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DomCore is a set of PHP Foundation classes which are ready to be extended to give basic capabilities to your applications. It features a powerful template replacement engine, a language engine for I18N, an extended debugging mode, enhanced error and exception management, Java-like programming (you can't use a class attribute without declaring it first), serializable class management, mass file operations (full directory copy and delete), shared memory management, multi-level caches on data sources, and implementation of programation patterns.

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2012-02-24 10:38 Retour à la liste release

Deux nouveaux objets ont été ajoutés : WALanguageCompiler, qui remplace l'objet statique WALanguage et WASimpleXML, de compiler tout XML simple dans un tableau PHP. WALanguage est maintenant un objet entièrement extensible, itérables et sérialisable qui contienne la table de la langue. Quelques bugs ont été supprimés et exemples ajusté pour les nouveaux objets.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Major feature enhancements
Two new objects have been added: WALanguageCompiler, which replaces the static object WALanguage, and WASimpleXML, to compile any simple XML to a PHP array. WALanguage is now a fully extendable, iterable, and serializable object which contains the language table. Some bugs have been removed, and examples adjusted to the new objects.

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