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Description du projet

anonvelope is a mail-message processing program that is designed to allow the message to make full use of Type-I (cpunk-style) remailers. It is especially designed to work with Pine, but it is possible it may be used with other MUAs.

Système requise

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2001-07-28 14:58 Retour à la liste release

Correction de graves problèmes de chaînage. Enlevée Digest:: SHA1 dépendance. Ajoutée - pretend option de cryptage, qui n'a pas vraiment d'étoffe chiffrer, mais montre ce anonvelope ferait. Ont également été ajoutés en option PGP 5 support de compatibilité.
Tags: Major bugfixes
Fixed severe chaining problems. Removed Digest::SHA1 dependency. Added --pretend-encrypt option, which doesn't really encrypt stuff, but shows what anonvelope would do. Also added optional PGP 5 compatibility support.

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