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Inhouse-Web is Web-based time recording and tracking software built for companies that want to track their projects' worktime to get accurate time billing for their customers. In contrast to other time trackers, Inhouse-Web will not offer its own task system. It directly synchronizes with other issue tracking systems like Trac so that each employee can connect their worktime with already existing tickets for their projects. But this application is quite a bit more than a simple time tracking system. You can also manage your company's stock of software and hardware, books, and other materials.

Système requise

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2011-03-18 20:03

Ceci est un aperçu du développement de nouvelles. Il contient plusieurs changements majeurs. Clôture Google Library est maintenant utilisé à la place de jQuery. Plusieurs modifications de la table, des ajouts et extensions admin ont été faites. Mise en page a été modifiée. Certaines fonctionnalités nouvelle interface ont été ajoutées.
Tags: trunk
This is a new development snapshot. It contains several major changes. Google Closure Library is now used instead of jQuery. Several table changes, additions, and admin extensions were made. Layout was changed. Some new frontend features were added.

2010-09-21 19:23

Le présent communiqué contient des corrections de bugs divers de développement, la vue par semaine, et certains nouveaux modèles admin.
Tags: trunk
This development release contains various bugfixes, the week view, and some new admin backend models.

2010-09-10 07:15

Il s'agit d'une version de développement de nouvelles de l'État. Il contient des corrections de bugs divers, mais aussi quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités et des changements d'implantation.
Tags: trunk
This is a new development state release. It contains various bugfixes, but also some new features and layout changes.

2010-09-07 22:26

Ceci est un communiqué de premier instantané, qui contient les sources du tronc en cours. Ce n'est pas une version officielle, mais elle est la première version disponible via l'index des paquets Python.
Tags: trunk
This is a first snapshot release, which contains the current trunk sources. It is not an official release, but it is the first version available via the Python package index.

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