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CloudStack is a complete package for managing cloud computing and virtual infrastructure. It enables users to easily build, manage, and deploy private and public clouds. CloudStack provides an integrated software solution for delivering virtual data centers as a service, delivering all of the essential components used to build, deploy, and manage multi-tier and multi-tenant cloud applications in a simple-to-install software package. The CloudStack platform includes a management server with a Web user interface and extensions to support a variety of hypervisor software (e.g. XenServer, Xen VMware, and KVM) installed on computing nodes running across multiple networks. The centralized management server scales linearly, eliminating the need for intermediate cluster-level management servers. CloudStack automatically configures a guest virtual machine’s networking, storage, and authentication settings. The software can also integrate with physical components such as switches, routers, load balancers, and firewalls.

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2011-08-31 20:44

Une limitation du nombre de modèles par zone (environ 300) a été supprimée. Si un démontage de stockage secondaire échoue, le CloudStack ne sera plus supprimer le contenu de stockage secondaire. Dans certaines circonstances d'erreur, il était possible pour les machines virtuelles à la transition vers l'état d'erreur incorrecte. Cela pourrait conduire à la suppression erronée de la VM. Ceci a été corrigé.
Tags: Minor, Stable
A limitation on the number of templates per zone (roughly 300) has been removed. If a secondary storage unmount fails, the CloudStack will no longer delete secondary storage contents. Under some error circumstances, it was possible for VMs to transition to the Error state incorrectly. This could lead to the erroneous deletion of the VMs. This has been fixed.

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