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Mason Framework aims at creating a framework for
Web development. It intends to create a
environment where Web designers can create
complete sites without any further programing. It
also implements several functions that are
frequently needed, such as forms with validation
and AJAX interfacing. It is based on HTML::Mason.

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2010-02-17 05:19

Plusieurs nouveaux modules, les gestionnaires et certains accessoires, ont été mises en œuvre. jQuery et jQueryUI ont été adoptées. jQuery est utilisé pour tout ce qui utilise l'Ajax de la mise en œuvre du cadre, et jQueryUI est utilisé pour l'interface Admin.
Tags: mostly stable, Minor
Several new modules, handlers and some enhancements, have been implemented. jQuery and jQueryUI have been adopted. jQuery is used for everything that uses the Ajax implementation of the framework, and jQueryUI is used to the Admin interface.

2009-02-11 00:07

De nouvelles méthodes ont été ajoutées: get_uri_args et uri_encode. Un backoffice nouveau a été ajouté, qui est complètement indépendant du site. Certains modules de base ont été ajoutés. Le soutien aux domaines CAPTCHA a été ajouté.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
New methods were added: get_uri_args and uri_encode. A new backoffice was added, which is completly independent from the site. Some new base modules were added. Support for CAPTCHA fields was added.

2008-05-11 17:19

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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