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  • 3.1.0-beta1
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  • 3.0.3
    Progress: 0% / Date d'échéance: Not set
  • 3.0.2
    Progress: 61% / Date d'échéance: Not set
  • S3_2 d3f
    Progress: 43% / Date d'échéance: Not set
  • S3_1 d3f
    Progress: 97% / Date d'échéance: Not set
  • 3.1.0
    Progress: 91% / Date d'échéance: Not set
  • 3.2.0
    Progress: 92% / Date d'échéance: Not set

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2022-05-20 23:51
i thin my problem is that i open in the download section aand then exip but when i used unistall they write only to u...
2022-05-20 20:00
If you happen to take out another nation's leader as the result of a queued action, meaning the unit has no additiona...
2022-05-20 06:04
We need it. Testing and more control of citizens' nationality may be added in another tickets but it's a base. At ver...
2022-05-20 05:54
Chance of military units gaining veterancy from combat can be adjusted by Veteran_Combat effect. There should be equi...
2022-05-19 04:13
This is based on reading the source code, not yet tested in practice: kill_unit() pays ransom of barbarian leaders as...

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