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Description du projet

HickUP is a small multi-platform system for managing applications for a user or project environment. The user can, through a GUI or command line tool, choose which applications and versions they want to use. The project manager can specify allowed applications and versions of these the project members can select. The user can then select one of multiple environments to use at login or within a specific shell.

Système requise

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Information regarding Project Releases and Project Resources. Note that the information here is a quote from Freecode.com page, and the downloads themselves may not be hosted on OSDN.

2010-11-16 06:24

Une version stable contenant principalement des corrections de bugs.
A stable release containing mainly bugfixes.

2001-01-30 15:12
1.1 Alpha 5

Des modifications mineures et corrections de bugs.
Minor changes and bugfixes.

2001-01-30 15:12
1.1 Alpha 1

Première version.
First version.

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