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Gossimon is a gossip-based distributed monitoring system for a cluster of Linux nodes. Each node in the cluster periodically send information about itself and others to a randomly selected node. This way, each node constantly receives information about cluster nodes. This information is locally maintained (constantly updated) by each node and can be used by various clients for monitoring and resource allocation. The gossip protocols used by gossimon are very robust to node failure, and the information quality is hardly degraded even when large parts of the cluster are taken down. The package contains: infod (the daemon responsible for collecting and sending information for other nodes); mmon (a curses-based monitoring client displaying information about cluster nodes); and infod-client (a command-line client that retrieves cluster information in XML format).

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2010-12-06 23:01

Le XML imprimé par infod-client lorsqu'il est connecté à un nœud Mosix n'était pas légale et a été corrigé. L 'option - info de infod-client a été fixé à imprimer correctement les éléments sélectionnés. corrections mineures ont été apportées aux pages de manuel et - les messages d'aide. deb 32-bit ont été ajoutés.
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The XML printed by infod-client when connected to a Mosix node was not legal and has been fixed. The --info flag of infod-client was fixed to correctly print selected items. Minor fixes were made to the man pages and --help messages. 32-bit deb packages were added.

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