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Inter-Thread Communication (ITC) aims to make it exceedingly easy to call functions in other threads. The lexer does all the work, so just run the lexer on your headers, then call the stub functions. In addition, it also provides a complete threading API, with the four threading primitives and a high speed threadsafe FIFO class.

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2006-07-04 03:08

Cette version ajoute une nouvelle buildsystem qui compile avec GCC 4.
Tags: Code cleanup
This release adds a new buildsystem which compiles
with gcc 4.

2002-10-27 00:20

Ce communiqué a GCC 3.2 support et corrige costume d'essai.
Tags: Code cleanup
This release has GCC 3.2 support and test suit fixes.

2002-05-14 09:24

Correction de plusieurs problèmes de compilation qui ont été causés par l'utilisation du modèle dans certaines circonstances.
Tags: Major bugfixes
Fix several compilation issues that were caused by using the template under certain circumstances.

2002-02-27 11:18

Une bande --include-dirs option a été ajoutée.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
A --strip-include-dirs option was added.

2001-08-20 12:38

A quelques nouveaux accesseurs, et de nombreuses corrections de bugs dans le tuyau.
Tags: Major bugfixes
A few new accessors, and numerous bugfixes in the Pipe.

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