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EBuild is a software project build, dependency management, and reporting technology. The aim is to be able to tackle any build problem in a structured, declarative, and elegant way. It is written in Java, but can be used to build all manner of projects and is extensible via a plugin interface. It is best compared to something like Maven (and in some respects Ivy). It aims to overcome certain design flaws and the resultant unnecessary complexity. The EBuild build model is general, but plugins need to be written in a JVM compatible language. Existing plugins all deal with the Java ecosystem, so EBuild is most suitable for Java and mixed technology software projects.

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2010-12-22 00:50

Il s'agit de la première sortie officielle. Tous les objectifs de conception initiaux ont été atteints. Bien qu'il existe quelques bords rugueux, ebuild est maintenant pleinement utilisable et documentées et peuvent être appliquées à la gestion s'appuie pour vos projets.
Tags: Major, Stable
This is the first official release. All original design goals have been met. While there are a few rough edges, EBuild is now fully usable and documented and can be applied to managing builds for your projects.

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