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Apollo is an open-source developer test skeleton toolkit for Java Web Start/JNLP. It lets you turbo-charge Web Start apps without Web Start to speed up your compile/run/test/debug/goof-off cycle, avoiding the hassle of stuffing, signing, uploading, or downloading your jars every time you rearrange a comma in your source code.

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2002-12-22 17:01
Beta 2

Ce communiqué imite presque tous les services Web Start bac à sable, comme presse-papiers, affiches, la persistance (aka muffins), FileOpen, et FileSave. Il inclut également des méthodes plus de commodité telles que MuffinStore.loadText, SecureClipboard.copyText, et ainsi de suite, et comprend trois applications démo (intitulée Sticky, Notepad, et Draw) en utilisant les services de bac à sable.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This release mimicks almost all Web Start sandbox services such as Clipboard, Print, Persistence (aka Muffins), FileOpen, and FileSave. It also includes more convenience methods such as MuffinStore.loadText, SecureClipboard.copyText, and so on, and includes three demo apps (titled Sticky, Notepad, and Draw) using sandbox services.

2002-06-21 05:13
Beta 1

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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