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Tinyfugue is a very popular MUD/MUSH command line
client rich in functionality. When using tinyfugue
in a graphical environment the only thing it lacks
is the peripheral buttons and options that are
available to graphical clients. Gtinyfugue aims to
embed tinyfugue within a GNOME wrapper that
provides the GUI widgets that make tinyfugue
easier and more comfortable to use on a day-to-day
basis. Embedding tinyfugue rather than using
simple telnet gives the gtinyfugue user the
advantage of the depth of tinyfugue functionality.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2002-12-21 01:20

Il s'agit de la première version qui contient une version utilisable de gtinyfugue. Il est loin d'être confortable à utiliser que pour le moment, la police Terminal évolution des besoins et des résidus interface du terminal de FO doit nettoyer. Ce projet s'adresse aux utilisateurs actuels de TF qui veulent garder le pouvoir de la TF, mais bénéficient également d'une interface graphique MU * client, ainsi que ceux qui utilisent actuellement une interface graphique MU * clients qui veulent tirer parti de ce tf a à offrir.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This is the first release that contains a usable version of gtinyfugue. It is far from comfortable to use as yet; the terminal font needs changing, and some terminal interface residue from tf needs cleaning up. This project targets current users of tf who want to keep the power of tf, yet benefit also from a GUI MU* client, as well as those currently using a GUI MU* client who want to take advantage of what tf has to offer.

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