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Description du projet

inetlib is a small and optimized library for writing IRC bots and clients for Linux
in C. A small IRC bot that uses all the features of the library
is included with the source.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2004-07-14 17:30

Fin, la Nouvelle-fonctions utilisateur incluent irc_connect (), irc_disconnect (), irc_receive (), et irc_check_ping (). Pour l'entrée de brut / sortie, le _irc_raw_send rôles () et _irc_raw_receive () ont été mis à jour. Les variables globales ne sont plus utilisés, et certains documents ont été écrits.
Tags: Documentation
New end-user functions include irc_connect(),
irc_disconnect(), irc_receive(), and
irc_check_ping(). For raw input/output, the
funcions _irc_raw_send() and _irc_raw_receive()
have been updated. Global variables are no longer
used, and some documentation has been written.

2004-06-22 06:24

Tags: Code cleanup

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