong save state.
  • VMFM7DISPLAY Not use event_vline() as determine H/V SYNC.
  • VMFM7DISPLAY Use event_frame() to kick VSTART.Not loop.
  • VMFM7DISPLAY Duplicate palette (pixel) value at VSYNC.
Fix rendering with DRAGON BUSTER, LUXOL and more softwares.
Fix display noise at 256k colors mode on Win32 Host.
Fix hang-up resetting after checking keyboard interrupt at mainio.
  • VMFM7KEYBOARD Fix initial key code value.
  • VMPYUTA PYUTA has no state save/load.
  • Built with 7c0c0657f8f726e7aa86ace64777036e1cca4ce4 and later.

-- Mar 04, 2018 11:22:02 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Feb 16, 2018 FM7 TEST1

  • Upstream 2017-12-27 .
  • This is test release. Will re-write articles in this entry to next official release.
  • VM Add eFMNEW7.
  • VM/FM7UI/FM7 MAINMEM: Re-order bank of bulk BOOTROMs.Thanks to HASERIN.
IMPORTANT: Re-order boot entries within MENU dynamically.

This is compatibility with older settings. GUI's menu (for eFM8/eFMNEW7/eFM7*) must change order of boor menu entry.

  • VM/FM77 Add ON/OFF extra RAM.
  • VM/FM77AV Add to use dictionary board for FM77AV/20/EX.
  • VM/FM77 BUG: I mistaken to connect motor line for 2HD FDD, I connected 2D FDD (;´Д`)
  • VM/FM77 2HD: Fix DRQ->FIRQ handling.Wish to BOOT 2HD OSs.
  • VM/FM77AV DISPLAY: Do not reset interrupt masks at reset on sub-system.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • VM/FM77AV MAINMEM: More simple inside structure for PAGE2.
  • VM/FM8 Change default frequency to 1.0MHz.Thanks to Haserin.
  • VM/FM8 Fix RS232C #1(COM0:) can't remove from maim board.Thanks to Haserin.
  • VM/FM7/JCOMMCARD Abndon use JIS78 emulation.
  • VM/FM7/KANJIROM Abndon use JIS78 emulation.
  • VM/BUBBLECASETTE Improve status register.Thanks to Haserin and Ryu Takegami.
  • Special thanks to Ryu Takegami, to assist debugging FM-7/77/AV/40/EX/8 .
  • Special thanks to Haserin, to assist debugging FM-7/77.AV/40/EX/8.
  • Built with commit bc517f5638b4f5612cc075e0f4d9278220eab4fc or later.

-- Feb 16, 2018 06:02:49 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Feb 11, 2018

  • Upstream 2017-12-27 .
  • CONFIG IMPORTANT: Now, "~/emufoo/" moved to "~/CommonSourceCodeProject/emufoo/"

(or ".\CommonSourceCodeProject\emufoo\" ).

Please move settings to here.
  • CONFIG IMPORTANT: Now, "~/emufoo/foo.ini" has moved to "~/.config/CommonSourceCodeProject/emufoo/"

(or ".\CommonSourceCodeProject\emufoo\ at Windows").

Please move ini and scancode.conf to new place.
  • UI/Qt Add option: Emulate cursor keys as "2468" or "1235".
  • UI/KEYBOARD Add option, "Numpad's Enter is Fullkey's".Useful for FM-77AV series, etc.
  • UI/VM MB8877/T3444/uPD765A: Add ON/OFF debug logging for FDCs.
  • Qt/EMU Seriarize queueing both KEY_DOWN and KEY_UP.
Expect to fix key-in issues with slower host machine.

See https://matsuri.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/i4004/1483504365/841 .

  • UI/Qt BUG: Fix crash with BOOT_MODEs >= 8.
  • UI/Qt FM7: Extend boot menu.
  • UI/KEYBOARD Update VM table.
  • UI/KEYBOARD Fix load/save sequence of scancode.cfg.
  • UI/Qt Update translate for menu.Split section per menu-bar-entry.
  • MENU/Qt DISK: Fix not affect of some entries:"Correct disk timing","Ignore CRC error" and "Immediate transfer".
  • Draw/OpenGL FM77AV: Fix blinking with some situation.
  • VM/MC6809 Fix around CWAI with interrupts.
  • VM/MC6809 Make set/reset E flag at interrupt.
  • VM/MC6809 More accurate emulation(maybe).
  • VM/MC6809 Fix clock count with some situation, FM-8/7/77/AV don't need dummycpu.
  • VM/FM7 Remove DUMMY CPU.Reduce host-cpu usage a lot.
Related to commit a4e1a7cfef59e08f31675c6608871068d3f2c4ef.
  • EMU/FM7 emu.cpp : No longer use hack with some VMs.
  • VM/FM7 KEYBOARD: Keep BREAK key when special reset (hot start).
  • VM/FM7 MAINIO: Reduce hitting PCM1BIT:: when not sound buzzer.
  • VM/FM7 DISK: Fix RPM value of 2D/2DD drive to 300rpm.
  • VM/FM7 Read some (bulk) roms for FM-8/7/NEW7/77.This is WORK-IN-PROGRESS.
  • VM/FM8/FM77 Add delay FIRQ/NMI from 2HD/SFD FDC.This is temporally implement.
  • VM/FM8 MAINIO: Move FM-8 specified features to FM8_MAINIO:: .
  • VM/FM77 Add initial support of 2HD (for FM-77).
  • VM/FM77 Fix access around BOOT-RAM.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • VM/FM77 Extra memories should start $00000, not $10000.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • VM/FM77 Fix wrong answer at $FD04.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • VM/FM77AV DISPLAY: Separate event process around VSYNC/HSYNC.
  • VM/FM77AV40 Fix FTBFS with Fedora linux.
  • VM/FM77AV40EX Do not effect offset registers to VRAM-ACTIVE-BLOCK 1.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • VM/MB8877 No need to hack with PSY-O-BLADE for FM77AV.This is test delete.
  • VM/MB8877 Force down DRQ when LOST-DATA happens.
  • VM/MB8877 Fix not read status data at the endof SEEK and verifying.
  • VM/MB8877 Update structure of MB8877->fdc.
  • VM/MB8877 Try: Improbe result quality of FORCE_INTERRUPT command.
I expect to boot OS-9 Level1 for FM-77 with 2HD drive.Thanks to Haserin-san.
  • VM/DISK Fix default value ignore_crc_error and correct_disk_timing (mostly "to false").
  • DOC Add README.md (written in Japanese) and README.en.md (written in English) for GITHUB's cover page.
  • Special thanks to Ryu Takegami, to assist debugging FM-7/77/AV/40/EX/8 .
  • Special thanks to Haserin, to assist debugging FM-7/77.AV/40/EX/8.
  • Built with commit 221fcef002f101b8dffd2a63edfc11a86e2c688a or later.

-- Feb 11, 2018 02:29:55 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Jan 19 2018

  • Upstream 2017-12-27 .
  • EMU Add set_vm_screen_lines(int lines) to notify changing vertical resolution
to OSD and Hardware-Renderer(for scan lines). See vm/fm7/display.cpp .
  • VM Add EMU::set_vm_screen_lines() to some VMs.
  • UI/Qt Add "Click On Focus" feature option.This don't need to mouse-over to input from keyboard if set.
  • VM/FM7 Add Japanese communication board (日本語通信カード) .
  • VM/FM7 Add turning ON/OFF Z80 extra board.
  • VM/FM7 Add UARTs.RS-232C, MODEM and MIDI.Temporally implements.
  • FM7/JCOMMCARD Add test program.Use asl ( http://john.ccac.rwth-aachen.de:8000/as/ ) to make from source code.
  • VM/FM7 Use #define to define name of firmwares.
  • VM/FM7 KANJIROM: Add JIS78 patch mode.From XM7 3.4L77a.
  • VM/MB8877 Not clear status when force-interrupt with TYPE-1 Command(seek etc).
Fix (Add hack) for FUKU*.d77 (えびふく's music disks for FM-7).
  • VM/MB8877 Fix DRQ/IRQ timing.
  • VM/MB8877 Make IRQ with disk not inserted or not connected when processing command(s).
  • VM/MB8877 Make turning ON IRQ and turn OFF DRQ when seek completed.
  • VM/MB8877 Adjust track parameter at initialize and CMD::RESTORE .
  • VM/MB8877 OS-9 Level2 for FM77AV40 Works.
  • VM/HD6844 FM77AV40EX has only one DMA channel.Not multiple channels.
  • VM/HD6844 HD6844 has only a one interrupt line, not multiple.
  • VM/HD6844 Rename drq_line to busreq_line.
  • Special thanks to Ryu Takegami, to assist debugging FM-7/77/AV/40/EX .
  • Built with commit 9376345bc1270e2a76db816636b645e744d09e82 or later.

-- Jan 19, 2018 01:49:25 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Jan 04 2018

  • Upstream 2017-12-28 .
  • Qt/FM-7 Windows: Fix not effect keyin with "\_" for *native* Windows.
  • RES/FM7 Fix drive number:Should not start from "FD1", should start from "FD0" for FM7/8 series.
  • VM/MC6809 More accurate emulation around interrupt.
  • VM/FM7 Z80: Implement interrupt features.
  • VM/FM7 Merge Ryu Takegami's fixes.
  • FM7/DISPLAY Fix around KANJI ROM access flag by sub system.Expect to fix OS-9 L2 for AV40.
  • FM7/DISPLAY Fix display flag on reset.
  • FM7/MAINMEM Fix clock parameter with some situation.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • VM/MB8877 Fix freezing with OS-9 with 2DD drive/image.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.
  • Qt/DEBUGGER Not push empty string.
  • BUILD Read from templete if config (buildvars.dat etc) has not exists.
  • VM common.h : Not has <typeinfo.h> excepts VC++.Recommend to use <typeinfo> .
  • BUILD/CMake GNU/Linux: Add fallback LIB directory feature for library installation.

-- Jan 04, 2018 11:59:54 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Dec 10, 2017

  • Z80 Card with FM-8/7/77 Series test.
  • This release package is only with some VMs.
  • VM/FM7 Initial support of extra Z80 card.
  • VM/MC6809 More accurate emulation around HALT/BUSREQ and INT.
  • VM/MC6809 You should'nt use bus_halt, use bus_ba (bus available) and bus_bs (bus status).
  • VM/MC6809 Split interrupt sequence, to indicate bs bus as interrupt or sync_in.
  • Built with commit c15048ee4635d4413887c2b8374a488a566e63cb or later.

-- Dec 10, 2017 19:55:30 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Dec 04, 2017

  • Upstream 2017-12-03.
  • VM/MC6809 Fixing hangup with F-BASIC v3.0ε.Thanks to Ryu Takegami-San.
  • VM/FM7 DISPLAY: Implement software scan line(s).
  • VM/FM77AV VRAM: More use SIMD to be faster. VM/FM7 Try: Add suuporting for OPpenMP.But be slower than not using OpenMP (/_;)
  • Build with commit 9eb246b375699752a898d8be79a227f58e473d8e (or later).

-- Dec 04, 2017 19:29:05 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Oct 18, 2017

  • Upstream 2017-08-12.
  • VM/FM7 FLOPPY: Fix crash when starting.
  • Build/CMAKE Fix FTBFS with USE_COMMON_DEVICE_LIB != "Yes".
  • Build/WIN32 MinGW: Add new cross-build script for FFMPEG-3.4 and x264-152.
  • Build/Linux Add "COMPRESS_SYMBOLS" flag to configuration.
  • BUILD/Linux Don't use LTO for shared libs, use compress symbols.
  • BUILD Fix FTBFSs a lot.
  • DOC Rename LICENSE to LICENSE.txt due to coflict to doc/license directory.This is important to release for M$ Windoze OS.

-- Oct 18, 2017 16:33:58 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Aug 11, 2017

  • Upstream 2017-08-10.
  • EMU/ROMAKANA Fix not convert with Qt.Use functions within EMU:: , not use original ROMAKANA functions.
  • VM Add PC-9801RA and PC-9801VX.
  • VM Add devices to libCSPcommon_vm mostly.
  • VM Fix FTBFS and bugs a lot.
  • VM/FM7 Stop using DUMMYDEVICE:: . Use VM::get_extra_leds() to get led status.
  • VM/MB8877 DISK:Fix not apply workaround to Gambler Jiko Chusin-ha for FM-7 series.
  • VM/DATAREC Fix crash with MZT data.
  • Qt/UI OpenGL: Display ICONs when accessing to virtual medias.
  • Qt/UI Separate status bar display:Accessing to virtual medias.
  • Qt/UI Menu: Make macro to be easier constructing.
  • Qt/UI Ui_MainWindowBase:: Make private variables/functions not accessed from Ui_MainWindow:: .
  • Qt/UI Display LEDs with USE_EXTRA_LEDS or USE_KEY_LOCKED.See common/emu_thread.cpp for details.
  • Qt/UI Fix some memory leaks.
  • Qt/OpenGL Fix aspect ratio with some zoom type.
  • Qt/FM7 Fix wrong scaling at VMs (only FM-8/7/77/AV) has only 200line (not have 400line).
  • BUILD/CMake CCACHE: Fix SEGFAULT at linking after upgrade GNU toolchain.
  • Build with 04e08d2708a595c518ae0bd92c1713e1854c4310 (or later).

-- Aug 11, 2017 23:38:49 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT HOTFIX1 May 18, 2017

  • MSX FIX only release.
  • VM/MSX I missed changes; using v9938.cpp instead of v99x8.cpp .
  • BUILD Add comments to buildvars*.dat.tmpl .
  • BUILD/Ubunts16.04LTSV9938 Fix internal compiler error with gcc-5.
  • Build with 2d337bdf6eb8a168efa1e219d81bb007da5e9d65 (or later).

-- May 18, 2017 19:13:23 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT May 18, 2017

  • Upstream 2017-05-15
  • General Rename "emumsx2plus" -> "emumsx2p".
  • UI/Qt Fix unconnected event.
  • UI/Qt I forgot to add a "*.gz" extension to opening of Cartridges, CDs and Binaries.
  • OSD/Qt Add *_features_* functions. It needs for *NEW* device emulation.Pls. port to win32/ .
  • EMUQtMOUSE Fix not effect with button-up.
  • VM LibCSPcommon_vm : Without #ifdef.
  • VM LibCSPcommon_vm : Add some devices.See src/vm/common_vm/CmakeLists.txt .
  • VM Fix FTBFSs with LLVM (4.0).
  • VM/MC6809 Build shared library without libnewdev/. Use vm/mc6809.cpp and vm/mc6809_debugup.cpp . See, fm7.cpp.
  • VM/FM7 Faster address transferring.
  • VM/DEVICE You should add "DECVICE::initialize()" to top of initialize().
  • VM/DEVICE Move some devices to shared lib.
  • VM/DEVICE Split MSM5832:: from MSM58321:: .
  • VM/M6502 Split M6502 to N2A03 and M6502.
  • VM/MB61VH010 Expect to be faster rendering.
  • VM/MB61VH010FM77AV Re-order addrsss of read_data8() and write_data8(). You must re-build some VMs (FM77AV series etc.)
  • CONFIG Fix over loop.
  • Build with 8067b89f01c21ee29c1b4bb4af8e7c112f88577c or later.

-- May 17, 2017 22:52:55 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT April 09, 2017

  • Upstream 2017-04-02
  • General Add National JR-800.
  • UI/Qt Move drive status from status-bar to right dock.
  • FILEIO Fix FTBFS with ZLIB 1.2.8 or earlier.
  • VM/General EMU/COMMON : Fix bugs around handling filename and directories.
  • VM/General common.cpp : Use buffer sized functions for some string functions.
  • VM/FM77AV DISPLAY: HSYNC:Don't register event(s) per HDISP.
  • VM/FM7 DISPLAY: Reduce address calculation.
  • VM/FM7 DISPLAY: Fix auto skip feature.
  • VM/FM7 Use function table(s) to access memories within display sub-system and main-system.
  • VM/FM77AV40EX Fix wrong display timing.
  • Build/CMake Add supporting for ZLIB.
  • BUILD/LINUX Fix linking order.
  • General/BUILD Linux: Use -D_UNICODE to build.

-- Apr 09, 2017 23:04:45 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT March 07, 2017

  • Upstream 2017-03-04
  • VM Some devices have prepared to move to libCSPcommon_vm .
  • VM/FMGEN Move FMGEN to libCSPfmgen .
  • WIN32 Ready to build with DLLs contain GUI and AVIO and some features.
  • BUILD Selectable building.
  • BUILD Add logging build-status.
  • Qt Fix break device files when exiting emulator with some situations.
  • Win32/OpenGL/WIP TRY: Fixing crash with OpenGL3.0 at Corei5-2420M (and Windows7) PC. See Issues.txt or Issues.ja.txt.
  • DOC Update Issues.See http://hanabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/i4004/1483504365/30 .
  • EMU/DEBUGGER Use pthread_t instead of SDL_Thread.
  • Qt/OSD Remove do_call_debugger_command().
  • SOUND/VM Fix choppy sounds with some devices. i.e. PCM1BIT. Thanks to Takeda-San and Umaiboux-San.
  • VM/FMGEN Fix crash with GCC-5.This is issue of optimization, add "volatile" to any member(s).
  • Built with 2dac70eb1743e2a0b778a57a1f520fce59aa6371 or newer.

-- Mar 07, 2017 15:55:25 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT January 30, 2017

  • Upstream 2016-12-31
  • VM/SOUND Fix problems voice with PCM (at least MSX and FM-7(Reviver)).

. * VM/MB8877 Fix accessing 2D disk from 2DD mode drive (not 2D mode).

Fixed booting issue of REVIVER for FM-7/77/AV with FM77AV40/EX/SX.
  • Draw/Qt Fix wrong aspect when using variable screen size.i.e.)emufm7/emufm77av40ex.
  • UI/OpenGL Add selection of draw infrastracture; OpenGLv3(MAIN) and OpenGLv2 (and OpenGLv3.2(Core): Still not implemented).
  • Qt/OpenGL Fix backgrounds not display at one-board-computer drawing with OpenGLv2.
  • Qt/LOG Enable syslog *truely*.
  • Built with cef2d4601438fd1fa680485ddba3434690e58451 or newer.

-- Jan 30, 2017 05:04:55 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT January 24, 2017

  • Upstream 2016-12-31
  • UI/Qt Add tooltips to menu entries mostly.
  • UI/Qt Add Japanese translations to menu entries mostly.
  • SOUND Add "Strict Rendering" entry to sound menu, for PCM1BIT device.
  • VM/FM7 Fix crash without connecting FDDs.
  • VM/UPD7752 Fix (´∀`)<ぬるぽ sometimes.
  • DRAW/FM7 Fix wrong screen aspect on VMs without variable lines.
  • Build/Linux Fix scripts.
  • Build/Linux Fix crash built with gcc-5 (or earlier). Fixed for Ubuntu16.04LTS.
  • Build/Linux Separate builds both Debian/sid and Ubuntu/16.04LTS (expects to work with Debian/stable).
  • Built with 6e93d6920626193bf37fa6dfc2f41a8e84d8fd78 or newer.

-- Jan 24, 2017 01:06:26 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT January 06, 2017

  • Upstream 2016-12-31
  • Add Coleco Colecovision and SHARP SM-B-80TE (from upstreeam).
  • FM7 Reduce graphic buffer for non-400 lines machines.
  • WIN32/Qt Cross-Build Qt libs: disable EGLFS (not EGL).
  • Qt One board computers: Read correctly background PNG even using indexed colors.
  • Qt/GL One board computers: Correctness drawing with GL3.0.
  • Built with 9bfdcc78ff194a934a2d57ce6d4f1cbec9f26a58 or newer.

-- Jan 06, 2017 19:56:37 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT November 21, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • Linux Build with Qt 5.5.1 . Abondon Qt 5.3 (If you need, build with your Qt or use binary of qt.io build version.)
  • OpenGL Add Television like rendering to some machines. Needs OpenGL3.0 or upper.
  • OpenGL Isolate both GL3.0 and GL2.0.
  • OpenGL Improve internal of GLDraw and GLDraw_foo class.
  • Built with 73358d8563543f1a0d860794a2f5c83cecb0d533 or newer.

-- Nov 21, 2016 16:29:24 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT October 27, 2016

-- Oct 27, 2016 17:01:21 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT October 18, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • VM/EVENT Sound devices: Do mix_sound() dynamically, not do per a sample:
  • To reduce usage of host CPU. See event.cpp|h and device.h .
  • VM/FM7 Non-FM77AV*: Fix not clear active_page, fixed crash randomly.
  • Built with 004920711399d430ead55e59c948e7fb7a04a402 or later.

-- Oct 18, 2016 11:22:05 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT October 10, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • VM Add pseudo sounds (i.e. FDD seek), need sound files (even not WAV file at Qt porting), see doc/VMs/foo.txt .
  • VMDATARECFDCs Update STATE_VERSION of some devices.
  • VM/FM7 VRAM: Make gcc using SIMD (when optimize options have set) to be faster rendering.
  • VM/X1,FM7 load_state(): Keep backward compatibility to SNAPSHOT 20160923.
  • VM/EVENT Extend permitted sound events to 32 to use sound files (reserved feature).
  • VM/EVENT Update MAX_SOUND from 8 to 16.
  • Qt/GUI Win32: Fix crash launching with gdb/Mingw32 or gdb/Cygwin. See http://hanabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/i4004/1430836648/750 .
  • Build/Linux Fix wrong flags with LTO.
  • Build Non-Win32 : Ready to build with llvm clang (later than 3.7?).
  • Build/GENERAL Separate compiler depended params to source/build-cmake/param/ .
  • Build with commit d100ae8323d6657fe37ac44a69abc8da470b77ad (or later).

-- Oct 10, 2016 05:22:18 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT September 23, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • DOC Translated some documents written in Japanese only to English using Google-Translate, still not enaugh to be corrected.
  • Qt/WIN32 Fix crash on startup (maybe true) caused by (´∀`)<ぬるぽ ヽ(・∀・)ノ┌┛ガッΣ(ノ`Д´)ノ
  • VM Add original name and role to all device and VM components.
  • VM/FM7 JOYSTICK: Fix not redirect triggers.
  • VM/FM7MB8877/DISK Workaround for RIGLAS/FM-7. Perhaps, below have side-effect, add special-disk to RIGLAS FM. ** Don't "NOT READY" even stopping motor. ** Transfer even stopping motor.
  • EVENT Remove logging on cancel event.
  • Qt/Debugger Not hang-up when Opening debugger and exit emu{foo}. This is temporally workaround.
  • Qt/Debugger Don't close with close button, this is temporally workaround.
  • UI/Qt Fix selecting printers.
  • VM/PC9801 Add prepairation of using ITF ROM, this is still only preparation.
  • Built with GIT 8cdb1dbebf95d7371e514886c23edc6c9401848a (or later).

-- Sep 23, 2016 19:48:12 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT September 09, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • LOGGER Add extend logger.
  • LOGGER/Qt Rename agar_logger.cpp|h to csp_logger.cpp|h .
  • VM Ready to enable log per device.
  • VM Update emu->out_debug_log to DEVICE->out_debug_log .
  • UI/Qt Add log viewer window.
  • Qt/EMUTHREAD Move commonly blocks to gui/ .
  • Qt/KEY Use queue for keyin/out.
  • VM/OSD Add socket (networking) featuers, but still not test (;´Д`)
  • VM/FM77AV MB61VH010 : Faster drawing lines.
  • VM/FM7 MAINIO: Comment out logging around FIRQ, temporally.
  • OSD/KEYBOARD Fix handling around SHIFT for some machines(i.e. PC8801).
  • MOVIE_SAVER Use SIMD to transfer a picture OSD(VM)->MOVIE_SAVER .
  • DOC Update updtream's URL, moved to takeda-toshiya.my.coocan.jp .
  • Built with GIT 1884b5247665d71c06fc6590b17434c5f3350ad5 (or later).

-- Sep 09, 2016 01:02:51 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT August 19, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • WIN32 Replace libICU to homebrew, fix not starting.
  • OSD/MOVIE_SAVER Fix frames to enqueue to MOVIUE_SAVER, as if VIDEO FPS >= RECORD FPS.
  • MOVIE_LOADER Sync A/V on playing MOVIE.
  • Built with GIT 77380a77b25ca06965b912c84509e5c91085aeb1 (or later) .

-- Aug 19, 2016 23:12:36 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT August 15, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • OSDMOVIE_SAVER Maybe correctness frame(s) counting with 60fps ヽ(=´▽=)ノ
  • MOVIE_SAVER Fix sometimes crashing when stop to save movie.
  • PX7/MOVIE_LOADER Sound Laser Disc, but not be smooth.
  • MOVIE_SAVERPC8801PC9801 Adjust sound frequency when OVERRIDE_48000Hz , still choppy.
  • Built with GIT 3f4c809912dc92cdeb34d8ecdebe0087aa7f37b3 (or later) .

-- Aug 16, 2016 02:40:55 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT August 09, 2016

-- Aug 10, 2016 01:42:51 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT July 25, 2016

-- Jul 25, 2016 21:59:41 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT June 29, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • Build with FFMPEG 3.0.2 supported libmp3lame.
  • MOVIE_SAVER/Win32 Fix wrong value of left frames for audio when stopping to record.
  • OSD/Qt Fix wrong FPS with not drawing.
  • Build with 3752c12b4b08f9910f3e3b6ad6f7dfbd76342cbb (or later).

-- Jun 29, 2016 13:05:15 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT June 21, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • Build with FFMPEG 3.0.2 supported libmp3lame.
  • Linux Build with qt.io's official Qt 5.3.1 expect to work with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Debian 8 "Jessie".
  • MOVIE_SAVER (Maybe mostly?) Fix asynchronous both video and audio.
  • MOVIE_SAVER Add libmp3lame and vorbis (disable from UI) for audio codec.
  • Qt Not linking config and using_flags directly from libCSPgui , libCSPavio and libCSPosd .
  • MOVIE_SAVEREMU Fix stop/restart recording movie when changing/ejecting CARTRIDGEs.
Now, don't stop when changing/eject cartridge.
  • MOVIE_SAVER Re-enable (and selectable) H.264 for video codec.
  • Build with 85c331b7635ca713e819218b86d65a877b7478f3 (or later).

-- Jun 21, 2016 01:07:44 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT June 18, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Build with FFMPEG 3.0.2 .
  • MOVIE_SAVER More safer open/close.
  • MOVIE_SAVER Fix deadlock when closing movie.
  • MOVIE_SAVER Selectable both MPEG4v1 and H.264(libx264) for video codec.
  • MOVIE_SAVERQt Temporally set video-codec to MPEG4 (not AVC). This is issue of discard frames with libx264 by ffmpeg's libavcodec/libavformat. This seems to be ffmpeg's issue, not my program.
  • Build with 629f7d70816c04b38c3ab8cc277147a6bd2c2d2a (or later).

-- Jun 18, 2016 03:32:06 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT June 11, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Use osdn.jp to distibute binaries. https://osdn.jp/projects/csp-qt .
  • MOVIE_SAVER Use ffmpeg internal aac codec, because faac or fdk_aac are not *Free* .
  • VM/MOVIE_SAVER Fix stopping when changing cartridge, now refer to upstream (split movies).
  • Qt/Win32 Fix not work with WindowsXP, using homebrew version of ffmpeg-2.8.7.
  • Build with 89d31ce8daa733ea4a0c38f0a1890d3a0fcfce38 (or later).

-- Jun 11, 2016 05:09:55 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT June 09, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Now, all of binaries are built with ffmpeg-2.8.7 at GNU/Linux, with ffmpeg-3.0 at Windows.
  • Please read README.ffmpeg.txt .
  • FM7/Disk Add exceptions for Xanadu Scenario 2, this has not booted with changes 49dceaca9401d3c6037cb51ec013ca032ff0e83c .
  • Build with 64df71cd492be91289f883224640f42cace090ed (or later).

-- Jun 09, 2016 05:50:50 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT June 08, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Add movie saver, using libav with x264.
  • Now, all of binaries are built with ffmpeg-3.0.
  • Build with 2142d5c7426e21cfeedbaea0450f238f8b4d7d38 (or later).

-- Jun 08, 2016 07:34:45 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT May 23-2, 2016

  • Win32 binary only RELEASE
  • Fix unable to run with some natibve Windows environment.
  • Build with c1448dc84f5439c7c8931614a8397dbefb6383da .

-- May 24, 2016 22:42:00 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT May 23, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Win32 Now built with -msse -msse2 . You can run only later than Pentium4 .
  • Move FILEIO:: FIFO:: COMMON:: to libCSPemu_utils .
  • Make OSD:: to inherited by OSD_BASE:: .
  • Win32 Disable LINKFLAGS with "-static-libgcc -static-libstdc++" to reduce size of executions, now, bundled libstc++ is for gcc-5 .
  • Win32/Build Support build with MSYS2 (but not display because MSYS2's Qt was build without OpenGL).
  • Linux Build shared libraries with Link-Time-Optimize, reduce size of libs.
  • X1/VM Configurable buttons for X1/Turbo/Turbo Z.
  • FM7/FDC Set MB8877_NO_BUSY_AFTER_SEEK. Fixed unable to boot OS0. Thanks to Anna_Wu.
  • FM77AV/MB61VH010 ALULINE: Reduce CPU usage (at delta X > delta Y).
  • UI/Qt/DRAW Fix crash sometimes when exit emulator.
  • Build with 1c1ddc85dfa7456b1ce48662c2e2930dcc4fc9d8 (or later).

-- May 23, 2016 02:22:07 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT May 11, 2016

  • Merge upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Move more files to libCSPgui , includes FILEIO, FIFO, COMMON, draw_thread , joy_thread and main().
  • Now SONAME of libCSPgui to 1.1.x .
  • FM77AV/MB61VH010 Fix bugs within ALULINE now, Sylpheed and demonstration of FM77AV (not AV40) works fine.
  • FM7/KEYBOARD Add auto stop key (using 8 or 5).
  • FM77AV/KEYBOARD Add hidden buzzer and features for AMNORK.
  • FM8 Fix not booting from floppy, thanks to Anna_Wu.
  • FM7/FM8 Add "Connect 320KB FDD"
You should check this at first when using FDDs.

-- May 11, 2016 12:18:17 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Apr 28,2016

  • Merge upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • General Fix save/load state.
  • General Build with GCC6 for GNU/Linux .
  • General Build with "-g -O3 -fvect-cost-model=dynamic -ftree-vectorize", not with "-g -Og" .
  • FM77AV Fix not repeating with scan key mode, fixed YS2.
  • FM7/Display VRAM: Fix positioning of wrote line .
  • FM77AV/Display Fix "Sync to HSYNC", mostly has no filckerings.
  • FM7/Display Fix rendering algorythm (to be better rendering quality).
  • FM77AV40/Display Qt: Fix variable resolution ; wrong display (not VM) size with resetting. i.e:) When resetting with 4096 colors mode, height of display was half size (to display, but within VM, right size).
  • FM77AV/Keyboard Fix lockup some situations.
  • Qt/Sound Fix wrong balance and volume after re-starting. i.e:) With 0db and panning to right, and re-starting, volume and balance hasn't kept.

-- Apr 28, 2016 01:53:55 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Apr 09, 2016

  • Merge upstream 2016-04-01 .
  • General Add upstream newbie VMs: YALKY, PC-2001 and SMC-70.
  • *nix Separate UI component to shared lib named libCSPgui (and re-factor src/qt/gui and src/qt/common .
  • BUILD/GCC Compile with -O3 for libCSPgui .
  • *nix Add a installer script.
  • Note: VMFM7WIP Fix still not working some software without re-construct VMs at FM-7/NEW7/77.
  • Built with commit 3297e37e10c8b57a1bd0378b55ccd6eccd6d82b9.

-- Apr 09, 2016 00:16:14 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Mar 25, 2016

  • Merge upstream 2016-03-17 .
  • FM7 Fix some weird works (i.e: not booting DEATH-Force) without construct VM twice, now construct VM a time.
  • UI/PCENGINE Add support CD-ROM2 (but not tested yet, I don't have any image).
  • VM/MB8877 Probe some status via read_signal().
  • BUILD/GCC Use -Og instead of -O3.
  • UI/MZ3500/HC80/QC10 Fix not set dip-switches.
  • UI/JOYSTICK Support Label of buttons.
  • UI Add supporting printers with more VMs.
  • UI/MZ80 Enable select PCG-800/1200.
  • UI/MZ700 Enable select PCG-700.
  • VM/FMGEN PSG: Fix volumes are not independed via another PSG/SSG devices. Thanks to umaiboux.
  • VM/FM-8 Add support Bubble Casette, this is not complete implement , but seems to work.
  • Built with commit 34fb5d731eccd3601a7587657ccb1eb22404045b.

-- Mar 25, 2016 13:26:17 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Mar 11, 2016

  • "Pray for all people injured by Great East Japan Earthquake"
  • Merge upstream 2016-03-05. Fix some FTBFSs with SCSI and FMR30/50.
  • Menu/Qt Fix some unification spells at menu, thanks to Anna_Wu.
  • UI/Qt Add icons a lot, from mate-icon-theme source package @ mate-desktop.org.
  • UI/Qt Working "Paste from clipboard" with CR/LF. Thanks to http://hanabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/i4004/1430836648/528 .
  • Win32 Fix character encoding at logging. Thanks to Thanks to http://hanabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/i4004/1430836648/528,530 .
  • Qt/Sound Update sound volume setting dialog.
  • Qt/BMJr Fix not input some keys with Qt.
  • FM7 Detect 太陽の神殿 for FM-7 series to correct transfer timing automatically.
  • VM/FM7 Fix some software has not booted, need to (destruct and) re-construct VM class before loading. See constructor of emu.cpp .
  • Fix bugs a bit.
  • Built with commit cc9a6b95d3ee6765a3b9d8befe9243a1522032ac or later.

-- Mar 11, 2016 04:56:20 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Mar 04, 2016

  • Merge upstream 2016-03-01. Applying new APIs.
  • FM8 Fix wrong sequence of selecting BOOT ROMS when reading/writing $FD0F, Thanks for Anna_Wu .
  • UI/Qt Re-Working "Paste from clipboard", apply to new APIs.
  • UI/Qt Fix character encoding of config file
when not using UTF-8 as local encoding.
  • General Enable to build with LLVM Clang at least 3.7. Another
versions are not tested yet.
  • More usable dialog for setting sound volumes.
  • Fix debugger a bit.
  • Built with commit 2fc557e88d2715f5fda328ecf38af4b81714b81e or later.

-- Mar 04, 2016 22:56:53 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Feb 26, 2016 HOTFIX 1

  • FM7/77/8 Fix reset sequence of PSG/OPN/WHG/THG. This fixes lower tone of PSG with FM-7/77.
  • Built with commit 2e87abcb02cee28532215484517d999b561817a3 + .

-- Feb 27, 2016 01:37:13 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Feb 26, 2016

  • Merge upstream 2016-02-26.
  • Windows: Fix wrond key conversion from SCAN to VK.
  • Enable to build within native Windows host with MinGW.
  • Debugger: Fix weird command interpreting.
  • FM7: Fix wrong key assigning.
  • FM7/6809: Fix wrond debugger APIs.
  • Help Menu: Add FAQs and about settings of BIOS and Key assigns.
  • Add documentation how to build.
  • Built with commit 82115ccfbcd6c8493933e518779c1d7f70940c9f or later .

-- Feb 27, 2016 00:13:09 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com> * SNAPSHOT Feb 25, 2016

  • Merge UPSTREAM 2016-02-21.
  • Support NEW APIs.
  • Qt: Add dialogs: Key definition and Joystick Definition.
  • FM7: Add support printers; Dumb printer and Dempa Shimbun-sha's Joystick.
  • FM7: A lot of changes.
  • Qt: A lot of changes.
  • Built with commit f59a7c8a03b357a16d4b33e5a5e5fef2591cdfc2 or later .

-- Feb 25, 2016 06:53:28 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Jan 24, 2016

  • Qt/OpenGL: Draw even not ready to GL3.0, fallback to GL2.0 (with/without shaders).
  • Qt/OpenGL: Display screen even with VirtualBox and Host of linux , excepts Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
GL libraries for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS seem to be weird (excepts AMD/nVidia's proprietary GLs).
  • FM7: Fix around clock setting.
  • FM7: Fix crash sometimes on initializing.
  • Sound: Fix crash with some VMs.
  • Sound: Fix choppy sound.
  • Sound: Fix not effected sound-latency settings.
  • Built with commit f6248ec7dfa76e776eddcb0e685fbf6b7ff58b65 .

-- Jan 24, 2016 13:44:50 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com> * SNAPSHOT Jan 19, 2016-1

  • Merge upstream 2016-01-10.
  • Qt/OpenGL: Reduce GPU usage a lot. Save energy.
  • Qt/OpenGL: You should use OpenGL >= v3.0 .
  • Use printer: MZ1P17 to any VMs.
  • FM8 : implemented. But not test enough.
  • FM7: Fix incorrectness reset sequence around of keyboard when resetting.
  • FM7: Adjust draw timing.
  • FM-8/7/NEW7 : Removable kanji rom.
  • FM7: Some of Fixes.
  • Qt/OpenGL: Re-enable 4:3 CRT mode.
  • Built with commit eced83faa808f2fde47a24365ebe4a6656aa40fb .

-- Jan 19, 2016 14:50:50 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Jan 07, 2016-3

  • Hotfix for 2016-01-07 and 2016-01-07-2.
  • SOUND: Fix broken WAV data of recording sound.
  • Built with commit 8708a53b6627eba226d1bce0ba89bf792d884c98 .

-- Jan 08, 2016 12:19:19 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com> * SNAPSHOT Jan 07, 2016 -2

  • Fix crash of a lot of VMs.
  • Built with commit e0b53fc1bd4af3a232ccc878671bab2caf7743f8 .

-- Jan 07, 2016 23:08:35 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Dec 22, 2015

  • MERGE upstream 2015-12-17, support new APIs .
  • Change APIs to upstream's OSD class , apply to Qt.
  • Mostly built for Win32.
  • FM-7/NEW7: Fix a lot of bugs.
  • FM7 series: Variable virtual screen size, see src/vm/fm7/display.cpp .
  • X1 series: Double buffering for TEXT/PCG.
  • Built with commit 24709b7e0ffdd2714266c487465cc4b37208aace . excepts PASOPIA7, PC-6601SR and PC-8001mk2SR are built with commit daddbc5ac974be890f545d0a0cd68730fdce154f. and Z80 TV GAME have built with commit 956581bd7f969f36d5146018ea19297fa5cd9db0 .

-- Dec 22, 2015 18:22:09 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Dec 10, 2015

  • MERGE upstream 2015-12-10 .
  • Change APIs to upstream's OSD class , apply to Qt.
  • Still not built for Win32.
  • Built with 3fe6eddaeb7d6b2ba2c69a06e8cdc05acac690f2 , excepts eTK80BS for 79e5e48043a64b6b74257fe3a9fc20e80b0e2252.

-- Dec 10, 2015 19:18:05 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Nov 20, 2015

  • MERGE upstream 2015-11-18 .
  • Remove original definition min() max() if supplied from toolchain.
  • Qt: (MAYBE) Working with Windows XP, but not tested enough to.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Built with commit 4b3f3a7e4c007c1f4da62b64ceed8821fa239575 and newer Documents.

-- Nov 20, 2015 01:08:28 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Nov 17, 2015

  • Qt: (MAYBE) Working with Windows XP, but not tested enough to.
  • Qt: Working Auto key (paste from clipboard) feature.
  • Qt/Emu: More thread-safety calling via UI <-> EMU.
  • VM/MSX2: Fix wrong color built with Qt.
  • Update credits, thanks to umaiboux San.
  • Built with commit 64f901722d3382bc3feb6680a5ede240dcad2773 and newer Documents. Excepts HC-20/40/80, with commit a249e76d9bd77e42e45ec066e6c063498c6600bd.

-- Nov 18, 2015 02:01:48 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Nov 14. 2015

  • Qt/GUI: Integrate menus to meta-class.
  • Win32/Qt: Enable to build with MinGW32 and Qt 5.5.1, please test!!!
  • Built with commit 910b3cce215964380fa3dbe38fbb673c52bf4d34 excepts with newer documents.
  • A lot of fixes.

-- Nov 14, 2015 20:12:24 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Nov 05. 2015

  • Merged Upstream 2015-10-31 , thanks for Takeda-San.
  • Qt: Change Draw method from QOpenGLFunctions_2_0 to QOpenGLFunctions, expect to work with OpenGL ES 2.0, without OpenGL.
  • FM7: Fix problem of LSHIFT and RSHIFT.
  • Qt: Add OpenGL rendereded scan line.
  • OpenGL: Use GLSL to rendering.
  • Win32/Qt: Enable to build with MinGW32 and Qt 5.5.1, please test!!!
  • Built with commit b166b5c2ca66457baf348b7fe55c55d63028e609 excepts with newer documents.

-- Nov 05, 2015 22:35:05 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Oct 29, 2015

  • Merged Upstream 2015-10-27.
  • All of virtual machines are enabled to build.
  • FM7/77/AV/40/EX : Mostly working.
  • FM7 : Add state saving.
  • FM7 series: More a lot of fixes, most of softwares are working well, please test and report to me.
  • Built with commit d3d19e4157290b1869ac6bf98e788e9a13fbe164 excepts with newer Documents.

-- Oct 29, 2015 17:40:35 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Sep 26, 2015

  • Merged Upstream 2015-09-03.
  • Add FM77AV40/EX , Basic Master Jr and Jr-100.
  • FM7 : Add DMA(HD6844) and others.
  • FM77AV : Add hidden message within keyboard encoder.
  • FM7 series: A lot of fixes, most of softwares are working well, please test and report to me.
  • Built with commit 031b72db4243f0fd62c1c2556a4ceb9934da1121 .

-- Sep 26, 2015 02:38:29 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Aug 11, 2015

  • FM-7/77/AV series only SNAPSHOT build.
  • FM7 : Faster VM: Maybe useful running with lower clock/less cores CPU.
  • MC6809 : More accurate determining clocks.
  • UI/Qt : Fix some OOPs.
  • Built with commit 5ac4478df3ebef9461c4748cd605c72da54aad2b .

-- Aug 11, 2015 13:34:20 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Aug 10, 2015

  • Merged Upstream 2015-08-09. To know details : history.txt .
  • DISK/MB8877 : Fix not booting from write protected disk image.
  • DISK/MB8877 : Search sector : Track in ID field must be equal to track register.
  • MB8877 : Improbe emulation accuracy (Thanks Takeda-San).
  • Win32 : Fix crash when foo.ini exists and using in *real*
Windows XP (Thanks Anna Wu).
  • Qt : Fix segfault when exiting.
  • Qt/SDL : Fix lockup with one CPU environment (maybe OK).
  • Qt : Fix abnormal exit when exiting from window-manager.
  • Built with GIT mcommit 6b432ad5d5c8d32cf7da5237c233773d95b1ac7a .

-- Aug 10, 2015 15:04:20 +0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Aug 07, 2015

  • Merged Upstream 2015-08-07. To know details : history.txt .
  • DISK : Remove "Hack:Fast transfer" item from menu items.
  • Built with GIT commit 6a36e02989161ade9242111da520eb28a4dddd66 .
  • Win32/VS2015 : Now don't use "Whole-Program-Optimization".

-- Aug 08, 2015 03:39:15 + 0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Aug 01, 2015

  • Merged Upstream 2015-08-01. To know details : history.txt .
  • DISK : Remove "Hack:Fast transfer" item from menu items.
  • Built with GIT commit 197cc999d496b3071bef21f1a64f01ae6b9b1180 .
  • Add YS6464a and Z80 TV Game.

-- Aug 02, 2015 21:00:03 + 0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Jul 31, 2015

  • Merged Upstream 2015-07-31.
  • FM77AV : Fix not working with some softwares.
  • DISK : Add "Hack:Fast transfer", useful for some softwares majoring speed of FDD, i.e."ぎゃんぶらぁ自己中心派" for FM7.
  • FM7 : Add stereo sounds, volume per OPN/WHG/THG card.
  • FM7 : Fix polling time of keyboard to 20ms, workaround of
some softwares i.e."Nobunaga no yabou Zenkokuban" for FM77AV.
  • And many of VMs are added to Win32.
  • Built with GIT commit 1a974b38e96bf93804f6fcaceafd9136e985bf01 .

-- Aug 01, 2015 04:13:13 + 0900 K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Jul 26,2015

  • FM77AV: Fix dropping data from keyboard encoder using
REALTIME-Scanning mode.
  • FM7: Fix break key issues.
  • FM7: Fix not write VRAM when not cycle-steal && vram_access
flag is not ON.
  • MZ1500 / Win32 : Fix weird by7teorder for font drawing.
  • Built with GIT commit b06d4becba032444eed2ee1736b519856960a2fc .

-- K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>

* SNAPSHOT Jul 25,2015

  • First SNAPSHOT release for Common Source Code Project with Qt, FM-7.
  • Based on upstream: 2015-06-28 .
  • Built with GIT commit 69504d38060aae6551b589581e46056edc6d256e .

-- K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat@gmail.com>