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Description du projet

Sample applications for various Eir projects, like magic-rw. They display the purpose behind the Eir projects, but are too small to warrant own codebase.

Système requise

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test version

Livrée : 2020-10-17 07:02
rwchunk-writer test version (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release

RenderWare chunk writer utility made using magic-rw. There is documentation about known RW serialized types available inside.


* enter *chunkid/chunkname* - enters a chunk

* leave - leaves a chunk

* uint8/uint16/uin32/uint64/int8/int16/int32/int64 *value* - writes a datatype

* bits *bitcnt* *value* - writes exactly bitcnt bits into a struct

* byterep *repcnt* *value* - writes repcnt bytes of value

* bitrep *bitcnt* *repcnt* *value* - writes repcnt * bitcnt times of value

* exit - exits a file or the program


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