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Gnome-GCJ is a set of GTK+ and GNOME bindings for Java. It compiles with the GCJ compiler (part of egcs) and uses the GCJ runtime library libgcj. GCJ is capable of compiling Java source code to native machine code, which makes Java code almost as fast as C++ code. As the interface between Java and GTK+, CNI (Cygnus Native Interface) and C++ will be used instead of the more traditional JNI and C. This means that support for other Java runtimes has been sacrificed in favour of GCJ and its faster CNI.

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2001-08-01 21:42 Retour à la liste release

Il s'agit d'une version de maintenance pour la rendre possible de compiler Gnome-GCJ avec GCC 3.0.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This is a maintenance release to make it possible to compile Gnome-GCJ with GCC 3.0.

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