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K-3D is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system for GNU/Linux & Win32. Features include creation and editing of geometry in multiple realtime OpenGL solid, shaded, and texture-mapped views; unlimited undos and redos; complete extensibility at runtime through third-party plugins; animated procedural geometric effects; all parameters animatable through a consistent control-spline based interface; rendering pipeline to Renderman Interface compliant rendering engines; optimization for use with the Aqsis rendering engine, which features solid modelling, true displacement, and user programmable shaders; and support for background and batch rendering.

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2011-01-24 23:25
Évaluation de makura

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Aqsisレンダラも含んだ統合型3Dツールです。 チュートリアルとして学べるサンプルファイルは、マウスが自動で動いて操作を指示します。
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