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The library can be used by developers to quickly add alternate passwd file
support for virtual authentication, or by system administrators to trick
programs into seeing a different password file, either at run time through the
LD_PRELOAD variable, or at compile time with -laltpw during the linking

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2001-08-11 20:30 Retour à la liste release

Soutien à la getgr * Fonctions de gestion de groupe a été ajouté, et un fichier / etc / group.switch et ALTGROUP dans l'environnement, tous semblables à la façon dont les travaux fonctions altpw mais pour les groupes, a été ajoutée.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
Support for the getgr* group handling functions
has been added, and an /etc/group.switch and
ALTGROUP in the environment, all similar to how
the altpw functions work but for groups, has been

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