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GLeave, short for Graham's Leave, is an evolving Perl clone of the Berkeley leave program that was written in C. gleave reminds you when you have to leave. gleave waits until the specified time, then reminds you that you have to leave. You are reminded 5 minutes and 1 minute before the actual time, at the time, and every minute thereafter for 10 minutes.

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2001-05-24 14:29

Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2001-05-17 21:53

Ceci est considéré comme une version alpha. Il fonctionne sur Perl 5.005 et 5.6 sous Red Hat 6.2 et 7.1, respectivement, ainsi que Perl 5.004 sous Sun Solaris 6. Toutes les fonctionnalités ont été mises en œuvre, et semble fonctionner comme prévu et conçu.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This is considered to be an alpha release. It runs on Perl 5.005 and 5.6 under
Red Hat 6.2 and 7.1, respectively, as well as Perl 5.004 under Sun Solaris 6.
All functionality has been implemented, and appears to work as intended and

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