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DomCore is a set of PHP Foundation classes which are ready to be extended to give basic capabilities to your applications. It features a powerful template replacement engine, a language engine for I18N, an extended debugging mode, enhanced error and exception management, Java-like programming (you can't use a class attribute without declaring it first), serializable class management, mass file operations (full directory copy and delete), shared memory management, multi-level caches on data sources, and implementation of programation patterns.

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2012-03-05 04:33 Retour à la liste release

Les balises de la méthode statique a été ajouté à WASimpleXML afin d'extraire uniquement la hiérarchie de balise ou de données.
Tags: Minor Enhancements
The static method tags has been added to WASimpleXML to extract only the tag-or-data hierarchy.

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