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CCFE is a simple tool to quickly supply an interactive screen-oriented interface to command line scripts and commands. It prompts users for the information needed to run the commands, and can be programmed with your preferred shell to provide predefined selections and run-time defaults. It also provides a menu system to hierarchically organize them and a viewer to browse the standard output and standard error of invoked scripts or commands.

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2011-02-27 21:57

Un bug a été corrigé: l'utilisation de% {} ARGVx, les champs numériques avec la valeur "0" sont visés en tant que valeur "". touches Fn dans le fichier etc / ccfe.conf et MSC / C / CCFE ont été remappés de ne pas les placer sur F1 et F10 dans GNOME Terminal. Certains changements ont été apportés à la documentation.
Tags: Minor
A bug was fixed: using %{ARGVx}, NUMERIC fields with value "0" are referred as value "". Fn keys in etc/ccfe.conf and msc/C/ccfe were remapped to not place them on F1 and F10 in GNOME Terminal. Some changes were made to the documentation.

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