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Description du projet

liberrhdl is a small C library that offers error handling methods
similar to the exception handling in C++. In the event of errors,
no exception objects are thrown, but an error class name and an
error message are set, and execution continues at the next "OnError"
statement. The library can be seen as a nice frontend to setjmp/longjmp.
It is thread safe and supports the use of POSIX threads.

Système requise

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2006-02-26 19:26

Un bug a été corrigé qui fait ignoré les erreurs dans une fonction appelée à être soulevée de nouveau dans la fonction appelante dans certaines circonstances.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
A bug has been fixed that caused ignored errors in a called function to be raised again in the calling function under certain circumstances.

2005-12-17 12:13

Ce communiqué a ajouté une aide spécifique pour les threads POSIX, comprenait une enveloppe pour les fonctions d'expressions régulières, et comprenait un programme d'exemple.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This release added specific support for POSIX threads, included a wrapper for regular expression functions, and included an example program.

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