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ePoint HotSpot is a firmware for wireless routers based on OpenWRT with some ePointy extensions and an ePoint-branded UI theme. It is distributed as a stand-alone flashable firmware-image, as a set of extension packages for OpenWRT, pre-installed on wireless routers, and in source code. It is aimed primarily at catering businesses, Internet cafés, and medium-sized communities (e.g. residential co-ops) wishing to share their Internet connection on a fair basis. The primary target hardware is WRT54GL by Linksys.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2009-07-15 05:54

Améliorations de l'ergonomie et corrections de bugs importants. Aucune fonctionnalité a été ajoutée.
Tags: Bugfixes, usability
Important usability improvements and bugfixes. No functionality has been added.

2009-06-29 01:11

Il s'agit de la version publique initiale.
This is the initial public release.

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