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Asterisk is a hybrid TDM and packet voice PBX (Private Branch eXchange) and IVR platform with ACD functionality. It acts as middleware between the Internet (IAX, SIP, MGCP, Skinny, H.323), telephony channels (like Zaptel, T1, PRI, E1, FXO, FXS, VoIP, VoFR, ISDN, modems, Internet Phone Jack, etc.), and applications (like voice-mail, conferencing, directories, MP3 players, intercoms, etc.). It has many advanced features such as a codec translation API. The base distribution includes several channel backends, as well as applications. However, the beauty of Asterisk is its ability to be extended using its APIs, dynamic module loader, and AGI scripting interface. End users can even write their own applications that run on the system in C or any scripting language of their choice.

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2007-06-28 16:14

Un très grand nombre de bogues a été corrigé depuis la dernière publication, y compris les accidents et autres problèmes cruciaux.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Current
A very large number of bugs was fixed since the
last release, including crashes and other critical

2007-06-28 07:36

De nombreuses corrections de bogues, y compris des correctifs pour les accidents et autres problèmes graves.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Old
Numerous bugfixes, including fixes for crashes and other serious issues.

2005-11-20 12:35

Il s'agit d'une version majeure, y compris un soutien de base de données en temps réel, l'amélioration de l'interopérabilité SIP et des fonctionnalités, des améliorations messagerie vocale, Dundi, et bien plus encore.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Old
This is a major release, including realtime
database support, improved SIP interoperability
and features, voicemail improvements, DUNDi, and
much more.

2005-07-15 20:14

Cette version corrige des bogues dans identification de l'appelant correspondant dans le plan de numérotation qui a été introduite en 1.0.8.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Old
This release fixes bug in caller ID matching in the dial plan that was introduced in 1.0.8.

2005-06-23 21:35

Principales corrections dans chan_zap, chan_sip, chan_mgcp, chan_alsa, app_dial, app_disa, app_queue, RTP, say.c, Makefile, format_wav_gsm, pbx_spool, logger, format_sln, et asterisk.conf.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Old
Major fixes in chan_zap, chan_sip, chan_mgcp, chan_alsa, app_dial, app_disa, app_queue, rtp, say.c, Makefile, format_wav_gsm, pbx_spool, logger, format_sln, and asterisk.conf.

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