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This package contains games for the GNOME2 desktop. Games included in this package are FreeCell (a popular solitare game), Glines (a color lines game), Gataxx (another disc-flipping game), Gnect (four in a row game), Gnibbles (a snake game for up to four players), Gnobots II (improved version of an old BSD robots game), GNOME-Stones (a game based on a very old arcade game where you have to collect gems), Gnometris (GNOME version of the popular Russian game Tetris), GNOME Mine (the popular logic puzzle minesweeper), GNOME Klotski (a game based on the not so popular Klotski), GNOME Tali (a sort of poker with dice and less money), Iagno (GNOME version of the popular Othello), Mahjongg (GNOME version of the classic Eastern tile game), Same GNOME (game where the goal is to remove as many balls in as few moves as possible), and GNOME xbill (a port of the classic anti-Windows game).

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