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Gavl is a library for handling uncompressed audio
and video data. It provides commonly used
conversions like video scaling, colorspace
conversion, audio resampling, and more. Many
routines are available in multiple versions
optimized for either high speed or better
accuracy. Gavl is compatible with all major
multimedia and codec APIs. The supported audio and
video formats include low-end legacy formats as
well as high definition formats for professional

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2011-01-08 14:35

Cette version apporte le support de paquets compressés, ainsi que certaines fonctions nouvel utilitaire.
This version brings support for compressed packets as well as some new utility functions.

2010-02-25 10:23

Cette version apporte MMX optimisé transformations d'images et de nombreuses fonctions nouvel utilitaire.
Tags: Minor feature additions
This release brings MMX optimized image transformations and many new utility functions.

2009-07-14 09:10

Cette version ajoute des ports pour OS X et MinGW. A été également ajouté parallélisation de nombreuses routines de conversion et plusieurs fonctions pratiques nouvelles.
This release adds ports for OS X and MinGW. Also added was parallelization of many conversion routines and several new convenience functions.

2008-12-17 23:50

Cette version apporte un soutien pour les codes temporels, un moteur de transformation d'images génériques, et un varispeed capables resampler audio autonome.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This release brings support for timecodes, a
generic image transformation engine, and a
varispeed capable standalone audio resampler.

2008-07-23 03:15

Tags: Minor bugfixes

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