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Memcheck provides the ability to fault on pointer

overrun (read or write) or freed pointer

deference (read or write), logs double free and realloc of already freed pointers and memory not freed on exit, checks for pointer underrun on free and realloc, optionally reverses the behavior of overrun and underrun, "churns" reallocations to always return a different pointer, and logs pointer overruns instead of faulting. It has a very small performance impact, with the tradeoff of a large memory footprint. It includes a validation test suite to verify correctness of the library. It is tested on a variety of architectures, including Alpha, ARM, HPPA, PPC, ix86, IA64, rs6000, S390, SPARC, and SPARC64. It is tested on a variety of platforms, including OSF, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, HP/UX, Mac OSX, AIX, SCO, and Solaris.

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2006-07-08 23:12 Retour à la liste release

Certains backtraces manquantes ont été fixés. Un remplacement atexit été mis en œuvre pour capturer les allocations qui sont libérées par les manipulateurs atexit précédemment installée. Backtraces Deeper sont stockés, et récursivités internes sont manipulés.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable
Some missing backtraces were fixed. An atexit
replacement was implemented to catch allocations
that are freed by previously installed atexit
handlers. Deeper backtraces are stored, and
internal recursions are handled.

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