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Description du projet

Aejaks is a windowing toolkit for rapid
development of AJAX-enabled Web applications. It
combines the powerful simplicity of the Tcl
language with the Java-based Echo2
browser-independent windowing system. Aejaks
applications are written in a single scripting
language, without need to write any HTML,
Javascript, or CSS. It borrows from the Tk
windowing system, but is not directly compatible
with Tk. It runs on top of any Java Web server,
and can make use of any existing Java library.

Système requise

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2008-09-25 02:14 Retour à la liste release

Un bogue qui empêchait le package de base de données MrPersister de travailler en Java 1.6 a été corrigé. PersistenceManager JdbcDao et des objets ont également été fixé.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
A bug that prevented the MrPersister database package from working in Java 1.6 was fixed. PersistenceManager and JdbcDao objects were also fixed.

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