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Current Bandwidth (CBan) displays current traffic on a selected interface. Traffic can be seen in (kilo)bytes/bits in console in an output suitable for mrtg (config file included) or sent to a RRDTOOL database (database creation, stats.cgi, and cron examples included).

Système requise

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2001-11-06 14:23

rrdtool travaille maintenant corectly. Xxample scripts de création de base de données rrdtool, une entrée de cron, et un script CGI pour afficher les valeurs ont été ajoutées.
Tags: Development, Major bugfixes
rrdtool now works corectly. Xxample scripts for rrdtool database creation, a cron entry, and a cgi-script to display the values were added.

2001-10-08 21:22

Soutien à RRD à outils a été ajoutée.
Tags: Development, Minor feature enhancements
Support for RRD TOOL was added.

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