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flashboot for OpenBSD is a set of makefiles, scripts, and support tools to build an OpenBSD image suitable for booting from read-only media, such as flash memory. The default image (smaller than 5Mb) is an image for a firewall/router with support for IPsec, SSH, IPv4 and IPv6 packet filtering, DHCP (client and server), and PPPoE. This image may be further trimmed or extended by editing the packing list files included in the distribution.

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2006-02-26 19:15

Ce communiqué est basé sur OpenBSD 3.9-beta, et inclut beaucoup de nouvelles fonctionnalités de l'OS.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This release is based on OpenBSD 3.9-beta, and includes many of the new features in the OS.

2004-09-04 05:49

Ce communiqué de mise à jour flashboot à OpenBSD 3.6 (actuellement en version bêta) et a ajouté openntpd, sans fil et support du chiffrement matériel pour la distribution.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This release updated flashboot to OpenBSD 3.6
(currently in beta) and added OpenNTPd, wireless,
and hardware crypto support to the distribution.

2004-05-07 07:17

Il s'agit d'une version stable de ciblage OpenBSD 3.5. Il y avait un élément quelques ajouts, notamment l'inclusion de bgpd. Il existe maintenant une version binaire précompilé qui accompagne la publication source.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This is a stable release targeting OpenBSD 3.5. There were
a few feature additions, including the inclusion of bgpd.
There is now a prebuilt binary release accompanying the
source release.

2003-06-19 14:46

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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