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HTML::Mason is a full-featured web site development and delivery system. Mason allows web pages and sites to be constructed from shared, reusable building blocks called components. Components contain a mix of Perl and HTML, and can call each other and pass values back and forth like subroutines. Components increase modularity and eliminate repetitive work. HTML::Mason is most powerful when used in conjunction with mod_perl, but can be used in standalone applications as well.

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2009-01-15 09:10 Retour à la liste release

Tenter de définir plusieurs cookies lors de l'exécution en vertu CGIHandler échoué. La demande-> alter_superclass () méthode pourrait entraîner une erreur de segmentation (parfois) avec Perl 5.10.0.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Attempting to set multiple cookies when running under CGIHandler failed. The Request->alter_superclass() method could cause a segfault (sometimes) with Perl 5.10.0.

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