How to use FCF

Creating an application instance

  1. Create an instance of the app:

    $ fcfmngr create project PROJECT_NAME

  2. Go to the app directory:


  3. Create a database:

  4. $ fcfmngr create-db PROJECT_NAME.js

  5. [LINUX] Edit the server.json file and set the "user" parameter. This is the name of the user from which NODEJS processes will start
    [WINDOWS] Set an empty string for the "user" property in the server.json file if you are running NODEJS from the current user or set specific values for the "user" and "password" fields.

  6. Now you can start the app

    [LINUX] $ sudo fcfserver ./server.json
    [WINDOWS] $ fcfserver ./server.json

  7. Open the browser http://localhost