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getlock is a command-line lockfile utility that uses 'fcntl' style locks, which release if the program exits. getlock normally locks one or more files and then runs a command, but it can be run without a command in order to just lock the files. It can also run a command if all the locks cannot be made, kill off current lock owners, write a PID to a lock file, and background, but still keep the lock, for use in shell scripts.

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2011-10-03 19:28

Cette version ajoute des nettoyages de code, de corrections de bogues et soutien à « abandonner » un script exécuté après un délai d'attente (utile pour les scripts « hung »).
This release adds code cleanups, bugfixes, and support to "abandon" a running script after a timeout (useful for "hung" scripts).

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