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Description du projet

The Cutter project began with a need to crop HTML code to a specified number of words, but without losing the original HTML markup at any time. You create a JavaScript object instance and assign the DOM element to be cut, the DOM target element, and the number of words that cut the HTML markup. After this, execute it.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2010-11-01 00:22

Cette version ajoute le texte points de suspension (...) après la coupe.
Tags: javascript accessibility
This release adds ellipsis (...) text after cut.

2010-10-27 00:04

Quelques bugs qui se produisent dans Internet Explorer ont été fixés. Lorsque le texte est coupé dans IE6 et IE7, la couleur du texte change au # 333.
Some bugs that occur in Internet Explorer were fixed. When the text is cut in IE6 and IE7, the color of the text changes to #333.

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