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Description du projet

An ncurses-based multiplayer/multispecies space
conquest game, supporting complex star systems and
ship types. Defeated enemy craft can be looted for
spare parts or added to one's own fleet. Multiple
players can colonize a single planet/moon/star (in
the latter case, only if their species[es]
actually can deal with the surface temperature of
said star). Not 100% feature complete yet.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined
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2001-07-28 01:57

Amélioration de la génération «star system», en créant différents fichiers de données avec les autorisations correctes (0660 au lieu de 0640), une nouvelle fonction de chat, et de nombreuses corrections de bugs.
Tags: Major bugfixes
Better star system generation, creating various datafiles with the correct permissions (0660 instead of 0640), a new chat function, and numerous bugfixes.

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