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lb is a very small and efficient libevent-based benchmarking tool for HTTP servers. It has been implemented with the main goal to provide a safe and quick replacement for the Apache 'ab' tool. Since its first release, it comes with the ability to benchmark several HTTP servers at the same time, theoretically limited only by operating system limits.

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2009-07-23 03:04

Cette version ajoute plusieurs fonctionnalités du protocole HTTP, y compris le keep-alive TETE,, têtes arbitraires et les cookies, l'authentification de base, l'appui de procuration et d'authentification. Il est maintenant possible d'effectuer un benchmark pour un laps de temps donné quel que soit le nombre de demandes ont été faites.
This version adds several HTTP protocol features, including keep-alive, HEAD, arbitrary headers and cookies, basic authentication, proxy support, and authentication. It is now possible to perform a benchmark for a given amount of time regardless of how many requests have been made.

2009-07-17 05:02

Cette version améliore les performances d'environ 148% par rapport à la précédente version, et donc c'est environ 53% plus rapide que l'original ab '. Premières versions des scripts ont été ajoutés à l'aide du système de compilation GNU pour compiler de l'arbre SVN libevent.
This version improves performance by about 148% with respect to the previous release, and therefore it's about 53% faster than the original 'ab'. Initial versions of the scripts were added using the GNU build system to compile out of the libevent SVN tree.

2009-07-07 09:53

Première version publique.
First public release.

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