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Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator is a
character generator and stat roller for Dungeons
and Dragons 2nd edition. In time this will be made
into a series of modules that handle each core book
(Players handbook, Skills and powers, etc.). HTML
and TXT output, generated charachter editor, NPC
Generator, and other assorted goodies included.

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2001-07-31 11:34

Eh bien ça marche, thats a plus. Travail sur le nettoyage du code parce qu'il est juste salissant plaine. Pour terminer le manuel des joueurs à l'heure actuelle, il va travailler sur les compétences et pouvoirs, et le générateur de PNJ.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Development
Well it works, thats a plus. Working on cleaning up the code because it is just plain messy. Finishing up the players handbook at present, then will be working on skills and powers, and the NPC generator.

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