OSDN Business is Transferred to Appirits
2020-02-26 23:15 (by sado)

I have transferred OSDN Inc.. business to Appirits Inc., a company who focuses on online game business and web-system contract development business.

OSDN business unit of VA Linux Systems Japan is the predecessor of OSDN Inc., and it has been 20 years since the launch of our website. Although we have gone through various twists and turns, including the collapse of the US parent company, spinning off from VA Linux, and being in conflict with the partner company, we continued to steadily move forward to improve our service and kept growing appropriately without stepping out of bounds. Especially after we changed our brand in 2015, we began seeing more and more developers from outside of Japan using OSDN.net, and we were able to successfully get on the growth track as a global network.

That said, we can't deny the facts that the average age of the people involved with OSDN has continued to rise in the last two decades, and that we started to see some signs of aging in our system. In addition, as the outlook of the net environment, including the advertising industry, remains to be unclear, it was inevitable that we needed something more than superficial clever tricks. In need of a drastic change, I came to the conclusion to go under the umbrella of a company that would allow us to get access to rejuvenating resources for future growth.

In short term, there won't be any changes in the OSDN.net service, and all former employees, including myself, have already moved to the new organization.

As we plan to announce moving OSDN.net into cloud-based service and cooperation function with GitHub in the near future, in mid to long term, you can expect to see great things happen.

(Former CEO of OSDN Inc.)
General Manager of OSDN Div, Appirits Inc.
Shuji Sado

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